Coronavirus Anime Survival Guide


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    Coping with quarantine the only way I know how. Making memes.

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. Reuben Savage

      anyone know what the anime at 4:40 is called?

    2. YandereFan

      1:43 I laughed at this Part so Much 6:15 I Laugh SO HARD at This Part

    3. DrawingStudios

      1 year later we're still home

    4. Plob

      what is the anime at 4:44

    5. -JA1D3N-

      If Jojo was in 2020: 3:44

    6. k

      I refuse

    7. knorr knorr

      1:03 what was the name of that song again? pls answer subtitles even are :*Some attack on titan OST that I forgot the name of

      1. Subham Gurung


    8. Ahmad Muzaffar Zafriy Zafriy

      Name of anime from 4:39 to 4:45?

    9. Mind0fJayant

      1:13 which anime is it!

      1. Subham Gurung

        Domestic girlfriend

    10. Fool's Requiem

      The thing I can take from this video is that he hasn't watched Clannad in full...

    11. doge adams

      Make a video where you burn one of your body pillows

    12. Speedwagon Foundation

      Weebs reuniting with their anime plan to watch Anime plan to watch: Deku crying voice

    13. jaysol191


    14. Jason Shen

      Good to know *proceeds to watch evangelion 20 times and kill covid with depression*

    15. Rfishtail0hmz

      Keep your hands Dry and Dreams Wet And Remember Dont Fuck The VIrus

    16. Joshua Nichols

      2:19 This statement aged like fine milk.

    17. Tân

      Can any weeb here tell me the name of the anime at 4:40 ?

    18. Sabarimanian

      4:45 can someone plz tell me from where this clip is from

    19. Yellowyoshispeed

      Fun fact corona doesn’t make you sneeze But it does make you cough ㅋㅋㅋ

    20. pokes

      my last name is corona

    21. Mizu Senpai

      sauce 4:41

    22. ra

      1:03, i recognize that scene where he shoots at the plane but i just cant recall from where, anyone know?

    23. moe channels

      Tbh Guilty Crown is a better representation than Highschool of the Dead

    24. chrisslyi

      he really be sliding Domestic Girlfriend everywhere in.

    25. Inspiringer


    26. Marcus Ferro

      This is just isekai but we ignore what’s happening outside and rather focus on inside, our imagination to get mommy milkers

    27. VaiNT BestGamer

      1:33 had me dying.

    28. NodMan

      *_I dun actually know what a sink looks like.._*

    29. Oikawa go bRuH

      People: GOD DAMMIT LET ME GO OUTSIDE Le my introverted ass: hehehe *SIKE* I AM GOING TO WATCH ONE PEICE AND RE WATCH NARUTO AHAHAHHA I love this THANKYOU covid 19 I love you (jk or maybe not?)

    30. YandereFan

      1:54 WHY Did you have to Put Red Blood Cell Here? She’s the Best. WHY?????

    31. goku-san green

      3:26 these are the kinda of people we like to see gone from the word... It's just one pack and you got like 10

    32. LtdEcho

      A year later looking at the world. Everyone being at home. Mostly weebing and playing games. I guess this is what ud call delayed evolution.

    33. bestman6956 Alt

      I remember the day this happened and me and my brother watched this 😷😳

    34. rizeru

      Everybody gangsta till cells at work makes a coronavirus special episode.

    35. Girl Cook Art

      Look at the camera lens when you speak, dingus.

    36. Vidyun Agarwal

      "Don't f*ck the virus" -Gigguk, 2020

    37. SzGaming

      6:31 that's actually epic

    38. Marvel Forever

      If things are going to be different can we get more anime in minutes

    39. Aditya Gore

      Didn't see the watch list coming..😆🤣🤣

    40. roblester

      toshino kyoko at the thumbnail drew me in

    41. Marshall L.

      4:41 what anime? edit: found it 3d kanojo

    42. Rishav Das

      Thank god For indian's we dont need toilet paper

    43. Rishav Das

      Anime girl cute cute while with high feever....but feel sad at the same time 😅

    44. FedeRama

      I literally saw the Bill Gates talk, a month or two before all this started.. I was like "oh ffs"..

    45. Snopple Wopple

      The bit about quarantining is facts. I see no issue with this

    46. Snopple Wopple

      Bruh, why

    47. Maddox valdez

      0:31 coming together is the last thing we want right now

    48. Ishaan Unni

      The Fate/Zero scene fits too damn well

    49. otaku de kokoro uwu

      ˡᵒˡ ᶜᵒⁿ ᵉˢᵗᵉ ᵛⁱᵈᵉᵒ ˣᵈ

    50. Zoo Juice

      It's been 1 year, still relevant.

