I Met the Creator of Domestic Girlfriend


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    © Kei Sasuga, KODANSHA/Domestic Girlfriend Production Committee
    © Takeshi Hinata / Kodansha Ltd.

    Edited by: Bakashift

    Translation By: Lynte

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    1. suraj srivastava


    2. Twisted

      I Came here too finally move on from the dumpster fire I've experienced. I've finally started reading Domestic Girlfriend in 2021 and oh boy what an experience I hate that I like this manga so much. After listening to the Author's thoughts I can finally move on.

    3. An I

      What everyone wants: A 2nd season!! What I want: To own physical English manga of domestic girlfriend!! Reality: Most likely neither gonna happen :(

    4. Dr. jrey

      Anime season 2?

    5. A-Z TeCh Support

      The story really moved my eyes to tears.. I never cried reading anything in my life.. it's really the first time I cried. And I love sensei (Sugasa kei)

    6. Moh Maya

      I actually liked the side stories and the varied characters more, which made me keep on reading it

    7. im2shady4u13

      I will never truly get over this anime not getting a 2nd season. "ReAd ThE mAnGa" i did, I still personally prefer anime to manga.

      1. hentai senpai

        yes I agree, I love voice actors, music and color animation, Hina voice is Rias Gremory btw 💖


      so this woman drew that insanely hot milf, nice

    9. John Wiese

      i really hope she writes another ending similar to what the author of demon slayer did, because (especially as a rui stan) this ending was very painful

    10. Mo Nassoro

      Congrats love the anime ❤️🔥🔥 please create a better one🙏🏾

    11. Abhayjeet Singh

      Im from india.. i watched domestic gf. And story is too good...always wandering what will happen next..

    12. Griamore

      Domestic Girlfriend in minutes PLEASE

    13. JTAC Bluemansonic

      What an Honor!

    14. Kermit

      it just doesnt feel roght how natsuo pledged himself to rui and a fucking child just to get back with hina and marry her. unfaithful, jesus, what was in her mind(kei sasuga)

    15. Aram

      "I liked Game of Thrones" Explains everything about the ending

    16. Kartik Aman Saraf

      Love/hate relationship my ass! Remember that time you threw that picture on the ground over his distraught you were!

    17. hentai senpai

      Best Girl won and I'm very happy for Hina 💖 I just wanted to see more chapters of Hina and Natsuo family life, kinda like Boruto Next Gen from Naruto. Hinata and Naruto remind me Hina and Natsuo in a ways. Also I love her Hina's necklace, looks cool, I always knew she IS Hina 🧐👌

    18. Caio Ellery

      in a respectful way, fuck this woman for making such a good series and ending it so badly

    19. Chris Van Middelkoop

      I can't believe that I missed this episode. I started it and never finished. I just watched it the full way through and wow!!!! She is amazing I can't wait for her next manga series. I am pissed that kodansha will not do a print run of domestic girlfriend!!! I read the fan translation and loved it. I like physical copies dammit!!!!!

    20. Kshitij Verma

      I'm sorry for any Hina fans out there, But Rui was best girl. She was supposed to win.

    21. Matt

      I have to admit... I watched the entire season in one go last night after watching your hilarious videos on the show and... I dunno. Today I honestly can’t stop thinking about the show. I think I’m more in the “great show with trashy parts” camp because I found myself so invested in the characters. There were a ton of funny parts especially with the gay yakuza character, and everyone acted... well realistically. I was gutted to see there’s no more anime, so I guess I’ll have to go onto the manga then (I haven’t watched your finale video yet). But yeah, this show was spicy as hell, with some seriously jaw dropping moments. I definitely think I enjoyed it, damn I really can’t stop thinking about it. And not the spicy parts. I’m like torn up about the characters, how things play out. When Hina showed up in his room at the end and he just ran to her crying I threw my hands up in the air like “come on dude” but then it was Rui and my mouth just dropped. Wow.

    22. Marinatedweasel

      The fact that this was written by a woman confuses me greatly

    23. M I L A Nミラノ

      I think gzy can make emotional manga or anime because we built different i know my will be more emotional and these little things

    24. Ahmad Nor Al-AWAD

      Form his talking is will be a 2nd season for anime ??

