Attack on Titan Is Still Incredible.


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    I know this is a bit late, please go easy on me manga readers.

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    1. Ujjwal Aditya

      he said it guys a mediocre ending still makes it a classic and a masterpiece there is no use denying it.

    2. Ayuri

      I don't hate MAPPA art style but they used too much CGI (like c'mon guys Aot ss1 was years ago and it looks amazing without CGI). Other than that is the camera angle and perspective shots which WIT studio excels at. While some shots in MAPPA adaptation are out of sync sometimes. Still, I have a great time watching AOT final season so great appreciation towards MAPPA studio

    3. Wanizame

      It’s finally surpassed Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood as the GOAT. FMA is an example of a perfect anime but AOT is the perfect TV show. It’s got the character development and journey of Breaking Bad. The world building and water cooler moments of Game of Thrones. The existential crisis and battle for survival of The Walking Dead. The growing Mystery and layered character backstories of Lost. It’s THAT GOOD. It nails everything. If I had any criticism it’s that it is completely devoid of humour but considering how bad that’s often done in anime I think that’s fine.

    4. Akram

      Hater: Attack on Titan sucks Eren: So you have chosen death **transforms into Attack Titan**

    5. Lone Wolf

      Season 4 Part 2 is going to be fire, except the last episode lmao 💀. The ending is gonna piss off a lot of people Unless... we get an anime original ending. Praise MAPPA

      1. Riccardo Florio

        I liked the ending

      2. Kritika Srivastava

        Copium...copium...we all on copium

    6. scathecier

      The ending landed on its face

    7. ツ

      i remember watching aot season 1 back in 2014 and i was absolutely hooked to it,man how time flies

    8. Disrupted

      Glad we got such a great ending, now imagine if Isayama would do the writing equivalent of people that unironically write "have sex, incel" on twitter as if its the peak of discourse and effectively ruin what would have otherwise been one of the best characters in shonen history. That would be crazy.

      1. Fujin Adohira

        You spititing fax mate. Just waiting for Gigguk to see the ending. It Will be hilarious!

    9. Ege Büyükoğlu

      im so fuckin hyped right now

    10. shard king

      Other anime : why are our fans complaining aot : eren puts on a coat aot fan : what are you waiting for get this shit trending

    11. Quya Luna

      I am so fricking happy to not see one single twitter style "AoT iS AnTiSeMiTIc/FAsCist" in the comments XD

    12. Quya Luna

      Something that really bugs me in AoT is the historical allegories though. I have immense OCD and I feel extreeeemely guilty because my favourite characters are the Marleyan Eldians (Warriors and Tyburs) and people frequently criticise those elements as "N*zi" or "Jews secretly ruling the world" or something even though it's not anywhere near a 1 to 1 representation of history and I doubt Isayama meant anything by them ... I mean, of course something so big and clearly inspired by history with such a serious plot will attract criticism but it hurts my heart.

    13. pillxwx忍

      That transition at 12:47 though

    14. thomquiri

      2:16 "bad guys" *showing Falco* mhhh I think NOT

    15. Mac Hodgdon

      When the events of the ending get animated I’m ready for the timeline to be split in half

    16. Faizan Ansari

      *AOT manga ending and additional pages were objectively bad. Ruined the show completely*

      1. Riccardo Florio

        @Mack Menezes yeah, everybody would love the villain of the arc to totally destroy humanity. The last chapter shows us that Eren's powers are too big for him, and his now destroyed mind (by the fact that now he sees time in a circular unchangable way, for him, that wanted to change everything). He knows that he is doing this, he knows he cannot stop and he knows that he can't do anything, so it breaks while talking to Armin.

      2. Raja Muhammad Darwish

        @Mack Menezes If eren won people would be satisfied because he literally can win. He has godlike powers but he didn't even use em.

