I Spent 1000 Hours Playing this Anime Card Game


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    This video is sponsored by Shadowverse! Check out the game here - bit.ly/SVJUNxGiggukYT
    Seriously though, please play the game. I need more friends who I can rant to about the pain of playing against the current Item Shop Rune.

    Edited by: Bakashift

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      becaues of you i started playing it

    2. tabooization123

      This video was sponsored by shadowverse

    3. Ahmad Danial Sulaiman

      That roach card looks disgusting. Its like a kinder but more op penflinger.

    4. Gulfarion

      *look left *look right silently whisper . . grantmaster

    5. Arcimela


    6. Nemensis


    7. Wittawin Jiang

      Anyone come here after watching Calli live stream??

    8. sleipnir_

      It's 2021 and Deadbeats are here.

    9. Freyterius Mori

      Coming back here to tell y'all that Gigguk finally had someone to play Shadowverse with xD

      1. Ahmad Danial Sulaiman

        Came here after spending two days after watching calli vs gigguk. I got to say im a fan.

      2. AceTheImmortal

        How the turns have tabled.

    10. Pierce Fabruada

      Hi, there's this new card game called LAGIM. It is a Filipino folklore-inspired game composed of villain deck, lagim cards, lakas cards, and hiwaga cards. Launching soon in kickstarter.

    11. ShadowHunterHero

      If you like Anime in Card games, try Weiss Schwarz!!

    12. Nick MaGrick

      I played shadowverse until I figured out the game permanently punishes you for playing well and forcing you to play to get any rewards at all. Worst ranking system of all time, you get like 10x points winning that you do losing, and you'll eventually play people with impossible to beat decks if your and even halfway decent player, and you can't get daily rewards if you lose all your games. It takes about 3 weeks to get to that point so sunken costs already sinks in

    13. Luke Commins

      So waifu Hearthstone. Sign me up!

    14. Rage 2000

      Why is he shaking so much?

    15. Conty

      Sorry gigguk for this delay and all. I am tired of hearthstone... And no, anime titties is not enough to change my mind.

    16. EVO VN

      arknight and GFL have already keep me no sleep add one more and i f*cked

    17. Monke sama

      I can't be the only one who feels sorry for garnt after looking at his tired asf eyes

    18. Z E R O

      The editor says just because you are correct doesn't mean you are right

    19. Up_Graded

      is this sponsored?

    20. Dan Sheets

      Rewatching after Karyl rotated out. The meta now is somehow even crazier... Screw the rules I have Dragon Oracle is so true right now.

    21. Ulberta

      Me, just starting out: "Shouldn't be that hard right? I'm just starting." *Several hours in and I'm already struggling to beat Stage 4 and 5 of the Prologue* I never hear a more shameless lie then this.

    22. mic eatah

      all i need to know is where are the best waifus?

    23. Idyodelahm

      anybody else just see a titty version of Magic: the Gathering? i keep hearing about hearthstone, but any one who has played Magic: the Gathering looked at the first clip of the gameplay, saw the max health number, and said to themselves, "Fucking degenerate."

    24. matt lam

      i cant believe i watched a 12min ad of a card game

    25. Anson Ng

      Hmmm Is that karyl from princess connect?😂😂


      I really wish this game didn't became the shadow of itself over the years.


      btw in the thumbnail is from the game called "Princess Connect Re: dive" (also has an anime with the same title)

    28. Fu Xin Song

      Me with itemshop deck: gg no re

    29. derpymuffin02

      To be fair I just main arisia because cute and I have no idea what I'm doing

    30. Blank

      When i first saw astolfo i really thought she’s a cute chick bruh (But he’s a HE.)

    31. Luca Comine

      Heartstone needs a direct competitor, and that is why Legends of runeterra will trive. Shadowverse will be forgotten

    32. TheMrYadrian

      Interesting Review. I like this game because of spectacular ways of winning and often "turnarounds" during matches. And artworks are really good. The two minusem are: braindead people are playing the same meta decks and maybe too many waifus.

    33. Maix Ma (Premiumgun24)

      oh boy here we go again

    34. Sp3RonKoa

      I was 100% not gonna play shadow verse before u said that it has that anime story

    35. Mc Knight (Mcknight121)

      The game is good, it just needs more ENGLISH people in there.

    36. The Boss

      Did you just reference darkmane and his hearthstone video?

    37. Just Me

      I'm the type of guy that bounces around games and rarely ever puts more than 100+ hours in a game. But holy shit I just checked my account and it says that I've played Shadowverse for 133 hours. How the hell did this happen?

    38. blue star production

      This guy sounds like dls commentor

    39. Splatastic

      1.5%???!!! I laugh in your face of a 0.6% chance of 5* in Genshin!! 1.5% is generous as fric!!!!

      1. Splatastic

        This is a joke it’s not generous do not gamble

    40. Bradley Smith

      I’m not sure why I’m still impressed with how epic the commentary is.

    41. ༼ Reemas_latino👀༽

      u spend way to much than 100 hours.... u could've slept..... u could be sick...... thats is possible to be in 1000 hours.... i spend way to much on my game roblox like 4 hours....... i cant be tired as in heck....... people sleep at night and i dont... ur asking how...... because i always wake up at night or i cant be tired because i drink milk with tea......... i have my own eyes.... awake in a whole day. . . . . have a nice day! ^v^

      1. Muz Lee

        That didn't make any sense at all.