    25. Rim

      I'm curious, was there a translator in-between you two or is her English just that good to understand you

    26. flamekid56able

      The best collab

    27. Soul_slâyer

      Season 2 ;-;

    28. adrian tupas

      We won, but this victory... feels... so empty.

    29. Ericsenpaii

      Lol I loved the side stories, kept the story on a more realistic level

      1. vergil the demon

        is there any move or extra episode of domestic girl friend?

    30. Tommy Kaung

      Gigguk- Domestic Girlfriend Joey- Redo of a Healer Ok ,when will Conor interview with Araki sensei?

    31. Jaywye

      Quoting Layafette from MyAnimeList: "After Sasuga Kei forgot how to write, she made Natsuo forget how to write too, then decided to f--k up the series by turning one of the main characters into a f--king vegetable. At this point Natsuo already has a girlfriend, a pregnant one, and is going to get married, yet a f--king vegetable proceeds to do NTR and takes Natsuo from the heroine. No one wins. Not the heroine, not Natsuo, not the author, not the fanbase, not the fanbase that threatens the author, no one. The vegetable wins."

    32. Stifinho


    33. JAFrk

      I think people have to realize that there are several Japanese media creators care more about taking readers down an emotional journey rather than that just giving readers simple gratification. Recently I feel like overseas readers have gotten significantly more toxic towards Mangaka for not "delivering" what they want, and it's so childish and self entitled. Spoiler: Food for though: In [Your Name], Shinkai was going to end the movie with the two characters never recognizing each other at the end but changed it due to heavy pushback from the producers and financers.

    34. Jared Cedeno

      But my real question why don’t we get a s2 of the anime ?

    35. Jackeat

      Don’t let your memes be dreams. Really good interview though. Just great questions.

    36. leo Leondre

      U don't know me but u hurt me so bad and made depressed for a week!

    37. YEET

      Domestic girlfriend it’s really weird for me because it’s nothing like any other anime or manga I like but it gets you so involved with the characters emotions you can’t help but keep reading or watching it

    38. Cryze Hunter

      i would wish for an alternative rui ending :/

    39. Ville Valste

      TL:DR: Even if life sucks, at least you can read this amazing dumpster fire.

    40. Artemijs Poznaks

      are u reuploading content i swear ive seen this video 3 years ago

    41. Chris H

      Hina is best girl!

      1. SD情事_Iskakuhn

        I'm with you on that

    42. Eram Ugale

      People who didn't like the ending doesn't understand the author very well and it is the most reasonable ending in my opinion. This manga series really gave me a mental breakdown, it really is such a great manga!

      1. KingChickenwing

        What is the point of the series? Is it meant to be serious? All the characters keep doing extreme things but have no emotional response.

    43. Shuvrajyoti Nath Mohajohn

      Thank you, Sasuga sensei for Domestic Kanojo ❤️ It was a roller coaster of emotions and I couldn't have asked for a better ending . Love from India🇮🇳❤️

      1. Floppity Floppity Go Comit atrocity

        Wait... better ending?? you are kidding right?

    44. Diego Calderón


    45. Kayosh Hegde

      Really much love to the author from India 🇮🇳! I loved Domestic Girlfriend very much. I really can’t get this anime and manga out of my mind. I cried in the end of the anime series, and continued crying about it for weeks maybe. Later, I searched for some season 2 update and then felt devastated to find out that there won’t be any 2nd season. Then I started to browse through online for the chapters and fortunately the manga was completed in 2014. Then what, I read from start to end. It was really captivating. It’s been more than 2 years since I read the manga online, but I still remember it fresh in my mind. It had sweet moments, sad moments, funny moments, dramatic scenes, but part of me felt like the manga reflected on real life. Gigguk, much love to you too. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for providing such heartwarming contents. I love it. I am gonna subscribe you now.

    46. Wahgianluc The hobo

      16:12 gigguk: is there an overall message you wanted to share with domestic na kanojo? Author: if she's not chromo related she's free to be dated

      1. Peter Shury

        Hahah how has this not go more likes !!