      3. Raja Muhammad Darwish

        @Mack Menezes "that is the cache" Ah yes what a perfect english sentence. There are no errors in that sentence at all

      4. Mack Menezes

        @Raja Muhammad Darwish if eren won even by asspull majority will love the ending

      5. Mack Menezes

        @Raja Muhammad Darwish bro we know that ,the ending is bad becoz no one loves protagonist losing that is the cache

    17. Stay Frosty

      Heres a few reason why I literaly hated the AOT Ending: 1. Ymir loved King Fritz, who literaly played with her life. 2. Eren did rumbling because he just wanted to do it ........... like bruh seriously 3. he doomed paradis island 4. and killed 80% population, why leave the 20 %. the number 80 % just dosent feel logical. 5. Eren wanted them to have long lives even though he literaly tried to kill them.... dont forget Eren indeed killed Hanje. 6. Historia marrying the guy who bullied her as a child, like girl.. Eren would be a better choice. 7. Grisha holds Eren saying that he was free, dude Eren was never free what i wanted the ended to be: 1. Eren lives because he was born into this world and in the final panel Eren holds ymir saying you are free since ymir was reborn as historia child, (call of silence ost fits very well with this) 2. Eren does rumbling because he saw the future and that he had no choice but to do the Rumbling. 3. Eren tried to kill the Allience because he wont hesitate to take the freedom from those who try to take his freedom (this still give a better reason for him to fight them because thats just who Eren is and is shown in Chapter 121). 4. Forshadowing of Little Eren waking up in 1st ep didnt relate to chapter 138. For those who like the ending, its all good everyone has their own taste but I followed this story because of its plot and the ruined it for me. For those who Hated the ending go reading the Fan made ending AOT no requiem which in no way is disrespect to Isayama.

      1. Fujin Adohira

        You spititing mad fax mate. Well Just wiat till Jan 2022 when the shitstorm Will be all over again when part 2 started airing. Till 123 we good. But then Aot went downhill.

      2. I love jesus Christ

        And then fans still defend ymir "because she has Stockholm"

    18. Akash Sivakumar

      am i the only one that saw kaifuku jutsushi no yarinaoshi


      thank you attack on titan for being really good

    20. Adit Saraff

      "Call the fangirls" "But not for you" That really got me.

      1. Quya Luna

        Same. But I'm a fangirl for ... Armin and Willy ... Eren and Levi bother me XD

    21. Claudiu Lucian

      The story of Season 4 had the most potential to be a masterpiece out of the 4 seasons and just because of the plot season 4 was great, but I still think how better it would have been on the hands of Wit Studios, how they had the ability to get it from great to perfect, the lower quality animation, music, sound effects, direction truly weighted down this last season...I don't say it was bad, it's even good, but a far cry from what Wit has done in the last seasons.

    22. CloudyPages

      "all it needs to do is land it's ending" oh no

    23. Advita Nargund

      12:42 yes. everything about this. the line. the beat drop. everything. immaculate.

    24. Advita Nargund

      that beat drop after "we're watching history being made" literally got me in tears wtf

      1. Mack Menezes

        😂😂 same

    25. T-Verse


    26. 𓆡

      yeah, the ending will truly make or break the entire series for some people. I actually didn’t hate the ending of the manga, but there were definitely a *few* confusing parts. one good thing about anime adaptions is that they have the ability to change things a bit. of course I don’t want them to completely change the ending, but maybe just tie up a few loose ends. I just don’t want another game of thrones situation.

    27. Henrique Costa

      "Land on two feet" haha nice, thats sad

    28. Sakura

      The ending is great and I think it’ll be even better animated

      1. M Abubakr Fayaz

        @Manny The original was still average and acceptable. Atleast there was hope of Paradis' survival. I thought Armin would use some high level of Talk no Jutsu but alas! Guess they failed

      2. Manny

        @M Abubakr Fayaz it was bad all together fam

      3. M Abubakr Fayaz

        It was fine until those extra pages.

    29. farmaan champ

      Honestly i started liking eren just because of chapter 112 and in the end .............*signs*

    30. Sweet Singer

      Me actually knowing exactly who makes it out alive WHY ISAYAMA😭

    31. Akare Gator

      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! The journey is about to end, one that is beautiful, windy yet compact in its way.

    32. Delta_GM

      And god damn i agree with you. Aot for me is like endgame soo much both in avengers and in aot i got in when it was already ending, but im soooo gassed like damn these shows just left me speechless and the thing is that i cant imagine how hyped would i have been if i was there from the start both aot s1 and avengers.

