I Got Addicted to VTubers and Regret Everything


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    Today I fall down the Vtuber rabbit hole, and document my journey to another addiction for cute Anime girls and the rise of Hololive

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    1. King Qasmoke

      that intro is fucking hilarious

    2. Alzris

      I really hate it when i cant find the background song and i cant even catch the lyrics. It starts around 1:32. Pls help!!!!!

    3. Alzris

      Can anyone tell me the backdground song in the first 3 minutes?

    4. No comments

      That poster though

    5. エル・ローライト

      And after all that explaining I still can't get into vtubers I do watch pekora once a year by but to me I'd rather watch trash taste

    6. Murderous Kitten

      25:30 spam Gigguk into Vtuber streams ? you got it.

    7. MahziyarF

      13:35 still getting ptsd attack from that song

    8. Jay Endrew Quimpan

      That forgive me Father for I have simped. Just fucking... Perfection

    9. Rizki Imam Purnama

      What Maké Me Lol So Much

    10. NSG_Trickyy

      I’m addicted to started with mori calliope

    11. Lol Rekt

      I'm just here to say this is the very video that got me into vtubers a few months ago.

    12. Gone 004

      Wait... isn't your girl in Vshojo ?

    13. Kanna Kun

      U misstyped nothing in the title


      At this point i'm legitimetly scared of garnt's mental state.

      1. EMIYA Rin


    15. Micah Skeen (SFG)

      With how bad parasocial relationships can get and how much harassment women get online, I mainly appreciate vtubing for placing a sort of safety net that lets the actual people behind the character seperate their personal life from the curated character they let the audience see.

      1. 3lvis

        Faceless FIblockrs will transform into vtubers

    16. Logan Reidy (LaserTheBro)

      Rest in Fucking peace Coco Kaichou

    17. asakayosapro

      @Gigguk heard the news about Coco yet? Ymight wanna get on it for one last huzzah before she goes.

    18. VH Salvador

      Wait you are now on 3 mil sub?

    19. MaestroAlvis

      16:10 also she killed hololive china

    20. Satou Kazuma

      I will absolutely come here again after Coco's final stream. It will never feel the same again T^T

    21. garrett1433

      When I first watched this video I was just a fan of Coco Now.... Coco, Korone, Fibuki, Emilia, Subaru, and Watame xD

    22. SonOfTheSea


    23. XƗFΉ4Я

      17:26 F A C T S

    24. Za Za

      Man, you can see just how important Kaichou's influence was in the whole vtuber community.

    25. Sourav Shaw

      I am just not going into that. Thanks gigguk

    26. kyotto


    27. shadowscribe

      The random thing is oddly appealing I chuckle at the hololive memes, but my rabbit hole was discovering Karameru shorts

    28. Xavier Manley

      Kizuna AI was the first VTuber I ever watched and I'm glad I did.

    29. Literally Not A YouTube Channel

      Them: *fall into rabbit hole Me: **PROCEEDS TO JUMP**

    30. Mei Valentine

      Well.. time to gather my savings, spend all of it on a high quality avatar, full body VR set, the best pc settup and quit my job to become a full time anime girl.

    31. lt marc

      Press f for kaicho...

    32. Desu Bakkerzz

      I'm here after Coco announced her graduation. Just why...

    33. Ridikis

      A better title for this video, "Gigguk just casually tossing 2.7 million people down the rabbit hole known as Hololive."

    34. F

      :( without coco it will never be the same

      1. Alpha 1-14

        @Aldy AR she become manager of herself

      2. Aldy AR

        @Russell Doty (shoryusatsu999) So, in another words, she becomes one of The Manager?

      3. Russell Doty (shoryusatsu999)

        @Alexander Gilbert Personal reasons are all that she's revealed. General belief in the community is that she wants to do one thing, management wants her to do another totally different thing, and they can't reconcile enough for Coco to keep going. That being said, Coco is still going to support her friends and former co-workers from the sidelines, and it's possible that the person behind her will return to the scene as a new Vtuber (or via whatever accounts she's had before joining Hololive, as she retains full creative control over them and apparently has started using them more often).