    47. YourBroGio _

      Even though I got my heart completely crushed by the Manga's ending I will still look forward to Sasuga-sensei's future works.

    48. setsana

      this lady made such a masterpiece omg

    49. JIREN Notop

      I am from India and really like domestic girlfriend. Its make me cry every time when I read.As a fan I really like the ending. I really satisfied that Hina and Natsuo get married and I now I have no regrets.

    50. Oneroad / ونرود

      You can feel the awkwardness from here

    51. Luke Parnitzke

      I loved this manga and anime so much... finished it yesterday and I cried for like half an hour

    52. JustEye 18

      I knew it. Misaki or Marie would be her favorite side character

    53. Vaca xD

      But those mouse pads on the side xD

    54. Sourav Das

      The most unexpected ending and i loved it

    55. Chris John Dagongdong


    56. Fábio Laoviahn

      I always cheered for Hina, and really happy with the ending, she was one of the most beautiful and suffering manga characters I saw being built, so i feel kinda of poetic justice for her.

    57. Aditya Kuntjoro Adjie

      Thank you Sasuga Sensei for DomeKano, one of the best series I've read. An amazingly well written story that involves both "Ai" and "Koi" love perfectly.

    58. gazboost

      she learnt a lot from her experience with Good Ending, except how to write a good ending KEKW

    59. johhny gargano

      "there's not enough milk in the world to wash away these spice levels" gigguk 2020

    60. A R T U R

      Can somebody dub this I hate reading

    61. dot

      She wrote good ending but didn't give us one

    62. Raheim Lamont

      Thanks to you too!!! really eye opening, first great experience , might be the first and last Manga i'll ever read ! from Jamaica! nuff respect

    63. Anshul Semwal

      Main question will there be season 2

    64. Tallal Khan

      Props to her for making the spiciest series known to man (estimated scovall rating:163mill.42 scovall)

    65. harouin

      Gigguk you may now move-on with domekano. Time to be obsessed with kanokari this time

    66. CRAZEH247

      I couldn't pay attention to anything because all I kept thinking was thst Gigguk doesn't know how to wear a mask, and when he's gonna readjust it.

    67. HeroesDie12

      You made us watch this.... I mega-loathe you... thanks too. F**k this is confusing!

    68. Stefan Ragbir

      I read this series in a single sitting I went through so many emotions and wasn't particularly happy with the ending but man was it a good ride

    69. Andi

      Did they talk through an interpreter or what exactly is going on?

    70. Leon Garcia

      I do not agree with the ending!.... but I wholeheartedly support the author for pulling my heartstrings from beggining to end and can't wait to see her next works! (As much as I'm really salty about the ending, it kept me captivated from beginning to end. That's pretty good writing imo)

    71. Anonymoususer 1720

      Anime ending is not happy ending wtf

    72. Fight Me

      Don't worry before they do seggs they say No Chromo.

    73. lewrians brighter

      Can anyone please tell me where can i read the manga of domestic girlfriend

    74. thicc Einstein69

      She likes the mandalorian, this is the way

    75. Pippa Pichayaphat

      All I wanted to know was why a vegetable.

    76. hahaha lol hogaya tera

      I was smiling throughout the whole video😆😂

    77. Rahmat Hidayah

      And then giguk doing that

    78. -神Lucifer

      I have enjoyed every second of the anime and every page of the manga (especially the .5 ;) ) I know as viewers and fans we are entitled to our opinion and I was fine with it, but it deeply saddens me to hear such a lovely lady like Kei Sasuga got so much hate and death threats for writing and drawing something she loves. As an anime/manga fan I have noticed we have become a toxic community and lash out at creators if something doesn't suit our needs, if you send hate you should be ashamed. Let's all not hate and enjoy the beautiful world of anime.

    79. Devon Farmer

      What a wonderful woman

    80. Ayush Tiwari

      Did she tell anything about Season 2?