    33. Delta_GM

      Even isayama himself said that he did the worst ending he could have done so i think aot landed the ending on 2 feet and fel over right away.

    34. Eren Yeager

      "We are watching history being made" Me : Spits my coffee and coughs for 5 minutes straight

    35. W A I F U N E E D E D

      I actually started the series last week and i could not wait for the 2nd part to be released so i bought the manga, i am gonna give my honest opinion IT WAS LIT! , and for the people who say the ending is bad actually i wanna say one thing FUCK OFF

      1. MrSnowwolf18

        How is Eren killing his mother and saying 'I don't know why' when confronted about the Rumbling 'lit'?

    36. ALLME

      It was good but you just can't beat the season 3.

      1. Pesmobile 2075

        Season 4 beat season 3 lol.Season 3 is amazing but S4 by far,however the direction by mappa and cgi is damn shit but God S4 is still hold up with storyline and writiny

    37. Ian Wiltshire

      I was honestly so sad that Eren became such a heartless killer

      1. Ian Wiltshire

        @LoL LoL I agree with you on that but right now he’s looking like a villain and it’s sad

      2. LoL LoL

        @Ian Wiltshire I agree with you that is killing isn't something a protagonist will do but I have watched aot enough that I know he is goona be right somehow

      3. Ian Wiltshire

        @The only Romi but he killed innocent people why was that necessary?

      4. The only Romi

        It had too be done😔

    38. Anuj Kuumar

      12:48 Goosebumps...

    39. Oancea Sergiu

      I personally hate Gabi cuz I'm kind of afraid that she's gonna play a really important part in some type of plot twist. She's there too much... It feels like what she's done until now isn't *it*.

      1. Apoorv Verma

        You are definitely a manga reader and you know what happened Your tone was way too obvious

    40. PPINZOW

      Eren is going to die

    41. Leina Rose

      s4 just makes me so sad because we got to see a kid who wanted to avenge his mom turn into a very layered person who is neither completely right or wrong, but he's going about it so horribly (imo)

    42. Jawa With A Gun

      9:24 I agree with Gigguk completely. If Studio Wit had animated AOT S4 we *definitely* would have gotten that Levi vs 30 Titans fight as the "HOLY SHIT" moment of this season. I hate that it cutaway and we didn't get to see any of it

      1. Lorenzo Rizzi

        The work would have been similar to Mappa because of time issues. Why it's still so difficult for you people to understand it after all this time

    43. Khang Do Quang

      Then proceed to ruin the manga in 1 chapter

      1. Eren Yeager

        And the interviews

      2. Adli Iyad Hafizan

        @prabhnoor gill and the artbook

      3. Thicc Thighs Saves Lives

        The extra pages was worse than being crushed to death by a titan

      4. prabhnoor gill

        + the 8 pages and the interview

    44. Vishal

      This dude has a way with words. So damn true, AOT is a modern classic.

    45. Blank _kk

      The ending of this video was insane btw

    46. Blank _kk

      The last season doesnt have the spice but it isnt bad at all

    47. Γιώργος Οικονομίδης

      Hey, just posting this because I want to support one of my favourite creators, Sufferents. It's an amazing manga analysis -and sometimes anime review- channel which deserves all the attention it can get. The guy running it is creative, has a great asmr voice and puts huge amounts of effort into making his videos unique and aesthetic. The dude has about 98.4k subs at the moment and is hoping to hit 100k by the time of his birthday (early July). I love his work so I'm begging you to go and check him out. Pls pls pls weeb power

    48. Master Oogway

      11:27 True words spoken. After everything aot has done blowing our minds off for eight years , even if the ending was bad it was still great watching such a masterpiece of work.

    49. Y local weeb mimi

      Watched this in hopes of reflecting my hate towards the show after finishing season 4, still no, fuck no, it’s was bad. The only exception was indeed the opening but nO.

      1. Ra awesome

        What is it that's bad?

