I Spent $1000 Buying Waifus in Gacha Games


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    I am never gonna financially recover from this.
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    1. RayRexDex

      Honestly if you actually play these games go buy a Switch and play BotW It will probably be cheaper anyway

    2. DLH

      15:34 where is this base management screen in Arknights? I've been playing for like a month and have never seen it lol. I've been going to all the rooms individually.

    3. Thundertail19

      The funny part is to me is that you went for Fate Grand Order and complained about the rates being low when DBZ Dokkan Battle actually has EVEN worse rates. Trust me, as someone whose played for over 3 years by now it’s MUCH WORSE

    4. Matt Lessar

      I feel like you would've spent more with genshin impact. Just out of how fun the characters are to play with

    5. Ciaran McCloskey

      The one who started NFTs

    6. זה סודי

      Fun fact: FIFA is a gacha game

    7. zombie blood

      I dont know if anyone said this yet but astolfo isnt the 4 star on are up it is atlanta. My guy rolled when astolfo was off rate up. That's why you had to spend so much money to get him. 21:51

    8. Leone Buenaobra

      *confused f2p noises*

    9. Justin Nguyen

      15:45 Did... they just get stronger by unequipping their armour?

      1. zombie blood

        You must be new

    10. DEMO Nix


    11. Klomo

      I just realize azur lane & granblue fantasy are games. I read them on n so many times I just thought they were animes.

    12. Max Eckert

      anyone know the ending song 29:40

    13. Wex

      the seloution 2 get out is very simple u dont

    14. Max Eckert

      i hope he took Sydney out for a nice dinner

    15. Azex kun

      Gacha is fun until you don't get the waifu you want 🙃

    16. uwu

      I'm watching this after I spent over $200 trying to get Nero Bride, yes, just *trying*, because I failed. What i am doing with my life

      1. Mordred

        @uwu Nice, I got her many months ago

      2. uwu

        @Mordred well, at least I got Altera on Nero banner lmao

      3. Mordred

        lol I got her in one multi

    17. Cat


    18. Dark Matter

      i think this is we're i gonna end up someday 😰🤧

    19. Hendricus Maximus

      From the Gacha games I only play Azur Lane (since about 2,5 months by now) and I'm sort of happy, that a shit ton of ships are event locked. Why? Because you can bet I would try to get Bismarck (and now U 556 as well, because it is a crime to get one without the other and not trying get both), but since she is event locked, I just wait. I only once bought the Trade License for 8€ I think (500 gems and each day for 30 days some gold, oil and a wisdom cube, oil basically being stamina and wisdom cubes needed for construction). I get the feeling, the main goal of Azur Lane isn't to get players to pay for wisdom cubes but for 2 things: Skins (when you got surprised I think no one can help you anymore) and oath rings, which allow you to marry a ship, give them an additional stat boost of 3% and give you the option to rename them, along with sometimes a special skin. Also, Bismarck was clearly marked as a male ship by the Kriegsmarine. In official documents it was even "der Bismarck" instead of "die Bismarck". She is the one character, where I would have preferred not seeing a girl, simply because of historical accuracy. Which is something that is mattering for me, when the whole game is based on naval combat in WW2 and a lot of stuff refers back to stuff that happened to these ships IRL. Like Hood saying, the Denmark Strait was just a defeat that soldiers know alongside with victory. Or U 47 talking about the time she entered Scapa Flow and sank HMS Royal Oak in it's home port shortly after WW2 began. And a ton of skills like USS Hornet's "Doolittle Raid"

    20. Abhinav Dubey

      20:06 Rolling? Do you mean....... Rolling Down in the Deep?

    21. Karna Nayak

      clearly this man hasnt played csgo

    22. muruu

      What about genshin impact

      1. FieryFire0218

        still in beta when this was uploaded

    23. FuZz PugRoll

      Astolfo is a boy though

    24. Кирилл Агафонов

      привет из России)

    25. Micah Skeen (SFG)

      This is why the only gacha games i like are rhythm games like bandori and d4dj. Compared to rpgs that take grinding and farming, rhythm games are skill based and most of the time good gacha pulls really are only there to get you a higher score or raise your band power to get into higher level online lobbies, so there just isnt a wall to hit. All it takes is you liking rhythm games enough to naturally improve at them. Then just by doing free to play rolls on the gacha and getting the event 3 stars is usually more than enough to get the stats you need for those upper level rooms in just a few weeks. At most i may buy the 5-10 dollar monthly pass that gets you a hand full of gacha gems and some upgrade materials if i really like the game and want an excuse to play more, so it comes out to me mainly just paying for a fairly low cost game service, which isnt even required to play and enjoy it to its fullest extent.