    81. Fragment

      the manga was shit because rui didnt marry natsuo

    82. Worthless

      She is battling with isayama on who will hurt their fans' feelings more

    83. FatInternetDude

      NTR queen. enuf said

    84. Jerwinreily Granada

      I didn’t like the ending but she seems nice but i think am simping Rui now


      You finally meet the person that I most hate in the world for giving me that MF FINAL GODDAMN

    86. _ Kasaï

      I genuinely love the fact that the women who wrote a manga called "Good Ending" was able to pull out the absolute worst ending I've ever experienced in the industry

    87. Mocha Mocha

      Kinda late on the trend but hopefully kobayashi or I mean marie definitely need her own show

    88. Suhyun Kim

      He is holding in all his anger

    89. Sound Kata

      I watched the anime and enjoyed it, then read the manga. Perspective on life is my take away. Life is strange and messy, So are humans. I'm thankful to have come across this series and she's an incredible writer to create something that really makes you feel. Whether you're satisfied with thre end result or not, it sure made you passionate about the creation of this art. Most people I've seen hate the ending and that's okay. I personally love endings that aren't wrapped in a pretty bow and packaged when completed. Both Hina & Rui were rooted for in various ways, but in the end the only thing that mattered was what Fuji wanted. He did what a true man does and followed his heart. It wasn't about Hina or Rui, and that's what a lot of readers don't understand. It seems out of the blue and not congruent with the journey & development of the characters because you're looking at the interactions through the series and tallying up their actions. Fuji stayed true at the end and that makes perfect sense when it comes to love. I'm not saying it was ideal. Life isn't either. I wish I could thank Kei Sasuga for writing this story. It's hard to find a mature series in this genre that feels so genuine where the characters actually seem intelligent. I hope they continue the anime. It's a shame some people are crappy and are disrespectful, sending threats and berating her. I'll continue to support her art.

    90. Fire it up

      I think this kinda proves my theory that she decided the ending from earlier on (hina endgame) but when she received some sort of fan feedback (in this case blessing the side characters story) she made some changes (in this case given Natsou and the person he was with [Rui] more time to develop) and that at the end threw the manga of balance. I was told everyone (on reddit and IRL) that i think the ending was set in stone at some point and something happened to cause her development to go in other direction, and she has pretty much said all the reasons here. But still i was so disappointed in humanity when she got death threats. Imagine working hard for years just to get death threats. Fuk ppl like that, its her manga not yours she put time and effort in it not u (u read it for like 3 min every week) so if its trash (which it isn't completely bad) let her be why u angry

    91. Mamta Onker

      Hii gigguk were ypu able to understand what she was saying...?

    92. Tony Sta. Ana

      18:15 "I'll do my best in my next work as well!" Yeah right you'll do your best to toy with everyones emotion, my emotions, but atleast it makes sense now that the ending is without common sense, this is GOT's fault, f that series, F HBO!, But if rui doesn't find any lover coz she said she has a daughter then maybe natsuo hina and rui have a 3some, now that is an excellent follow up and maybe this serves as a consolation prize for rui's fans after all she has needs 😂

    93. Furious

      I like how an author no shame is being interviewed in a hentai room

    94. Kamekazi

      When you only watched the anime and hearing information you didn’t know

    95. Sukuna•Senpaii

      This woman is the source of my depression.

    96. Uchiha _Itachi

      Imagine him not understanding japanese and just nodding his head when she speeks

    97. ethan

      Garnt’s reaction when Sasuga-sensei gave him the gift was so wholesome 🥺

    98. Kazi Abdullah

      The domestic girlfriend arc never gets old

    99. Aqil304ツ

      This anime broke me

      1. SD情事_Iskakuhn

        @Aqil304ツ I respect that

      2. Aqil304ツ

        @SD情事_Iskakuhn rui of course

      3. SD情事_Iskakuhn

        @Aqil304ツ you team rui or team hina?

      4. Aqil304ツ

        @SD情事_Iskakuhn YES BRO FR

      5. SD情事_Iskakuhn

        Fr, everything was going well for the first 11 episodes.... EPISODE 12 COMES!!!! I was in tears

    100. The mer

      I want a season 2 dawg