    50. shawn burger

      My only gripe with s4 was how similar it kinda felt to code geass, and depending how you look at it that can be a good thing

      1. shawn burger

        @Ra awesome so the whole eldean living with another "race" but can aquire an honorary status is much like the code geass honorary Britannian for the 11's and it just seems like to me eren is getting every side to hate him that way they have to team up to beat him, a lot like the zero requiem. It just seems very close to that I have enjoyed every second of it, it's just something I look at and go huh that's ironic

      2. Ra awesome

        Code Geass? How so?

    51. Aman Pathak

      Sooo gooooood!!!!

    52. dstneee

      Bruh that is literally that best way you could've interpret eren from s4 to the previous ones. Eren talking to levi and saying call the fan girls, but not for you.

    53. Ilverism

      4:12 PepeLaugh

    54. Tori Llama

      The hxh ost in the background

    55. Jehudi Phillips

      Eren Eating the Warhammer, using the Jaw Titan, is one of the coldest, things I have ever seen a character do in any show

    56. Jehudi Phillips

      How can I watch Eren body 100's of people but Gabi kills 1 character and just because I liked the character, Gabi is the real demon here. Just a bunch of people trying to survive, though many of them don't know the whole truth of the situations they face. They say the victors are the one's who tell history🤷🏾‍♂️.

    57. Hrishiraj

      End of the video gave me gossebumps

    58. kids montessori

      12:42 This gave me literal goosebumps

    59. Joel The Pizza Wizard

      coming back here after the manga ending and oh nooo.....

    60. Nikola Jovanovic

      Everyone hyped for season 4 part 2: They see the ending. Depression: Hello there

    61. vishal koushik

      ur reviews are the best duh.......

    62. Griamore

      Holy shit Garnts almost 3M

    63. Parth vats

      "We are not watching another anime coming to an end, we are watching history being made", Who else got Goosebumps hearing this line?

      1. Ra awesome

        I did

    64. Noahistlul

      that ending was REALLY FcKING good

      1. Ra awesome

        @Noahistlul I mean, that's fair. Why don't you like it?

      2. Noahistlul

        @Ra awesome the credits, i dont really like the manga aot ending :/

      3. Ra awesome

        The ending credits, or Aots ending?

    65. Gigguk notice me


    66. Jacques Jansen

      When does S4 part 2 come out?

      1. Yuuki

        Winter 2022

    67. biribiri

      : ( 1 year.....abhahaksjdjkajwbwbejs

    68. Azman Nadim

      Attack on Titan is the only one anime that killed one of my emotions

    69. Bob Jonson

      Oh, you poor innocent soul.

      1. Ra awesome

        I mean, he'll like the ending, assuming it isn't rushed.

    70. Josef Fahlgren

      i downloaded tiktok again after 2 years and the first vid to pop up was a spoiler about erens death. now i have depression

      1. Ra awesome

        @Josef Fahlgren yeah. Though, even my friend, who's not a manga reader, knew from season 4 part 1, that Eren was going to die by the end.

      2. Josef Fahlgren

        @Ra awesome its still sad

      3. Ra awesome

        What? Eren was one hundred percent going to die. He has to.

      4. CountYvill Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff

        told ya tik tok is bad

    71. Daniel Gonzalez

      So i dont get it, i havent finished this show because I dont see where new episodes are dropping? Both hulu and Funimation havent had an episode for like 6 weeks

      1. Joshua Nichols

        Because part 1 of Season 4 ended. Part 2 comes out in January of next year.

    72. Darth Citharae

      This aged like milk.

      1. Koen Foo

        @Rare Item Alright then, have a good day

      2. Koen Foo

        @Rare Item Iirc, he said that his execution wasn't as well as he wanted it to be but that doesn't mean that he disliked his ending. It's what he wanted. Also, the Japanese community had an overwhelmingly positive reception of 139, the international community was surprisingly polarised, but around 50.4% hated it upon release of the leaks or fan translation. The official translation should change that slightly. I think that as readers, we shouldn't take it like a product to be consumed to satisfy us, we should be looking for what the author is trying to express in his work and intepret it based on that. I think that the international community took it for granted since this story was made not to satisfy our vision of what the ending should be but more so to teach us certain themes and concepts in art form from the perspective of the author. We sometimes act like we are a shareholder who has a stake in what the ending should be when most of us probably read it illegally in the first place. Of course I don't mean that any criticism is unwarranted but for the most part, it seems like many people are unhappy simply because their own theory of the ending didn't get realised. I don't think that the quality was impacted anyhow.