    26. Astoolfou

      I genuinely just cried at the end, good job mate you are a man of culture

    27. Marcus Ferro

      Pro Tip: start playing gacha games when your young, like 12 - 15, because at that time you don’t have money since you get things when you ask your parents, so it’ll force you to be patient, then spend all your money

    28. EZ2ACTux


    29. EZ2ACTux

      Honestly the only gatcha game I feel is even worth playing is Arknights simply because it has a good pity system, is nice to F2P players (very nice) and the story and characters are actually REALLY fucking good. The thing that separates Arknights for me is the actual story, characters, writing etc. The actual game has like, A REASON to play it since the story is fucking baller. And playing the game with low rarity operators as well is PERFECTLY feasible which is how I play mostly. Also yeah the roll rates in Arknights are like, actually pretty good especially compared to other games like Genshin and ESPECIALLY FGO. Also the pity system. But I do agree that if you have poor impulse control, DO NOT FUCKING PLAY GATCHA DEAR JESUS GOD. Personally I limit myself to the arknights monthly card (which is about $10) and the monthly headhunting pack but only if there's an interesting banner going. I find this works well for me, but find a system that works for you if you do want to spend money on gatcha

    30. Iowa

      I love how he mentions Lappland where I’m sitting here at 2-3 stage with her on my first headhunt for some sideways reason

    31. Josh Hector

      “I saved up enough free saint quartz” -142

    32. Kanga Zoos

      In one of the MMOs I played there used to be this guy in one of my guilds that would spend about $300 USD every paycheck on a gacha game. Even when he had what he wanted he would still drop dollars to see what his luck was like.

    33. Meme Superme

      The fac that he got jack and mordred when I rolled for them makes me salty.

    34. Katsura Katou

      Just $1000?

    35. Weeb of Culture

      I Spent $1000 Buying 'Waifus' in Gacha Games Astolfo in the background of the thumbnail:

    36. Geri

      26:23 "So.. what did i learned from this journey?" you learned that you spend your luck on Arknights

    37. Toramaru

      the epic thing abt gacha games is clan battle and the part where it become overly competetive and even use timelines when battling but its all worth it for getting high ranks in that game.

      1. FieryFire0218

        are u talking about priconne? its the only one i can think of that has timelines for clan battles. if so, yea, it may seem like a casual side gacha but the top ranks are competitive af and u literally need to trial hrs everyday for those 5 days of cb lol

    38. ] “‪昼休み‬” [

      “There’s a lot of em, there’s ALOT of em. *and it’s really good* ”

    39. Eddie C

      The sad thing is I was able to connect all these gacha games together

    40. blaster bug

      I wonder if gigguk still plays fate tho

    41. Low Budget Max

      Rewatching now that I'm very invested into arknights hits different *please kroos stop haunting my recruitment I only need platinum*

    42. thatwolf_razor

      rest in peace money

    43. T26E4

      Most of the reason why i stopped playing arknights and didn't play other gacha games is because the ingame characters don't hold a candle to the fan art

    44. abhigyan Kundu



      you missed out on the best gatcha game, girls frontline, and boy jove its story is amazing

    46. Ka Cun马高多

      So true about the daily life of a gacha gamer XD

    47. Texas

      How to tell someone’s new at gacha: If they say Genshin is worst than FGO

      1. Dionysius Rama Nandyka

        @FieryFire0218 Hmm, my experience in the Morgan banner in a nutshell

      2. Maynard

        @FieryFire0218 1. FGO also has those monthly 5 summoning tickets. 2. A weekly master mission enough for 1 single pull. 3. After you beat the story, you will unlock the free quest for that story section but which you will need to clear 1 Free Quest 3 times to get the reward. 4. Raising servant's Level and Bond level will unlock either a "Interlude" (Will reward you a upgrade or a summoning currency) or "Rank Up" (100% will reward you with both summoning currency and a upgrade ) Quest 5. Higher rarity servants will reward you a summoning currency once they hit a bond lvl of 6-10. Extending it to bond lvl 11-15 will give you enough summoning currency for a 10 roll (Time consuming though) 6. There's also special one time clear "Master missions". For every Interlude or Rank Up or Free quest (Should be implemented on this year's anniversary) you complete you'll get summoning currencies. Those things I listed are still not enough to guarantee a 5 star pull. Also for the pity system? Only whales in FGO will be able to access it. That's why barely anyone talks about it.

      3. TheKarmaBoi _

        @FieryFire0218 lmao u killed him

      4. FieryFire0218

        @Krisman Ibrahim mainly cuz of two reasons. 1. genshin has a pity system, fgo does not. sure, genshin has lower rates but not by much, and the fact that the soft pity is at around 75 makes it much better than fgo, where u can extremely rarely but still possible to spend hundreds or even thousands without a single ssr, not to mention the rate up unit 2. the summoning currency is way harder to get. in genshin, theres dallies, achievements chests, etc. most are a one time thing but at least dallies and spiral abyss is farmable monthly. fgo doesnt have that. main ways to get summoning currency is story, which is only one time, then just login rewards (2 single pulls per week), total login rewards (one 10 pull every 50 days), events, and login events.

      5. Krisman Ibrahim

        Yea you got one here. Why is it not tho?