      4. Alexander Gilbert

        @Qalzoku Slasher What's the deal with Coco? I heard she was leaving but I never heard the reason why.

      5. Qalzoku Slasher

        She will never be forgotten!! We must be happy for her, that's her wish after all !!! 🐉♥️

    35. Lu Cas

      Omg, bro, we are one in the same, i too, started going down the rabbit hole thanks to Fubuki singing Scatman and while i agree you could compare the appeal to wrestling, all i know also comes from that one vídeo as well XD

    36. Alfath Bukhari Krisyanto

      15:39 i Will Miss her

    37. JiyZeus


      1. theif zelnite10


      2. YTshashmeera ශශ්මීර


      3. Turtle Molester




    39. kingpolo1920

      And she gone😢😢😢

    40. Salman Zuhdy

      Man. Now im sad :(

    41. Raph A.

      Kiryu Coco is graduating... seeing this video made me realize just how important she is and how big her role on the rise of Vtubers was. Thank you, Coco. For everything.

      1. Sobering Giraffe

        It also made me realize Coco has Watame horns for some reason

      2. Tony Sun (GundamEz8)

        proably too busy simping for his vtuber wife

      3. Aldy AR

        Well, actually if it's not for Coco, HoloEN will never exist.

      4. Ethan Correa

        @N 13 Yeah. I haven't seen Gigguk on Twitter bring it up or talk about it. I do hope we hear from him or maybe Joey anytime soon, especially since Coco's days are numbered.

      5. N 13

        This video will never hit the same... Hope Gigguk know the news so he and all of us could give coco a proper farewell

    42. Alex Bien

      gorillaz was the first vtuber group confirmed

    43. Xero

      15:07 yes, I'd say she does...

    44. Léo خ

      Shaaaaaaaaaah! LOL

    45. lenompasbanal

      As someone that never fell into this rabbit hole, I still have trouble understanding what is so appealling in V-tubers... It's probably tied to my hatred for anything close to Roleplay.

    46. Medolo Bebetoc

      I regret being born.

    47. Animix Chan

      Hatsune Miku ➡ Kizuna AI ➡ Hololive

    48. Kowo

      It is a rabbit whole...and your never getting out........ever

    49. Ddaa Pw

      Why tf is haachama's bitch made pasta for FIblock kids?? Hahahaha

    50. Waddle Tea

      I'd like to think that annoying orange was the first vtuber 🙃

    51. Azraisdabest

      It all started with Tomoshika doing a Jojo reference. Now I can't get out...

    52. PureSleepy

      is that rem thigh

    53. Anthony Renzo Sy Foo

      And now after 7 months, he has appeared on a Vtuber stream as a special guest: fiblock.info/face/videot/aHupraBjqJmoeoo.html

      1. Gigi Sel

        All comes full circle

    54. Late Night Coffee

      You regret it?

    55. Levi Van oijen

      Gawr gura best girl change my mind

    56. Levi Van oijen

      I love how he used the omea wu shonderu (not sure if i spelled that correctly) song in the background

    57. DARK

      First thay get more and more views then they stat to be forgotten slowly and alone

    58. DARK

      Thay not even AI

    59. Rieyuri Valen

      Gawr gura for life!!!!

    60. Paul Valencia

      Have you checked out Kaheru?

    61. Dark Matter

      6:12 sauce

    62. etypefan1

      I wish the concept of vtubers sticks. It's given people who want to remain anonymous a chance to express themselves online (for better or worse). Allegedly, it's also even given a voice to the voiceless in Zentreya.

    63. Merlin G. Jesse

      1:05 there lies exactly the same remote next to me... cool! XD

    64. Koronekowo

      After 8 months of ignoring vtubers, it took only 1 day to fall into the rabbit hole

    65. Rodrigo Tonin

      Hey Moooona!!!!!