      3. Rare Item

        @Koen Foo you're pretty chill mate, as you said we have different povs for the manga so I don't think us arguing will Change our opinions at all

      4. Rare Item

        Realism in a Manga is good but it must not affect the manga's quality at all

      5. Rare Item

        @Koen Foo Isayama didn't like the ending so it wasn't really his vision. Yes it's realistic but did it satisfy the viewers?

    73. hexhiaa

      that montage at the end was absolutely beautiful

    74. Mahanthesh Prasad

      AoT through the timeline Season 1 : Survival of Humans Season 2 : The story being spiced up Season 3 : This is getting real good Season 4 : Getting political (Yet people might enjoy it) Ending : *TOTAL SHIT* Edit : The "Ending" I'm taking about is of the Manga (Chapter 139) And it's just not "TOTAL SHIT", *IT'S THE MOST UGLIEST SHIT ON THE INTERNET I'VE EVER SEEN*

      1. Mahanthesh Prasad

        @Koen Foo Yeah, even I thought that But, the way I see is - It was like a great pizza & the ending just dropped a ton of pineapple on that pizza & ruined the whole pizza But hey, some people do like pineapple on pizza (Though I don't)

      2. Mahanthesh Prasad

        @Mack Menezes I'm really sorry if I was the one who spoiled it somehow And AoT is still a good anime

      3. Koen Foo

        @Mahanthesh Prasad I know what you mean so much. I felt that way when the leaks first came out but after doing some research, I came to like the ending a lot better. I don't think that 1/10 is a fair score at all, honestly speaking.

      4. Mack Menezes

        @Mahanthesh Prasad it's still my favorite though,if I wasn't spoilt on it I would have enjoyed it even more

      5. Mahanthesh Prasad

        @Mack Menezes I mean, I do see your was an amazing experience through the journey (may be except season 4 for me) And yet, the to have something good end in such broke my heart & my opinion for AoT

    75. Viper01

      I really feel he's gonna be dissapointed with the ending.

      1. imaknightdude

        @Nicu 1234 I honestly feel like that's unfair. Both sides can be incredibly toxic. Especially the people who are hating on Isayama.

      2. Ra awesome

        @Nicu 1234 what? I'd say he'd like it. He said all it needed to do was land on two feet. Garnt doesn't give a damn about the salt.

      3. Ra awesome

        @Viper01 true.

      4. Viper01

        @Nicu 1234 Honestly no matter what he says he is probably gonna get hate.

      5. Nicu 1234

        Nah he will say that he will like it to not get harrassed by toxic fans and aotards disliking his videos

    76. Cool Gamer

      I love this story, can't wait for the final chapter. Like Erin.

    77. ti red

      6:10 yet he fucked the ending, buuut i still love aot anyways

    78. Eugeo

      Season 1: human vs titan Season 2: titan vs titan Season 3: human vs human Season 4: eren"making flat earth" Yeager vs world

    79. Kanishak 01


    80. KNICK

      So hear me out: What if MAPPA changes the CGI to drawn Titans for the DVD release

      1. Ra awesome

        Too expensive, and they don't have the time for that.

    81. Childe

      Ooh, the goosebumps when he said "we're watching history being made" and dropped that sick beat

    82. Johny Sins

      the edit at the end gave me chills

    83. Mary chan

      I'm so glad that I finally found a comment section where toxic shippers aren't fighting or toxic fans hating on everything. Or in general not everyone who's just straight up hating on the ending and everything about it

      1. Koen Foo

        @Deonte T Overall, the leaks + fan translations + largely immature AOT echo chamber like fanbase ruined the objectivity of the vast majority of the reception of the latest chapter, and this didn't happen for the Japanese community which shows how much of a difference there are. You can't say that it was fairly polarised.

      2. Koen Foo

        @Deonte T the majority liked it, that's the point. I'm not saying that there aren't any Japanese readers who disliked it. Their reasons are also pretty shallow.