    48. Big Elbows

      "Some people even plan months ahead saving up their virtual currency for upcomming banners" Arts memers be like "ooh, this castoria girl is pretty good, ill save sq for her for the next 2 YEARS"

    49. Man Ho YIM

      16:17 whats that song

    50. Mohammad Syazwi Geoffrey

      12:00 OwO is that the Azur Lane theme song I here

    51. Mohammad Syazwi Geoffrey

      Me playing GFL EN server that I downloaded from Qooapp and can't make in app purchases just because I live in Malaysia : I HAVE NO WEAKNESSES

    52. alex _e

      I think he needs rehab

    53. Klet

      Mirishita > deresute anyday

    54. thebagofair

      When the Azur Lane music started playing at 12:00, I was shocked that my game had loaded so fast until I realized that it was the actual video.

    55. dmist24

      should have played DOAXVV

    56. Nathan's Stuff

      You really did like the Dragalia Lost music, what with so much of this damn video having it playing in the background.

    57. You Wei

      ah. this explains why i don't have gacha hell yet... because i don't have an e-wallet

    58. Where's my Dragonator?

      FGO: "Let me introduce you to NP2-NP5"

    59. Asriel The Space Shiba

      18:05 The best use of Noragami money slap.

    60. Robert Walker

      Gacha games taught me very young that I have a very addictive personality and that's ok sometimes bc waifus :)

    61. j i m v a r n e y

      no you didn't

    62. SONICFE

      I'm happy because i'm not that type of people

    63. Zhao Zecheng Student

      Me getting jalter, jack, sitonai ,ozy, and Arjuna as F2P:Imagine using money Lmao

    64. Sean Lu

      Hats off to Gigguk for spending $400 to get best girl

    65. Vili

      Mobile games = Trash

    66. Crypto


    67. Rudy Nieto

      it's BANG! by DAOKO btw

    68. DutchBurrito



      True. Them boomer Korean gamers back in the day were spamming the keyboard as if they were jabbing Gabi's eyes.

    70. レイン[REIN]

      That last line he just said... This man predicted himself falling into the VTuber rabbit hole LUL

    71. David Powell

      If you didn't open your wallet for bae-ber then you didn't actually play F:GO

    72. A man of culture

      So in summary... You whaled just to get Astolfo. I'm not judging you.... Really, no, I'm not, because I just spent real money to get daily gacha alimony in 5 different games.

    73. UenoYama KamiShiro

      Been playing for 2 weeks now. I still didn’t get emiya. Lancer cu is insanely op tho so thats nice. My main is siegfried for now and i’m tackling okeanos atm

      1. TypicalRoid

        Where are you rn? Im stuck in yuga kshetra atm, also hope you get emiya archer in his future rate ups someday, i dont have him either lol

      2. Matthew Lariza

        How many 4-5 star servants do you have right now? I lost count on how many rolls I did without getting any great servants.

    74. A man of culture

      From I spent money to get a JPEG anime waifu to I spent money to get live 2d of an anime waifu. I'm addicted to Counter:side.... help

    75. sanz

      Maybe money should be printed with anime girls instead of some old dude nobody remembers the name of... I think I've said too much

    76. Kevin H

      What were all 7 games he wanted to try?

    77. Narmatonia

      I feel fortunate that my brain isn't wired to respond well to gambling and/or gacha

    78. Es simp

      Who are you? And why are you so wise yet so idiotic at the same time????.

    79. demazer poker

      In gacha the power of god and anime is basically....worthless

    80. Jaydee Todd Deguzman

      Is no one going talk about how Gigguk has physical doujin copies of orangemaru's work?

    81. definitelynotruiz

      what is that outro music

    82. Vasilis Papanikolaou

      I think the game was trying to tell you something about Astolfo and you didn't listen.

    83. Sam Miller

      Azur Lane: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fuck the Boat.

    84. Nicholas Jensen

      Hey dude if you see this you should try AFK Arena which is like a gacha game but there isn't like super good Waifus but there are some cute people you should try it :)

    85. Nick Cherry

      The best part about AFKarena is that isn't not really waifu centric so it doesn't tempt me lmao.

    86. Sebastian Hawkins

      Ever heard of genshin impact

    87. Romalex

      I just imagined US Dollars except everyone's in swimsuits 19:50

    88. Huxley Leigh

      For my boy astolfo? $400 is worth

    89. Lupyn

      Ever heard of Summoner's War?

    90. PandaMonium 9

      If i had money to spend frivolously... these types of videos aggravate me considering that an extra 1k would do wonders for me and my bills.

    91. Pingles

      me playing azur lane while watching this

    92. Starseeker


    93. Kiorii-Chan

      And the newest and probably one of the biggest, if no THE biggest gacha game at the moment, Genshin Impact

    94. Simp Tastic

      Love how he put gilgamesh in theres with the other anime girls when he said science, SCIENCE

    95. Zechary S.

      Genshin Impact is now my new criplling addiction

    96. t0nar4to

      Wait til you see Genshin Impact.

      1. AsiateVonNebenAn

        no its easy af

      2. AsiateVonNebenAn

        no its easy af

      3. AsiateVonNebenAn

        no its easy af

    97. Suratima Otur

      I've always wanted to get into FGO but this video is what got me into it, thanks Gigguk I hate it!! It's great!

    98. Gäbe MLG

      "He did make his money back from this video"

    99. Anakin Luc Selig

      the azur lane music.....perfection

    100. Itay Yagil

      IDK I played dokkan as F2P and I had real fun