    51. Ashton Perez

      7:18 is me when i look at the outside

    52. borkogot

      Where is that from 0:10

      1. borkogot

        and that 4:40

    53. Blank

      Those uncensored hand-holdings

    54. Krishna Naik

      Gigguk talking to the closest person to him... Me: Definitely some body-pillow... Reveals it to be MAL... Me: Sh.........................................t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. araf abdullah

      No wonder why my immune system is so good

    56. Zyl

      Anyone sauce for 1:03 ?

      1. Zyl

        @Alexardo Thanks

      2. Alexardo

        Fate zero

    57. sorryionlysuckventisboobs

      does anybody know what anime this is from 4:41

      1. Alexardo

        3d girlfriend: real girl

    58. ElonTheMuskrat

      covid made me from a casual anime fan to a full blown otaku

    59. Roberto Nistor

      this was uploaded last year and covid is still here sad :(

    60. Evilprkl2 meme

      Can eany body say what is sink


      4:40 da Sause?

      1. Hein Sett Aung

        3D Kanojo Real Girl

    62. rockngimmy

      The last gag is me with One Piece :(

    63. Андрей Казаков

      Почему название русское?

    64. strawberry milk

      "Masturbation boosts your immune system" Ah, so this explains why I haven't gotten a cold in the past 5 years.

    65. Zer0_Gamez RLBX

      Do Jojo fans count as webs 😂

      1. Alexardo

        Only if they are coomer enough

    66. Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生

      The rain causes a cold cliche is one of the dumbest things in anime

    67. The Hatless Gamer

      This is a year old... Fuck.

    68. Deluru

      Could someone tell me how is the anime in 7:13 called? I really like the aesthetics

      1. Deluru

        @Alexardo thank you mate. Appreciate it

      2. Alexardo

        "Welcome to the HNK" aka neethood

    69. bin

      who else got this recommended 1 year into quarantine

    70. Hunnit_bae

      I came back to this almost a year later. Guess what? I had 40+ animes in my watch list when I first saw this video. Today I reached 0, and started watching One Piece…

    71. dank weaboo

      i refuse to believe this happened a year ago

    72. Lucid

      Bat Guana aka bat poop is probably what gave humans coronavirus from a disease in the bats poop and that’s the exact same thing that people use to revive people in dr stone

    73. Matt :]

      Source for 1:16?

      1. Matt :]

        @Angel Pena thank you!

      2. Angel Pena

        I think it's "Why the hell are you here, teacher"

    74. PapaBear

      Become a NEET and help ZA WORLD

    75. Adela Estrella

      This was on only one year ago God

    76. Jtom2k

      Gigguk putting in one of the saddest scenes from Clannad like it's nothing... My heart

    77. tnine

      god time flies

    78. Gamer Queen

      Hey maybe you should check out A.I.O.C

    79. Cameron Machi

      11 months ago. Dear God

    80. Splatastic

      I love it how FIblock is like: “ok please take the official advice”

    81. Weirqueen

      ha ha...remember when the out break was called "Epidemic"

    82. Gautham KP

      Sauce 4:44

    83. Comet

      1 year in quarantine ok

    84. DekuLevi 93

      Sooner or later a Pandemic worst than COVID-19 will come.


      WTF IS THAT4:06

    86. D-ROCK

      What anime is at 6:15

      1. Anime world🌸🌸

        It's K-On

    87. Nathan Gilmour

      Almost 1 year lmao

    88. Bobby The Tennis Pro

      Can I get a source from the rocket launcher scene, please


      I'm nursing officer Guess I die :p

    90. Thije Wijers

      01:03 ''ITS A FIDGET SPINNER''

    91. Bondirectic

      why they use toilet paper i use my hand then wash my hand its so much cheaper

    92. Lorenzo GB

      as an itailian i can confiirm the thing is correct



    94. bogus9000

      i see nezuko *i click*

    95. Lion_Heart_The_Savior KOTA

      me and the boys before covid-19 :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) me and the boys after covid-19 :-( stay strong guys be safe and look out for youre boys and family and yes did make the cringe

    96. Phoenixdan17

      Gigguk: “I promise I’m going to be there this time. What do you say?” Plan to Watch-chan: “Yes. I’m so happy you came back to me.” V-Tuber: “Hi there!” Gigguk: “.... I think we should see other people.”

    97. Rhiyzhan Yagami | Dr. Stoner

      I wasn't affected at all.

    98. urufufu

      He has a fucking Alice figure from SAO

    99. Ebenezer Collado

      5:29 How to use a bidet by Gigguk

    100. Creamy

      i love bobs