    66. Rodrigo Tonin

      Pekora is Idol Peko!

    67. 不重要叫什麼

      Think about that subaru actually get into the wrestling community and he predicted it

    68. Heinz Guderian

      Gigguk: *Played British Grenadier* My brain British General: For King and Country!! Darjeeling: Ara ara, you can't handle this such elegant? Me: *Laugh in British*

    69. Minari chan

      As of this moment. I am now evolving.

    70. Anime Pro


    71. Red blood

      Engrish at its finest

    72. Red blood

      Hmmmmm🤔 Lucky me I don't watch these things 🤣

    73. Haki Kumo

      Why fight VTubers when you can join them? And also jac-

    74. Anime moment clips

      Now I know to avoid vtube

    75. Yoshz

      I need to try this

    76. AStandsForFrench

      gigguk living the dream, going out with a real anime girl.

    77. MoonKraft BlockPost

      You didn't put Gura in the intro *Theres something wrong with you.*

    78. Subvisual Haze

      If anything wrestler/Vtuber fans have a very intuitive grasp of what makes art truly art. The "willing suspension of disbelief" by the audience is what allows art to work, what allows imagination to project ourselves into an authentic emotional experience. It's all an illusion, but by allowing ourselves to invest in the illusion it becomes in a strange way real.

    79. Droid P.

      What's that song at 6:23? I'm pretty sure I already heard it somewhere.

      1. Droid P.

        @Adin Seal Thank you very much. :D

      2. Adin Seal

        fiblock.info/face/videot/bKSEZn-mqHS5ZKg.html here ya go mate

    80. SAT Lupin

      For me it was that damn alphabet ‘a’ that made me to fall into the rabbit hole

    81. Roberto Neto

      Damm Gorillaz are the og vtubers

    82. Uji Gigas


    83. KewlWhip YT

      It all started when korone says *bonk bonk*

    84. Thehigherlifeform

      Who’s watching this post vulo lives the face stealing *cough* borrowing vtuber

    85. A man of culture

      I’ve watched vtuber clips before, they’re cute but they didn’t really tickled my fancy. I’m still in gacha hell.

    86. HandheldGamer1991

      Vtubers are a step above cringe like holy fuck they are so fucking bad and annoying its mind boggling.

    87. Juan Cena

      Man I love watching them play gta it so funny watching cute wholesome anime girls commit mass genocide

    88. Chris Emiya

      0:02 Of that pls

    89. Plantn't

      watching vtubers is healthy, my depression disappeared when i started watching them

      1. [Udon Enjoyer]

        Yes with all feelings except joy of watching. We know.

    90. Raja Gabe

      Just a notes for you guys thats finally get to this video. Your done already. I mean, yeah its too late for you to even think how to get out from this hole, and welcome XD

    91. Adamatronamus

      Watch one girl mispronunciating pipe and it will forever take over your newsfeed.

    92. Kasfa Thufail

      8:49 the fact that they drew Indonesia so bad right there? For the board behind Yagoo? It hurts me.

    93. That One Guy That Wouldn't Watch Fate

      Did you get out of the hole?"

    94. Kỳ Nam Phạm

      Yugioh Soul Fusion?

    95. Iza

      How's it hard to choose the best girl the obvious winner is korone

    96. Lemonstate

      So, why did you put Watame's horns on Coco, though?

    97. Ezzey Music

      Gigguk: "I Got Addicted to VTubers" Me: It is... acceptable

    98. krishmas

      Honestly, this might just be me but his ad placements are perfect! the next word in the ad perfectly fits with the last word before the ad started. it makes it seem like it is part of the video, which in turn is hilarious sometimes.

    99. Mousumi Pandey

      He put joey too 🤣

    100. lii lulll

      It's unfortunate they only get to keep a quater of their SC after FIblock, their agency, tax&miscellaneous takes most of it away.