2010s: The Decade Anime Grew Up


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    Today I reflect back on just what the 2010's meant for Anime as a whole, and how much the landscape changed in the decade.

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. Gigguk

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      1. Everett

        @Claud A year late but it's durarara

      2. smooth Keyz


      3. Rai Jado

        What anime is 11:27

      4. Youp Hooymayers

        I just spent all night watching all of Gigguk's year and anime season abridged/summary videos. It took forever. But now at least I have more shit to watch. Honestly watching it all and ending with this vid. Just made me happy with how much anime has grown. How I now look so forward to the next season of certain animes. How much the quality of it all has increased.

      5. Rafael Nguyen Alvarez

        Props to the anime FIblockrs for reaching out to more anime fans and making a place for people to talk about their favorite series.

    2. Frederick Grandison

      Ouran High School Host Club is how I got involved with anime quite a lot

    3. Wendy Gong

      I've watched detective conan, chibi maruko chan and ghibli films since childhood, but surprisingly, JJBA got me into watching other anime???


      Darn i fcking love 2010's Anime than today it's just mostly nostalgia and biased about it lol and I'm not saying today anime suck is just it's just a preference the old ones

    5. Coys Raye

      *Laughs in pre-millenium toonami* 😂

    6. SB 555

      06:22 Damn it's interesting to know. Did you watched all of Monogatari series or stop in Nise?

    7. Darshan sivakalai

      Fact: Gigguk have not only grown watching anime, he have also watched anime growing before his eyes.


      the first anime i watched anime was DBZ and then after 2 years OPM or and then i really got into anime after i watched your name. Like the growth of anime just from 6-5 years ago, its basically mainstream, pretty much anybody knows about it where live probably because i live in Asia where pretty much everyone knows about anime.

    9. Hinata the Pikachu

      Funny how ten years or so ago i got into naruto when i was like 5 or 6 and got made fun of for years and now every time i go to school i hear one piece this attack on titan that, being an anime fan is way more fun now

    10. Unknown X

      hey guys anyone know which website is used at 6:14? Ty if u respond!

      1. Anonymous

        Livchart or maybe anilist

    11. sunnausi

      I really dont care at all what people opinion about fairy tail is I will never stop loving it ngl I know it's not the most well made but that's really not the point.

    12. Adam Symonds

      I just can't get over how you edit your videos, the choice in music, clips and cuts ah I love it

    13. Chris W

      Loved the video

    14. Abhinn Goyal

      6:19 a steins;gate ost now thats what i am here for

    15. Kranich 90

      seasonal anime has to end... give me the show in one go

    16. Kranich 90

      decreasing patience with shows that are good but not S-Tier is the biggest problem of anime nowdays together with western censorship standarts... it creates a bunch of fucking elitists that ruin the medium

    17. Art1ce

      woops, Ichigo got screen time. must dislike.

    18. FailedLeopard

      You say it's much about community and the social aspect and yet, I' got no idea where to find those or even where to begin to find anyone to talk to about it. Maybe I'm just too introverted, but it would be nice to find someone to talk to about it I guess

    19. Kaede Sakura

      Somehow not liking battle shonen anime alienates me

    20. Foxfire0002

      I grew up on Pokémon, DBZ, and GitS

    21. David Saade

      Appreciation post for Daft Punk’s Voyager Banger song

    22. Gabriel Ranoco

      ”There would be no gigguk" Ehemm ehemm the anime zone

    23. que

      my heart broke when he called violet evergarden a or b tier 😔

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        Is it not??

    24. Stella Anderson

      this makes me kinda sad cus i was born in 2007 and i didnt get to see anime grow into what it is now all i know is that it was anime was shit back in the day

      1. Stella Anderson

        @hddd I know that it’s just a lot harder to appreciate that anime when your a anime fan in 2021

      2. hddd

        i was born a good ten years before you and there are countless anime from the 90s and 00s that are still amazing today go back and watch some

    25. justin jia

      You should make a video on the influx of non-Japanese "anime"

    26. Tiggy The razorforces official thread derailer

      The two times I realized that anime was getting big was when I was in the Marines Crops, we were going threw Mojave Viper (a big pre deployment training event before heading to Afghanistan) I was leaving the Marines at the time but I volunteered to go and talk to the new guys and stuff and help with admin and wound up seeing the company meat head boot (every unit has that one guy who found out picking up heavy things a lot is fun) had a full back piece of vegetta fighting goku, but it was done irezumi and was legitimately impressive. I asked him about it and we wound up becoming friends. The next time was at a bar in 2015 and seeing fucking SAO playing on a big screen with themed drinks (the kirito was a mojito with nothing but bitters and chipped ice to represent edge, and they served pink cream filled pastries called the Asuna....)

    27. We Live In a Society

      guys im new to anime i watched demon slayer what should i watch next

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        @We Live In a Society jjk, black clover, D-Gray man, naruto, dbz, bleach, trigun, high school of the dead(chef's kiss stuff) , god of high school, yu yu hakusho, hellsing ultimate, etc.