    42. Ninjapandarocker

      H A S H T A G S P O N S E R E D

    43. Sybato

      Wait how is it isekai if they're already in a fantasy world?

      1. Muz Lee

        Isekai just means "another world". You can go from any world to any other world.

    44. Mauricio Stornaiuolo

      Can I create a just waifus deck or something like that?

    45. aardappel gang

      Is this still sponserd ?

    46. Brendan Anthony

      so you have over 1000 play hours on Shadowverse I have played over 1948.1 play hours on Farming simulator 19

      1. Muz Lee

        I have roughly 4000 in league of legends. Minecraft doesn't count it but I'm sure I have more than 10k in that

    47. water water

      This is the greatest ads i ever saw

    48. Letta Lian

      i just saw a add with gigguk in it on Crunchyroll

    49. Creamy

      i love bobs

    50. P1STONS

      No one heard about this anime before the game came out. Unlike me of course.

    51. JumpmanStick 23

      Try legends of runeterra

    52. Pablo Barraza

      Can i just say that this is how it feels to play yugioh but worse. Oh yea, and its actually pay to win. Oh yea, and we're all also addicted.

    53. Nguyên Minh Hồ

      1.5% Laughs in Genshin Cries in Genshin

    54. JMadden 64

      Shadowverse is a game that can let you play Shadowverse, Granblue Fantasy, Princess Connect, Idolmaster franchise, that Shadowverse Switch game and much more at the same time, which is very balanced, esport ready™ and a big win in my opinion. Thanks Cygame--maybe.

    55. JoJoe - OverLeveled

      Where’s mono red burn?

    56. Captain Plague

      Atleast you're not a Yugioh addict like me

    57. Udoh Danny

      What's your user id on shadowverse? I want to battle you. Just for fun and check out my strengths with the game as well as weaknesses.

    58. Jack Beechey

      So it's anime MTG... But... Less complex or something

    59. milas Hansen

      So heartstobe with waifus

    60. Ser Doomsandwich

      Man if Force of Will made a card game at this level that shit would take OFF

    61. ryotary

      1:02 the song is say it by yorushika if anyone's wondering

      1. Quaxks

        Ur a lifesaver

    62. Edgar Montana


    63. Yosifer Gochev

      His angry rant was sponsored by Tyler1

    64. Imaad Osman

      You should play yugioh

    65. Dan Cros

      I play it

    66. SmolFruitGaming


    67. Desk kun

      "Just because you are correct, dosent mean you are right" *No no he's got a point*

    68. Ehrhardt_ 19

      "1000 hours in card game" Me: Laughs in three years+ of dokkan battle

    69. darren zou

      STOP MAKING THESE SPONSORED BY JOKES THIS IS GETTING ANNOYING, I JUST LIKE THE GAME OK?? anyways game is sppnsored by shadowverse, code in description

    70. Just Some Cultured Guy

      Still stuck at C1 after around 100 hours

    71. Poppywoo

      i love how he is scared cause the legendary cards have a drop rate of 1.5% but in genshin which was released a fair bit has a 5 star drop rate of 0.6% and u only get the pity system after 90 FUCKING PULLS which in american dollars iirc is 225$ i think which is fucking stupid

    72. David Bayking

      Too soon

    73. Ken471Ken2

      I can see megumin body pillow on his background

    74. Ognjen Studen

      Is this sponsored

    75. Gabreilius Gen

      You should try Princess Connect Re:Dive, by Cygames

    76. T Venom

      #notad #simpinstead

    77. Darth Chungus


    78. RinyuSeishin

      Cough cough the anime is alright

    79. GeneralHitblur


    80. SaLaDZ CULT

      At first I could feel his pain then....You guess it.

    81. 夏美 / Natsumi

      Addiction is a serious issue. But its kinda funny.

    82. Klutz

      Gigguk please make anime in minutes again

    83. z3Carlos

      I just got into the game a couple weeks ago I'm enjoying it thanks for the recommendation gigguk, storm over rivalry was the best expansion for me to get into

    84. Miles Goering

      Remind anyone else of a certain Darkk Mane video?

    85. NalNoaki

      When he was saying "money for packs" I was like oooo this could be a good beat and I was vibin and when he stopped I was sad.

    86. silver whale

      Hey gigguk should try forestcraft

    87. Meneltir

      The man just honestly has shit taste, let him have his shit taste sponsored in peace.

    88. iamLI3

      >hears mario party music in an anime waifus vid instant like

    89. The Hero

      the reason I stopped playing this game is because I fucking suck at it and I'm not smart enough to get any better edit: yes I fucking suck with runecraft

      1. lorrence castro

        Why not look up on guides ?

    90. Weirded

      Even after this vid there is still not enough new players.

    91. Sky

      So basically...Shadow verse is just anime pvz heros? *HELL YEAH IM IN*

    92. DeeJay

      No truck-kun? I ain't playin'

    93. Yuki Kabuki

      Hello I have to thx you for showing me this game I just started and it really good

    94. Fyxzy


    95. Vytone Jr

      I have only played for a couple of months and I can accurately say this represents the exact experience of Shadowverse I used to use Machina Blood but then lost my mind and haven't touched the game in a couple months and now I don't want to go back to it because the meta is likely completely different

    96. strikezrow

      Kyaru is best girl!

    97. Yami !

      Wait Is it a yu-gi-oh rip off?

    98. Yami !

      Let me guess another sponsor ? Just Kidding

    99. Milky Way

      Anyone else here main forestcraft 👀

    100. gnova7