Best of Anime 2020


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    Today, lets count down the best that Anime gave us in the year of 2020

    Edited by: Bakashift \u0026 KorewaEden

    Additional Editing by: GKage

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    1. ᚛Meguᴍin᚜


    2. Cringe Commander

      OPM season 2 was good. fite me

    3. Kolmac

      does anyone know who the girl/boy is at 10:18

      1. Just some guy on the internet.


    4. WellYesButActuallyNo

      Holy shit i just realised how good at making videos gigguk is - the way he scripts, the effects he uses, the perfect blend between seriousness and comedy. Gigguk is a genius and nothing he can do will change my mind.

    5. miki998 Chan

      damm take some time to appreciate what the man said "I find it fascinating watching people passionate about their interest because sometime a bit of that passion can rub off onto you". dammn 13:23

    6. Frederick Grandison

      My favorite part of 2020, Fate/Zero

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        It isn't even in 2020.

    7. The Super Awesome Gamer

      TONIKAWA is literally the only thing I remember

    8. Samar Koozak

      Re Zero S2 was shit compared to the first one, it was such a slog to watch, 20 episodes of spinning in place and flashbacks

    9. Marcus Ferro

      “Made for degenerates, by degenerates” Gigguk, your writing skills are showing a lot, so much a lot

    10. Real Talk

      Not gonna lie. It was a dumpster fire from beginning to end, but I actually loved Domestic na Kanojo.

      1. Pog MOMENT


    11. Real Talk

      That Chinese fight scene was trash by the way. I can tell animators from Naruto did it because it was shit.

    12. Wyrade

      10:32 *billion

    13. Gigguk notice me

      Sus... trash taste

      1. Pog MOMENT

        Say save the planet but replace the save the planet with sus

    14. Atom Adams

      Vid starts at 1:33

    15. Omega Point Singularity

      hey thanks for giving tip of dorohedoro.

    16. Chicken Nuggie

      How to have a cool fight Fast camera movements Flips Move so fast it looks like they're flailing their arms at the enemy

    17. MoonLight

      I'm glad railgun made the list and hoping for more.

    18. TheWeebPotato

      I loved most of these anime's! :)

    19. Eli Percival

      Wanna see a heist Anime watch Ranma 1/2 Hoppsai and the dads steal everything together!

    20. The Man

      U like rem?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    21. crazycutz

      How about you write the names of the animes in the sub section Not all of us know the ones you mention

    22. Sasha speax

      Maybe the real best anime of 2020 was the friends we made along the way

    23. AlekThunder47

      Re: Zero season 2 turned to be garbage for teens who never seen better. Just like Gigguk's channel. Well, rest in peace, friend, money were more important for you, it seems.

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        Bruh, not gonna lie, you sound more jealous than annoyed, would've been better if you stated your reasoning.

      2. Hall of Memories

        Instead of throwing random assumptions how about you tell us why it sucks ?

    24. Pranster Gangster

      No snk season 4 Me sad

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        I think it's considered 2021,i guess.... Not sure.

    25. MoonKraft BlockPost

      I ship Tonikawa

    26. Since I'm stupid I'll say it

      25:27 Winning Son!!!!!!

    27. LoydenYT

      I agree so much with his statement for tonikawa

    28. rubberto s

      Yo does everyone not know that Emilia is better than rem in re:zero

    29. Lancer

      1:30 thank me later

    30. SHIVANSH SENPAI (先輩)

      2:39 can someone please tell me this ost's name

    31. T darkwolf

      if you like 7:44 one, than maybe you would love "Welcome to demon school! Iruma-kun"

    32. Chenemo Promise

      How would I play if I'm AFK

    33. Damian

      wait an anime without a love triangle? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A ROMANCE ANIME?? -tonikawa

    34. ••Astolfo••

      10:15 (ignore me)

    35. O Face

      13:15 I do the same, but with anime, which is why I’m watching you

    36. swxxxb

      8:17 anyone knows the song?

    37. hieu pham

      re zero in top1 no no no it's not that good

      1. barusu

        No it does deserve that spot

      2. Hall of Memories

        It is that good

    38. Lavric G

      i enjoy anime but no vtubers for me no thank you sir....

    39. Ed Masterson

      An unfortunetly poor showing for anime this year, sincerely hoping we'll have better luck with the next. There wasn't any show that gave the feeling of needing to watch the next episode of previous greats. It's telling that dorohedoro was ranked second and was unmatchably ugly.

    40. NotFunny

      I'm an anime fan not a weeb... Yet... But there's a difference.

    41. Daniel Botelho

      Emília 2 😂

    42. Adam Wheeler Productions

      I’m sorry, but putting Rent a GF and Re:Zero above Jujutsu Kaisen is wrong in about every way possible.

      1. barusu

        @Hall of Memories 100%

      2. Hall of Memories

        Re:zero is better then jujutsu kaisen

    43. anko

      Кто-то есьть из России?

    44. JR T

      I am so dissapointed he did not make a "Shut up Jean. Come back when your the main character." joke.

    45. Ayman Bari

      Nah Mami is cool

    46. revvylate

      Hololive is basically a live streaming interactable 3D anime series.

    47. Quốc Nguyễn

      still looking for the music at 3:35 Anyone knows ?

    48. Piotr Melniczenko

      Re:Zero S1: *God I swear, I hate Subaru, he is pathetic* Re:Zero S2: *God I swear, I hate Emilia, she is pathetic*

    49. Ivan Ljujic

      Hi Giga UK o/ :D

    50. Jason Shen

      SO gigguk watched his waifu cosplay hololive...on FIblock?

    51. ゴゴゴゴゴゴ

      Mami: most hated in the anime Ruka: aight lemme take that from you real quick

    52. hebrux

      Rem is my waifu too! Love you Rem! Please wake up soon!