      2. We Live In a Society

        @Just some guy on the internet. watched all except fmab and misfit of demon king

      3. Just some guy on the internet.

        @We Live In a Society hxh, death note, fmab , opm, misfit of demon king academy, my hero, code geass.

      4. We Live In a Society

        @Just some guy on the internet. im done watching that

      5. Just some guy on the internet.

        Attack on titan

    28. rhyuke

      What song is used at 15:14

    29. seafighter4

      Yeah, soo.. Can anyone make a list of all the anime *shown* in this video? Because there asome that just look so good. Animes I don't know: 1:42 3:21 3:36 4:46 4:57 5:35 5:44 6:57 13:33 14:07 14:09 14:49 14:52

    30. Fischsch

      thank you to your name for me accepting feels-anime. as gig said, sometimes you need a good cry

    31. Nick Gurr

      "Just who the hell do you think I am" -Brad Pitt, playing as kamina in the new live action Gurren Lagann, when anime gets that mainstream, which it will

    32. henoS


      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        The big three ended a long time ago.

    33. Eye-yam StewPeed

      attack on titan is the greatest anime of all time

    34. Nicholas Jevon

      Tbh, I'm actually quite surprised about how different anime community is in the west. Because if you grew up in my country during my era of childhood (2000's-2010's) there's no way you don't like anime because there is one channel that's dedicated for kids. It broadcasts cartoons from all around the worlds. And some of them are animes. Kamichama Karin is my first ever anime. And the reason I actually watched it was because it broadcasts at the time I went home after school. It's something that made me want to go home as fast as I can so I don't miss it. The anime that made me "Hey this thing called anime is actually pretty fun to watch". It also has influenced many part of me. Like, me liking the concept of traps and reverse traps etc. Yes, kamichama karin is the anime with the very weird eye spacing. So, in my circle of people anime has always been cool.


      am i the only one who repeats this video everyday while being proud of this amazing community.......

    36. LZ 30

      What are the odds I watched this video 1 year after it came out? 1 out of 365

    37. textmachine09

      Gigguk: Naruto got me into anime. Me: (Thinking about voltes 5, mazinger z, daimos that got me into anime) Damn these youngbloods make me feel like a fucking boomer.

    38. Nutelko8

      Amazing vid.

    39. Ethan Wang

      whats the ending song?

    40. Levia's LpChannel

      cries in swiss. there will never be an anime movie in our theaters, every time i wanna watch a movie, i have to travel 2-3 hours

    41. Death KillR091

      MHA is going from A tier to S tier real quick with season 5 and 6

      1. Jonathan Joestar


    42. Karuuu

      4:31 SAUCE?

      1. Jonathan Joestar

        Masamune revenge

    43. PoTaTo DuDe

      Use this as a (yes I'm also a closet anime fan)

    44. bailey smith

      Can anyone please tell me the name of the movie with that stunning rain animation at 13:41

      1. Jonathan Joestar

        Weathering with you

    45. Brett

      Naruto/dbz introduced me to anime Gintama got me into the market won’t ever forget it

    46. leoberget

      I hope someday anime will be airing on tv all around the globe

    47. Roblox Gamer

      the big 3 is now the big 200 you can never pick just 3 anymore

    48. ManfredOnline

      I’m still like the only kid in my grade who watches anime

    49. TOA 12th

      All of the stuff you say about the change to seasonal viewing habits sounds like very much a bad thing, at least to me. Feeling like the stuff I have to watch has to be new in order to talk to people and get involved in the community is horrible.

    50. Robbyy coo

      Ayo why won't anyone talk about Space Dandy tho! underrated ass show

    51. Creamy

      i love bobs

    52. Hikosa Morrow

      so mr gigguk now that black clover ended who do you think will fill in that void? I thought jujutsu kaisen although i dont see that anime going on for 5+ years

    53. Brekner Catalin

      @7:16 "Beating you off in a game for us." LOL fansubs are gold :D And as good as seasonal anime is, i think Netflix's model of launching all the episodes at once is a much better deal, but unfortunately i don't think that's ever going to happen for anime :( Alas, anime is still considered "cartoons for kids" by most people i know from work, even the ones younger than me. As much as i hate to say it, if you live in a non-English-speaking country and you never bother to actually learn the language, odds are you won't even have the option to watch anime. I could never recommend any anime to these people because they don't speak anything but Romanian, they couldn't tell Chinese and Japanese languages apart if they heard someone talking and, in the end, they still think of it as cartoons for kids...

    54. Furious Figures

      13:28 pizza mozzarella

    55. Manuel Bermejo

      Fecommended 10 months later. Interesting.

    56. Firkin

      video begins on 1:10

    57. Wizard The Bizard

      11:00 Me who's first anime was jojo: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you*

    58. Tomas Goes

      "Like Naruto, Sasuke, and... Well, anyway".

    59. Im Thrillz

      If season 4 keeps being a banger then attack on titan best anime of this generation

    60. Trick Sakata

      Is that the devilman crybaby op

    61. MeeshMeek


    62. 。Name 。

      I'm overdosing on nostalgia from all these yearly reviews despite not actually watching most of these animes. it leaves a hole that can't be filled. it doesn't even give me the interest or motivation to watch these animes. I absolutely hate this feeling, yet I enjoy it in the moment. but the after effect makes me feel so, empty.

