Fall Anime 2020 in a Nutshell


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    Another season of Anime another LOAD of Anime to run through.

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    1. goku-san green

      Wait when did dragon ball drop out of big 3

    2. David

      I watched Talentless Nana because of this. It’s really good, but I noticed that the subtitles on Funimation kept repeating the phrase “there’s an enemy among us”. I wonder if it was on purpose

    3. Scotty mcp

      do i hear Minecraft speedrun music in the back ground?

    4. Fat Lard

      The fact that amongus is in this title and is 7 months old doesn’t sit right

    5. Eden Demara

      no u..... FUCK fucking killed me 😂

    6. Joshua Nichols

      Hey, don't throw shade at Studio Perriot. They've been doing pretty great with Black Clover!

    7. PhysiquedSage

      "You are gay"

    8. Sagirem

      The amount of hololive references is crazy, and it's crazy that I got them all

    9. Jared Druhl

      Best moment of Jujutsu Kaisen was when a panda was beating the shit out of a robot. I really didn't understand how we got there but I loved it

    10. who do you think iam?

      assault lily : bouquet ah yes *loli thigs*

    11. Strap Icon

      I guess yt forgot I watched this one

    12. Aariz2009

      “There’s even upside down face Kakashi” Garnt stop taking jokes from your Twitter comment section :/

    13. Damian

      "thats allmost like watching three seasons of anime every week" ROOKIE NUMBERS

    14. Chr1stian

      11:35 @korewaeden got something to say??

    15. Jason Shen

      That dream music gave me chills

    16. Plg_Coder

      I almost choked on a pop-tart cause of how funny this part was to me 9:27

    17. Royce Karonhiak�hson Jacobs

      when isn't their a talking animal

    18. tec

      sound like sonic the hedge hog lmao

    19. MiNTs Of Apex

      Tonikawa was amazing ngl

    20. sure something

      I cant believe akudama drive isnt popular now

    21. mister man

      9:35 kung fu panda lol


      does anyone know the song at 6:08 ?

    23. Young4lSK


    24. Max Go

      WHen the ImPoSter Is SuS

    25. ani san

      3:58 kirito is that you?

    26. Khut Khut

      Why is this on my recommended.

    27. New Bigtale


    28. J SUDARSAN

      All the questions about the panda on the roof have been answered lmao

    29. BASIL

      the day i became a god BROKE me

    30. Lokiwar 00747

      Panda isn't a panda😭😭

    31. Cormac Domain

      What is the song at 2:10

    32. Normie

      Why havent u talked about new game?

    33. Jamesloopin

      5:30 the background music is just so nostalgic. The tokiwadai dormitory music from toaru kagaku no railgun. I’m so happy u used this in your video

    34. Alexgamings 51223

      Mutahar clip lmao

    35. Kazuto Kunukitaki

      Tbh moriarty is the hidden gem of fall 2020

    36. Angello Henckell

      I am a simple man, i see amogus, i click.

    37. xucokv

      mate I dont need 1 week for each anime I need 1 full day

    38. JerJer “Jer”

      someone tell me the intro music please

    39. Ethan Stone

      Lol that panda is honestly pretty cool

    40. Zane Reid

      Anyone know the site used in 1:21 with all the different anime ?

    41. sebax7maslo

      2:55 then stop watching animes with that disgusting english dub

    42. Bryan A

      I don't think you know who you are talking to, I finish 6 seasons a week

    43. ZENiTH Dragon

      Love the irony of death note music in the Among Us part.

    44. The Emperor Of ManKind

      Looking forward to a future jujutsu kaisen episode when the anime gets to the SPICY stuff in the manga


      alright u got me, im subbed, ur vids are just too good.

    46. Malick 2014

      Jun Maeda's new work! *And probably the last.*

    47. Average Xennpai

      Speaking of webtoon anime adaptation If there's one that exist, I want it to be Sweet Home anime adaptation, fuck the Netflix version tho

    48. Shrui Noisier


    49. The Vaulted

      That guy is sonic the hedgehog

    50. The Vaulted

      "this is art "-gigguk

    51. Gamers In Hell

      I'm here for the panda parkour. Now I'll just pandash outta here...

    52. Cats 4E

      5:45 well, u either get isekai'd or get a waifu... TRUCK-KUN HERE I COME!

      1. Gamers In Hell

        >_> Everyone's just using Truck-kun to get with another waifu. Truck-kun needs love too!!!! Give me a dating car sim.

    53. Made in Limbo

      I’ll Guess I will die ☺️🤷🏽

    54. HatKidSoldTheirSoul

      amogus is my favorite isekai.

    55. Perla Perez Thompson

      Talentless nana is the best anime I’ve Bieber watched u should sheck it out

      1. Gamers In Hell

        It's a good show (-_-;;) but from a writing standpoint, it loses some traction. It makes a 'promise' and doesn't fulfill this in later episodes. No specific spoils. But I'll put this below to be safe. ... ... ... ... The first couple episodes set up this mystery premise which allows watchers/readers to essentially participate and predict how the events will happen. Much like gigguk jokes, you can use deduction and reason to figure out how and where the story will go. Its pretty fun if your into that. ....but it loses traction bc after a while the answer to a problem stops becoming logical and just relies on 'magic' or 'because protaganist'. That's a lot less satisfying if you've been actually following the plots the first couple episodes. Still a great show. I picked up the manga as well.

    56. Jaison Nyar

      Does anyone know where gigguk is finding these anime what site

      1. Gamers In Hell

        crunchyroll and funimation .. if those two don't have it, look at Daisuki-oh shit its gone. yeah i guess just those two...

      2. NubFix

        there's two, the first one idk but the second one is: www.myanimelist.net

    57. douglas hamilton

      hey can someone list the names of the sequels

      1. Gamers In Hell

        One piece. ... .... ... Now Perish.