    53. RC09

      Why isn't anyone talking about Demon Slayer Mugen Train? It literally SAVED Japan's box office!!

    54. Vance Jones

      Love your videos! I'd appreciate if you could put the name ot the anime on screen or put a list in the description because I dont know how to spell a lot of these from just you saying it.

    55. Gaming Lee

      Yes I agree tonikawa does feel like that

    56. Nile Lynch

      Can someone help me with the spelling for some of these. XD

    57. Michael Mitchell

      20:45 Instant like and subscribe from me. Cheers buddy

    58. Dajshinshin

      not putting Jujutsu Kaisen on nr.1 is considered a war crime

      1. barusu

        Dude jujutsu kaisen is kinda mainly carried by its animation

      2. Z

        Re:Zero is 100x better than trash kaisen.

      3. Hall of Memories

        Why ?

    59. Jonny Skybrockett

      bgm @20:57?

    60. Best Listener

      wow great video

    61. PSYCHO_Reap3r

      Rem 2 hit different

    62. Mustafa Hasan

      Am I the only one that noticed that Gigguk was playing future boy Conan where ever he could.

    63. Villager Number 9

      Jujutsu Kaisen with one word: Fresh

      1. Hall of Memories

        It’s not fresh its well refined

    64. sario sario

      I'm not English native, it's so hard to follow up what he saying, can anyone listed the anime titles please

      1. Jin Mori

        Tonikaku kawai, Kaguya Sama,Railgun,Jujutsu kaisen,Rent a girlfriend,Take your hands off Eizouken,Dorohedoro,ReZero. These are the shows gigguk seems to like

    65. Cabooey

      this mans really used a your lie in april song to try to make us even more intrigued, well it worked

    66. franchesca davis

      I definitely knew he was gonna do it #hololive

    67. MoonKraft BlockPost

      "For academic Purposes" That got me on spot dead... Doctors still researching about laughed out dead...

    68. evan

      I'm surprised to see this praise for Re:Zero s2. A few weeks back I watched all of what's out (season 1 through 2 part 2) and felt that it got noticeably less interesting. I didn't care for the Sanctuary plot nor the way that Subaru (mild spoiler) just outright meets all the witches. Still, it kept my attention which is more than a lot of anime achieve nowadays.

    69. MoonLight Blue

      18:13 Hikaru!!

    70. Matt The Weeb

      6:42 all of Tsukasa’s looks towards Nasa in the first two episodes alone are just, something else

    71. lars K

      oke i am not weeb enough then i hate watching Vtubers its doesnt look like a human .... and the blinking THE BLINKING AAAAA

    72. WhiteFang 007

      And I successfully wasted 30 minutes of my life.

    73. Allen Grove

      Rezero is back on top YEEEESSSSSSSSS Beaco is best change my mind

    74. Lucas

      Short answer franxx

    75. Xisuma void

      Cgi wind turbines 😂😂😂

    76. Warehouse

      I know tf you did not just say that one punch man season two was bad

    77. Deavin

      You must have not watched ID invaded because if you have none of these could compete

    78. Penguinologist

      Gigguk: 2020 didn't really have any really good anime except re:zero. 2021: Fine, here you go bitch.

    79. Lorenzo GB

      Where Thefuck Is Shingeki no kyogin

    80. David Arnscheid

      Dr stone is not on this list ? oh boy u sure missed the maybe best anime ever

    81. Naruto Uzumaki

      Oregairu s3???

    82. Ondřej Kupsa

      11:18 well said

    83. ANIME VIKI

      Ram =rem2

    84. Vladimir Lenin

      1:43 to skip ad

    85. Naygoats

      Damn that’s ballsy of you to put re zero at number 1 but not giving haikyuu to the top a spot

      1. Z

        Haikyu sucked after third season. It is repetitive and boring.

    86. Naygoats

      Damn persona can colab with afk arena but can’t put a game on the switch

    87. Ayush Koul

      What's anime is the girl from at 10:17? And 24:02

    88. Just some guy on the internet.

      I would actually put " Misfit of demon king academy at 2" Because It was STUPID I LOVED IT.

    89. Puneet Maheshwari

      25:40 i noticed that tick thigh before his face

    90. Ahnaf Ahmed

      I am glad to see some Chinese anime get some recognition I mean there are A LOT of bad ones but some are actually good and well done like king's avatar and Quanzhi fashi. Oh and the moves they were doing was Chinese Kung fu not martial arts and yes Kung fu and martial arts are different.

    91. Lewis MacDonald

      12:45 yeah mate this is a Christin Aussie server, you ain't swearin enough

    92. Ahnaf Ahmed

      how dare you not put misfit of demon king academy I thought you liked it and nobody else prolly gonna mention it

      1. Haachama Priestess

        Yeah, it's a shame. Especially when you see how much Gaarnt was in Anos' court during the anime awards

    93. Benjamin Lessor

      10:00 I didn't even hear what he said I was just vibing to the op

    94. Lamantin

      Ofc re:zero best

    95. elle elle

      in all honesty..... fuck railgun, index gets constantly shafted and railgun just gets sucked up like seriously, the fights in index are better, the characters in index are better, the magic-side is better, ofcourse in the source material

    96. Food StampOffice

      could you not of put a name on the screen because i can’t understand half the words your saying

    97. sam mukharji

      did he just call syd a degenerate?

    98. Prometheus Desmotes

      Hakkaten great pretender son 2 bölümü o kadar anlamsız ki sanki başka biri aceleyle yazmış gibi. Belki efsane animelerden olabilirdi.

    99. RyanR11 (E-gIrl)

      Tonikaku Kawaii best anime :D

    100. Alice Wandermeer

      It's a shame not to mention opening while speaking about Dorohedoro....