      3. Deonte T

        @Koen Foo yea. Thats if you see the about positive, while a lot of Japanese also hated the ending. Domestic gf had worst Ending, i could look at one good japanese comment and think they like it

      4. Koen Foo

        @Deonte T The Japanese community is overwhelmingly positive about it though, most of the fault lies in the leaks + fan translations, it's different reading the manga compared to some lines of text. The polarisation stems from that. I was mad too when I read the leaks but the manga turned out different. But it's too late now, everyone is just echoing the same things in the international community.

      5. Deonte T

        @Koen Foo to each their own. I guess. You can think its a echo chamber- but until know never has a good ending in anime recieved such polarizing opinion- shows that a lot of people don't like it

    84. Richmond Reyes

      AOT:final season was just missing more of daddy Levi

    85. Christian Perez

      The Marley arc should have been longer tbh 🥲😞 but AOT is remarkable

    86. shlokiii

      when he said "we're watching history being made",i felt that,you felt that,your neighbour felt that.

    87. Xtreme 7

      Well this aged like milk

      1. Ra awesome

        @Deonte T how so? Also, do not include the word, "Retcon, assassination, or hack"

      2. coffee break

        @Alex 354 I've already read the ending. It's good.

      3. Alex 354

        @coffee break you’ll see

      4. coffee break

        @Deonte T why though

      5. Deonte T

        True. Ending is shit

    88. Zakari trowsdale

      This is unforgettable. who can forget the moment when the colossal peeked over the wall? I hated anime before I saw this. now I love it. My opinion on the ending is that it wasn't what I hoped it would be but I don't hate it either. now with the announcement of the extra panels, the ending is really sad to me. Eren's actions were all for nothing as paradis was attacked again anyway. it almost made me tear up when I saw that Eren died. I hope that when s4 pt2 comes out it is just as good as the first part.

      1. Deonte T

        @coffee break just because they disappear with you doesnt mean they are stupid. I disagree with you, are you stupid too.

      2. coffee break

        It was a good ending indeed, despite of what stupid people on the internet say

      3. Xtreme 7

        So basically, Hacksayama got us clowned

    89. ApexX Exponent

      5:02 wanna see me.....

    90. WereWolf Kid

      11:27 I actually cried at this part knowing what's going to happen

    91. Juan Sanchez

      12:41 That’s it

    92. Matsab

      If you enjoy there being essentially no on-screen character development, zero explanation for the actions of characters, poor plot development and half a million flashbacks that are irritating to sit through, then sure. We don’t learn anything about their motivations. It pisses me off. The flip between 3 and 4 makes absolutely no sense. There’s no actual development of erens character, we just see him having become this completely different character and we’re provided barely any context for it. When you say ‘he’s completely the opposite, but it just feels right’ - this is the point where I respond with bullshit, nothing about his transformation feels right. It would’ve felt right if we were provided some context of those years we missed, but instead it’s somewhat alluded to that something happened that we never actually see on screen... I still enjoyed it because the concept itself and action can carry the god awful narrative and mediocre characters, but I don’t consider the story as anything worth drooling over like all these videos imply, it’s just really not that great.

      1. Justus Müller

        @Matsab Okay sure I can't convince you to like or not like something, that's your decision. I just wanted to highlight that Eren's change in character is indeed intentional to confuse the readers/viewers and will have payoffs later.

      2. Matsab

        @Justus Müller I disagree. The eren we’re presented with in this season is ‘supposed to be a mystery’ - this eren might as well not be the eren of the previous 3 seasons who’s motivations and, move importantly, character we understood fairly well.

      3. Matsab

        @coffee break that’s exactly what I mean by poor writing; I don’t expect to fully understand eren, but by the final season I ought to Atleast understand his motives

      4. coffee break

        You know that you have to watch the entirety of this and the next season to *understand* Eren, right?

      5. Justus Müller

        @Matsab Well Eren is supposed to be a mystery box as of now as even his close friends are shown to not 'get him' anymore. It'll start to make more sense in part 2 although I do understand your frustration.

    93. MikeWasTaken

      If I don't get at least one 20 second Levi clip I will flip some tables.

    94. Bryan Yep

      I hoped for Eren to be a great character in season 4, but I still hate him. Zeke is by far my favourite character, he feels real, I know a few brainwashed people like him.