    58. Szeltovivar Sydroxan

      0:32 "Just look at these thighs, man!" I am! Trust me, I am!

    59. Kii wiin

      3 seasons a week doesn’t seem like much tbh if one season has like around 20 episodes

      1. Gamers In Hell

        m... I just binge watched a whole 23 ep anime in 1 day before a huge test so... its possible.

    60. Ducky

      wait, what's the clip on the tv from at 11:34?

      1. Gamers In Hell

        I reverse image searched. Looks like its "Hifumi Takimoto", from an anime called "New Game!" cheers.

    61. Chris P. Tenders

      Clannad is absolute trash, it is understandable to only be able to stomach 8 episodes, but if you still haven't sat down and suffered through After Story... go pay your fucking dues, you fucking poser. Resistance is not an option. Someone confiscate all 2.87M subscribers this bakka no ecchi has, right now. Legal repercussions, immediately please. Call the police. File a police report. Quarantine said report. Detain it, laminate it. Clean after use, please. Arrest the tissues used to clean it.

    62. kev mabz

      'you are GEH'

    63. Kaiden825

      10:21 NOOOOOOO! 😭

    64. Ryan

      Noblese, ToG and TGoHS all ruined it for all WebToonz, so many more deserving titles to be adapted if they hadn't gone just by the numbers and actually read any of them first... And now I must live with the fact that Kubera will never be animated. 1000% download the app just to read it if you want one of the craziest fantasy stories I've read in a long time, a story with no villains, only victims. A story about a girl born with the name of a god and a destiny for greatness, and the simple idea of what happens to the heroine and world as a whole of said story story when another is given the chance to steal that role from her?

    65. DeviDaylight

      You made me roll on the floor and actually laugh. "So what do you have to say for yourself?... No you" Thank you. Timless meme.

    66. Vrushali Kalyankar

      What's the music at @6:09.

    67. Queued4

      10:05 wait a minute This is just Persona 5

    68. Yubi Yubi (Crunch)

      Gigguk... I usually watch 4 anime back to back, 2 episodes of each every day, so that means 8 episodes per day. Taking intp account that most shows have 12 episodes per season, I, in fact, watch 4 seasons every week.

    69. Kevin Uribe

      Bro jujustu kaisen doing so good!!!

      1. Gamers In Hell

        ya know. Im usually hating but hell, I'm on board too. Jujutsu kaisen doing so gooood!!! :DDDD

    70. Lazy Yuki

      Kyouya: Gives 1000 Reasons why Nana killed them Everyone else: Congratulations, I dont give a f*ck

    71. Vishwas Chauhan

      Moriarty is good man

    72. Tucka Penguin

      So few youtubers make me laugh out loud like Gigguk

    73. dante Namae

      What was the music played in 1:50 also in 4:54 and 7:33

    74. Derek Lewis

      Yo lost in paradise will never get old.

    75. Olvustin

      12:30 STOP! P-please no more death note related things y-you gonna make me watch it again!!! (or somethings that reaches that good with simular concept)

    76. Pixie Dust

      Yo what's the music at like 8:45?

      1. Pixie Dust

        @dante Namae thanks :)

      2. dante Namae

        found on the comments below: sysex by makeup and vanity set

    77. Jamie

      Munou no Nana was pretty sweet

    78. Animike Love

      Dads be like: 9:50

    79. yo

      2:21 I was expecting purple guy theme playing

    80. Creamy

      i love bobs

    81. Rab Justin Rebibis

      2:09 don't mind me just doing this so i can replay this masterpiece

    82. Pestilence

      "The Day I Became A God" AKA Laplace's demon

    83. iamLI3

      >furi and deathnote music inserts >*EXCITED GORILLA NOISES*

    84. dexri

      There IS a literal anime RomeoxJuliet, with that exact name

    85. AZ.Studios999

      "This show is going to be a huge win for us in the armpit gang" Watame and the gang: 😃😃😃😃😃

    86. Sunaookami Shiroko

      iam just click because i saw Among us char with twin hair

    87. da_blizz

      Gigguk: Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Me: It's A Hard Knock Life

    88. Your-X

      I just realized I get enjoyment more consistently out of his videos then I do out of the anime he recommends fuck my life.

    89. Aya Jaa

      9:38 me remembering that one scene " Panda.. PANDA JANAI"

    90. Soba Dragon

      “It’s cute, it’s gay, it’s comfy, I love it.”

    91. Das Oschi (DasOschi)

      I know the song at 6:07 but for gods sake I can't remember the title Q_Q Nevermind, for everybody searching for it: The Toxic Avenger - My Only Chance

    92. Mr Blooper

      No giggengland left click is not for aiming

    93. jjcameron009

      9:35 little did we know that panda would Fck shi up

    94. Tekamer

      Since I do not watch ongoing anime, I always enter into the next seasonal anime starting with your Videos. I get a drink and put your vids on the tv, and I do not even watch anime like that.

    95. dinokingty

      1:36 thats my normal week

    96. Narmatonia

      11:34 I recognise the anime on the screen but I can't remember what it's called

    97. Matheus Borba

      Whats is the song that plays from 6:07 to 6:15?

      1. Das Oschi (DasOschi)

        The Toxic Avenger - My Only Chance

    98. Ayonix Animations

      I remember when I was reading Noblesse at least three/four years ago considering I haven't touched Webtoons since I was in high school. That's it. I remember reading it. I remember not finishing it. I remember being confused. And I remember it being boring LOL. I can't even remember what the fucking plot of the damn thing is.

    99. Sreeto

      2:14 what is the fucking song called

    100. Dbzafgt1234ify

      Does anyone know the song at 1:52 ?