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  1. Marlison Vinicius

    All the officers look claustrophobic to me 😶

  2. suraj srivastava


  3. AlphaIsHere

    Where is marimashita ! iruma kun

  4. billy leh

    Thnx gigguk you have made me become addicted to zombie idols

  5. billy leh

    Ah yes the anime I derived my profile pic from

  6. DEKAY’s Anime Corner

    I watched it today, Man I miss Haruhi.

  7. Hebercorona

    i mean i feel we can all agree how Rui would’ve been the best choice to win, I also think that Hina’s character was waaaaay better just as the Big Sister she tried to play, she was funny and cheeful and always there for Natsuo, but let’s just agree that the best girl that possibly could have oppened a better route for the plot is Serizawa, if the author could’ve used her smartly, she would’ve made Natsuo and Serizawa date, helping Natsuo find a new way to express himself through acting with her help, after that using these new ways, he finds the answer on how to fix his writing problem and there you go he writes books that get adapted to movies that are acted by Serizawa and everyone lives happily ever after, there is no coma and Rui becomes a great chef and marries Kajita or idk

  8. Payton O'Gallagher


  9. tjpeterson96

    Homie was making those "Who's Rem" jokes in 2017 lmao what a fucking king

  10. José Alberto De Legarreta

    5:40 Animator sneakily hides the fact she was watching a Minecraft video on her phone, lol

  11. Donni

    For this year has benn trash in anime. There almost nothing that a like a lot.

  12. Benny Ortiz


  13. luckylad

    This shit can't touch me Im a pure grade a anti-simp

  14. Ok Boomer

    Ok but where the duck can I watch this legally online ?

  15. Yeetsalot

    3:55, are you sure about that?


    Bleach is the best

  17. Retro Idiot

    13:05 I haven't finished the video yet, but my FIblock experience is telling me that a VPN sponsor is coming along...

  18. Dormant Cicada

    5:36 My bro watching Minecraft Stream had to quit because, boss

  19. Eren Yeah Girl

    Survey corps Scouting Regiment Scouting legion Recon corps


    My waifu rem

  21. Adam Horner

    I super enjoyed Combatants Will Be Dispatched. It was hilarious. I greatly appreciate all the hard work, especially the backgrounds

  22. Kim Purificacion

    i still crave for that mapo tofu when i watched angel beats in 2012

  23. E-mad Art

    One of The best examples of changing the style to suit the western audience, is DmC Devil may Cry

  24. relyK.mp4

    5:37 I love that she was watching Minecraft videos while working

  25. Sexy urgen

    Chapter 3 arsenal 0 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Elbantorion

    I have never respected something so much.

  27. Dakota Turk

    "GET IN THE DAMN ROBOT SHINJI!" I do knowledge.

  28. morff Out Of Order

    -this is a test-

  29. Joe Goodboy71

    That time I got my hands on a million dollar AI and used it to prove light novel titles were dumb

  30. Potatoez YT

    5:38 she was watching Minecraft LMAO

  31. Makarel Gaming

    You forgot the super important episode that tottaly comes back a out him killing santa.

  32. Fisshu

    Is that a JoJo'z refernce!!??

  33. 진성현

    4:08 Why u no "who's Rem?"->"idk" After this?

  34. Magic Melones


  35. Chad Angelo

    Me: Watching Hears a question about who is the best girl in Bunny Girl Senpai. Guy: Kaede Me: WTF Hears a question about who is the best girl in Darling in the FranXX Me: It's obvious. Guy: Ichigo Me: You have chosen DEATH. Also me: IT'S ZERO TWO YOU BIT-.

  36. ᚛Meguᴍin᚜


  37. CatsMeowPaw

    13:07 Please Japanese studios, do NOT take any foreign fan's opinions into account and change the style or content of your animation. The loudest voices on Twitter are activists who want to destroy everything that's good about anime.