    63. Positive Productions

      can someone please tell me if Naruto slugfest is ever coming to the US I know it was supposed to in 2020 but that never happened to my knowledge can someone please tell me what happened? Thanks

    64. 8E - Dimon

      New Big Three = Demon Slayer, Black Clover, MHA Aot would have 120 percent be in this lost but it started on 2013

      1. 。Name 。

        I would definitely say One Piece is still there.

    65. Otaku Sensei

      Can anyone tell me the song at the end of the video?

    66. Nicolas Martin

      music was so good!!! (very very strongest) hell ya

    67. skymall

      it literally makes me cry that kids can watch anime now and not get bullied for it like i did (no i didnt do any of the super weird stuff i just would talk about it with my friends)

    68. jack jackson


    69. Farah Ali

      I got serious goosebumps when he started talking about Naruto ending.

    70. Daniel Starr

      Point of reference for the start of the decade: FMAB just ended, Ichigo was fighting Ulquiorra, Itachi’s past was just revealed, and the Pain fight was about to start

    71. Fun Guy

      Cardcaptor sakura was my first anime. Im curious has anyone seen it except me? It was so long ago, i feel old😭

      1. Geo Castro

        I have too, one of my first animes on Cartoon Network :)

    72. Fun Guy

      14:25 which anime is that?

      1. hexquisite

        I think it's "Your Name" (Kimi no Na Wa)

    73. jeanschyso

      so, now that the decade has FINALLY finished a month ago, what were your best anime of the decade? Nobody seems to have done a video about anime of the decade after the decade actually ended

    74. Michael Andrews

      In the 2010s we had: Death Parade Attack on Titan Stein's;Gate Madoka Magica Nichijou Anohana Chihayafuru Kids on the Slope Psycho Pass One Punch Man APFTTU Made in Abyss Log Horizon Boku No Hero Academia And the list goes on. So much good shit.

      1. Michael Andrews

        @Crackel Snickel Indeed, hence 'the list goes on'

      2. Crackel Snickel

        Hxh 2011 and black clover too

    75. LostMANGHOST

      Naruto and bleach is got me hooked

    76. Akia

      Ugh, I've been waiting for the final Rebuild of Eva since rhe eay 2010s :(

    77. MFP

      Fucking amazing song to pop it with.. ffx

    78. MalcolmPlays

      _ ,.-" "-., / === \ / ======= \ __| (o) (0) |__ / _| .---. |_ \ | /.----/ O O \----.\ | \/ | | \/ | | | | | | _\ -.,_____,.- /_ ,.-" "-.,_________,.-" "-., / | | \ | l. .l | | | | | l. | | .l | l. .l | \, l. | | .l \, | | | | \, l. | | .l | | | | | | | |---| | | | | | | | /"-.,__,.-"\ /"-.,__,.-"\"-.,_,.-"\ | \ / | | | | | | \__|__|__|__/ \__|__|__|__/ \_|__|__/

    79. MADHUKAR G

      Great video

    80. Jakob Sneyd

      Ngl I didn’t even realize this was gigguk till halfway •_•

    81. Yangster Supreme

      Demon slayer, AOT, and MHA are the new big 3 of shonen. Even tho demon slayer is only 1 season in as of yet, it's still taken the world by storm

      1. Word Monster

        Lol overrated anime

    82. Rebekah Wright

      I started watching anime as a little kid in the late 90s, and man even from like 97 to 2008 was crazy, especially in the US.

    83. Daniel Leo

      Dbz was my first anime and i remember clearly goku beating the ever living shit out of nappa

    84. Oded Gershon

      Violet evergarden dude.

    85. JacksonEbert

      Bloomer video. I love it.

    86. jaketakesongames

      The promised never land got me into anime

    87. Mathew Omay

      Black bible is what got me i to anime

    88. Skandalis George

      if you ever call violet evergarden a-tier again i will commit a hate crime

    89. BlackSheep

      I remember every non anime fan at the time watched attack on Titan. I still kept to myself during that time in high school

    90. Im Thrillz

      2010: watching anime is weird and nerdy and not cool 2021: quirky and cool

    91. Kuro CK

      2020s: The Decade VTuber Exploded

    92. John Gedric Tudio


    93. M Jawad Sial

      Dbz got me started in Animes... #mjawadsial

    94. albertdengok

      What's the song at 10:48?

    95. 火

      Stop making me feel old. I'm still young.

    96. Simp Ramune

      Clannad Got me into anime lmao

    97. Alex

      Hey Gigguk! can you make a video now since 2021 is the actual start of a decade??

    98. Aanime Master

      16:16 song name pls

      1. Young Man

        celebration by RADWIMPS ost from weathering from you

    99. Imaduddin Anwer

      Can anyone tell me which anime that is at 15:11

      1. Sad Man

        @Imaduddin Anwer I am not cultured enough to know that

      2. Imaduddin Anwer

        @Sad Man the one after that

      3. Sad Man


    100. The thawing dragon

      HA! movies in theaters