      1. Quya Luna

        I feel similar. And tbh unlike other fans, I hate him for the Raid on Liberio. I understand him, I just ... ahhh ... I even understand Willy's POV more than his ...

    95. Patricia Baylon

      THE EDITING IS SUPER DUPER AMAZING!! also, im a fucking angry that the animators got hate and that they did not have more time- they had about just over a year i think (??) to animate 16 episodes, during a pandemic!! That is so stressful and nerve wracking. Yeesh, so frustrating to watch and see. I would understand if it was constructive criticism, but it wasn't. Sigh. Thank you for this wonderful video :)

    96. Malvar36

      This keeps aging worse as time passes, its impressive

      1. Ra awesome

        @sub if u hate jake paul ✔ why would it.

      2. Rare Item

        @coffee break oh wait sorry the notif came way late, its fine if you don't reply here

      3. coffee break

        @Rare Item it has been good to discuss, hope you'll have a nice day, bye

      4. Rare Item

        @coffee break nah its alright I feel like I'm the one being rude here

      5. coffee break

        @Rare Item sorry if I've been rude btw, it's just really frustrating because there are really good ideas in this ending and people often don't appreciate any of them

    97. Zachary Pack

      "Me in the boys sitting up at 2am commiting war crimes" lol

    98. TXT

      Please make anime in minutes

    99. I like nougat

      Plus, even though I dislike the ending, we still have AoT: No Requiem and the hope for an anime original ending

      1. Ra awesome

        @Relic7 what? If you have a more Eren centric storyline, you've got to show the guilt from what he's doing. That's what made 131 amazing.

      2. Ra awesome

        @Relic7 also, he killed 2 guys, but even then, he was crying in the anime. He had tears in his eyes, and after Grisha confronted him, he said, "I killed animals". But even he doesn't seem to believe it. He just wanted to save her. Also, in 139, he clearly was broken. He teared up, he collapsed, he said he was unforgivable, etc etc.

      3. Ra awesome

        @Relic7 he wasn't. This was him trying to cope with his own actions. He reverted to the state of a child, a time of simplicity, because he couldn't handle becoming a genocider. Even Renier said no one could handle that.

      4. Ra awesome

        @Titan-Framboise explain to me the actual chapter, and what you found wrong with it.

      5. Relic7

        @coffee break 1. "I will keep moving forward until all my enemy are destroyed" is only mentioned once, its just that alot of fans quote it so it seems like its being repetitive 2. If you're talking about the aotnr Eren, then he's really not supposed to show remorse or question his values anymore since he is already doing it. In the original manga, (not including chapter 139+8pages) he's shown to be frustrated about knowing the future and having the realization that its the only way to end the paradis vs world conflict, he even had a page where he broke down in front of ramzi, also, he had a lot of edgy moments too, and I don't think aotnr makes him more edgier 3. He's not tricked or manipulated by Ymir tho, he's the one who convinced Ymir to help him and use her powers 4. Then why even mention "time travel". Sure, Kid/past and Adult/current Eren is there but it's still not close to time travel 5. I agree with that, but it's you who said that Eren isn't real and of course he isn't. I didn't even said he's not realistic I just agreed with you that he's fictional and is not real Also p.s: I dont mind being proven wrong or realizing that I'm wrong. I don't care if the ending is still about the world surviving the rumbling and Armin and the others were treated as heroes but I cant just overlook the things like Eren didn't know what he was doing, he killed his own mom, Armin thanked him for being a mass murderer, Everyone cried for him after all he did. The extra 8 pages made it even worse. It just proved that Armin and Erwin was wrong and Zeke was right that life and struggles are meaningless, in the end, Eren achieved nothing, paradis was still destroyed and the cycle of hatred continuous. It felt like it betrayed its own themes and characters Sure, aotnr is edgy and had minor flaws but is still made more sense in my opinion

    100. torinkyifh

      I've only seen negativity from the sites, but I LOVED the ending and still cry because it's over and a childish part of me doesn't want it to end

      1. torinkyifh

        @coffee break

      2. coffee break

        We have the same opinion bro