  38. Sniffy

    "No i dont wanna be a ghoul...Idonwannabeywuahhdid"

  39. Redwood

    The way the Japanese people tall is so relaxing to hear in this video lol

  40. Peherps

    why wasn't a Gigguk video not recommended when I literally click on them every time, what is this algorithm What the heck FIblock

  41. Dark Matter

    wow amazing your really went to studio 😂

  42. Hans Krebs

    MHA be like:"Oh nO I aM WeaK,I havE tO BE STrongEr"

  43. Ayuri

    I don't hate MAPPA art style but they used too much CGI (like c'mon guys Aot ss1 was years ago and it looks amazing without CGI). Other than that is the camera angle and perspective shots which WIT studio excels at. While some shots in MAPPA adaptation are out of sync sometimes. Still, I have a great time watching AOT final season so great appreciation towards MAPPA studio

  44. Fabian Roque

    My guy wtf happened to anime it went from fighting evil mf’s to sister having feelings with their brothers anime went from good to horrendous shit

  45. Kevin Fagan

    I am pretty shore it is an un spoken law to not talk about thir chins

  46. ‌

    what's the first song at the very start ?

  47. The Freshest Fedora

    5:41 is that Minecraft on the animator's phone?

  48. Charientism

    "Captain! Eren’s enjoying it!" "Eren! Stop enjoying it." "Look, enough of this I propose that from now on that Eren will be supervised by me privately at all times." "Oh god yes!" "God damnit." "SUSTAINED! Under the notion that all fan girls now think that you have this weird dominatrix thing going on with each other." Uh yea get it I guess ?? 😳

  49. Disaster Drk


  50. erea

    WAIT? 5 PEOPLE FOR ONE EPISODE'S BACKGROUND??? What .... I hope they live well ...

  51. RayRexDex

    Honestly if you actually play these games go buy a Switch and play BotW It will probably be cheaper anyway

  52. AzzeDine MasTour

    2:03 best effect ever made

  53. TV Sized Anime Channel

    Giggik likes sagiri from Ero manga your move

  54. Rorschach guy

    13:30 Bruh you got us real good 😂😂😂

  55. Иван Зарева

    Watched the "Guilty Crown" just because of soundtrack. Completely forgot about what this anime was, but that music is still with me up to this moment.

  56. Fireblade _351

    This is the fucking best thing I have ever seen

  57. RayRexDex

    POV: You just saw an Astolfo Doujinshi and you're curious about the anime

  58. Sir Psychonautic

    kabaneri was garbage just as guilty crown was garbage it makes perfect sense...

  59. John Bues

    8:16 - "Door into Summer" from _Knuckles Chaotix_ 8:51 - "Infinity Mijinion (Weapon Center)" from _Mega Man X6_ Anyone recognize any other BGM?

  60. Necromancer!?

    I didn't expect I'll be watching this again

  61. Athena Retz


  62. Chin Yen been

    @5.36 is that minecraft ?????!!

  63. Mr. Penguin


  64. Samurai Jo

    What is that🤔😨 9:30

  65. Lord Booyah

    He says that it's an anime airing right now, 3 days before the last episode. LMAO. Short lived.

  66. Sreeto

    13:44 what song is that Edit found it fiblock.info/face/videot/qG2KmmyEnJWlZYI.html

  67. MoKi18

    Studio MAPPA next 😅

  68. Clovella Buttram

    How dare you insult baby Jacuzzi like that

  69. Disastrous Guy

    Is it safe to assume that index is gonna get a season 4?

  70. K64_Tellwp

    lmao yu yu hakushu if thats how you spell it

  71. Marek Siciński

    15:13things aren't 'discovered'

  72. Giesu

    Fk i still that 6:44

  73. Marek Siciński

    that's not the point 7:07 how is this related 8:19 again how is that related?

  74. Marek Siciński


  75. Marek Siciński

    3:18 I mean it is the og

  76. Marek Siciński

    2:42 tan rather than tanned, Okinawan

  77. Marek Siciński

    Combatants wasn't very good

  78. Charlotte Farrell

    Wait but what about season 3

  79. Adam Adma

    I love how the artist at 5:38 had a minecraft video open. Guess even pros need some background noise while drawing.