I Used A Million Dollar AI To Prove Light Novel Titles Are Dumb.


1 milj. näkymät777

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    Light Novel titles have gotten so stupid recently, that I bet a robot could come up with better ideas. So I built one. I made an A.I who's sole purpose was to make awful Light Novel titles.

    Thanks to Fabby for helping me make Trash-Bot:

    Thanks to my bois for helping out:
    Joey: fiblock.info/green/3ET...
    Connor: fiblock.info/green/PsZ...

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. Joe Goodboy71

      That time I got my hands on a million dollar AI and used it to prove light novel titles were dumb

    2. Sreeto

      13:44 what song is that Edit found it fiblock.info/face/videot/qG2KmmyEnJWlZYI.html

    3. Austin Oliphant

      Tales of the magus and beast lord sounds like The Ancient Magus Bride. The reincarnated prince and the villainess of the village of death, sounds like a light novel. Eyes of the vampire princess a novel of many side stories sound like manga and anime. Interspecies matchmaker. Should be a light novel and anime. Princess bride and her sisters :D I'd like to see that story.

    4. Normal Man

      13:51 YO ONE OF THE TITLES IS LITERALLY "Gotta Make a Lie! A Molester's work!?!?!?" IM DYEING

    5. Joseph Huard

      god damn when you typed in Garnt i was so, SO hoping it would return a bunch of Grant light novel titles XD

    6. Elias Karlsson

      ive actually read that s-rank monster cat one

    7. Vinicius Nishiyama

      I love that the Ai knows Grant is his real name

    8. KillHour

      Pssst - I have access to the GPT-3 beta. HMU.

    9. Iceteai

      A certain magical index Part 2: The Unwanted Virgin Part 1. Where can I watch that hentai?

    10. Jim Sterling

      Any chance he would be able to release his creation on the internet? *screaming of editors intensifies*

    11. Alejandro Daza

      For anyone else that wanted the song at 2:22 bc Gigguk doesn't fucking give credit, the song is: ゲスの極み乙女。"キラーボール" Took me like an hour to find it lol

    12. Mr. Otaku

      Is that back ground ost from death march?

    13. Allen Yeoh

      That time i reincarnated into an AI named TRASH so i decided to troll my owner Garnt by mispelling his name PART 4

    14. Darcmatter

      I had this playing on my other monitor, and I had to stop playing just because of how much I was laughing from Connor's titles

    15. Dennis G

      "I took a shit, but then I realized that there was no toilet paper left in the house." is my favorite light novel.

    16. xxt

      Garnt being mad about his name not being a name is hilarious. There are literally 10x more people in the US named Lakeisha (not including spelling variations) than there are Garnt. It's not a real name bro.

    17. John Doyle

      release trash-bot

    18. Dark slasher

      "people die when they're killed" "a birthday is when you celebrate the day you're born" "all because you're correct doesnt mean you're right" "this city really looks like a city" "the archer class is really made up of archers huh archer?" "i was born at a young age and grew with age" "if you've got a girlfriend, you've got a really nice girl"

    19. YourFriendlyNeighbourhood Crusader

      Hold on a fricken second! Is that a soundtrack from Interspecies Reviewers at 13:40 ?

    20. Stephen Patterson (Archeanthus_)

      "The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius". I'm imagining, like... Dexter's Lab, but anime, and much, MUCH hornier. . . . I'd watch it. I don't know how I missed this when it first came out, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon it now. I literally had a conversation with some coworkers last month joking about and making up some crappy light novel titles. It's such a fun game to play. Cards Against Humanity creators, when are you going to make this into a game? It's basically an ad-lib game already, just put it on cards, advertise it on Reddit, and you'll start printing money.

    21. Kepler Armando

      10:34 i hope he makes a song out of that, i actualy realy want that ^^

    22. Efrain Alejandro Cortes Montalvo

      What's the outro song?

    23. SnowBoy1

      This is just an AI that creates fanfiction titles

    24. Juliana Caton

      Why does Garnt always misspell and mispronounce tarsh? I don't think Garnt knows English structure, A is always before R

    25. just JaMaNi

      5:04 i really wish i had thad sort of luck on the Hu Tao banner

    26. Exetrius

      When you're two friends get to be cool in another world but you Garn't

    27. Hussain Maaish

      19:17 wow i just paused on time

    28. happyotakuu

      the melancholy of jesus christ is my grandmas favorite light novel. she especially loves the ressurection arc

    29. Shadow WSK

      I love how fabby pfp is hachaama to show how much of a Degenerate he also is

    30. Waterflame89yt

      Honkai > Genshin tbh Anyway, light novel titles are dumb

    31. Extra Cold

      I have a fun/game idea we're the game would be changing the normal title of the light novel to weirder way example New LN Title: I escaped from daddy so I immediately goes to the best high school but I don't want to stand out so I became average out of anything. Now try to guess it without knowing the original title.

      1. M J

        @Extra Cold yay

      2. Extra Cold

        @M J yeah your right.

      3. M J

        Is it classroom if the elite? The best high school and average kinda gave it away No idea where daddy comes into play I have just started the lns

    32. Gacha Music

      My favorite light novel series is Of It's For My Daughter I'd Even Defeat A Demon Lord

    33. Kim Mork II

      What’s this song used for the title card

    34. Plxet

      I laugh and almost cried at “pick up girls at birth” for 5 minutes

    35. Mr. M

      This says more about light novels than AI

    36. Gigguk notice me


    37. Adam Scanlon

      did anybody else see." Rascal does Not Dream of Meeting You"

    38. Daniel Williams

      I like how Gigguk vibrates when he laughs.

    39. sterben

      whts with that poster😂

    40. Iago .Carvalho

      "gigguketos are forever naked " LMAO

    41. PUBLIX MN

      Spoiler: The names of " That time I reincarnated as slime" and "GATE: Thus JSDF fought here" are ending words of their novels.

    42. Regie_ thecomie

      23:18 maid remilia scarlet

    43. Heshan Kolitha

      watching this for 2nd time

    44. Mitra Shailendra

      What did we learn? Well, the AI learned who Connor is. Careful, Gigguk. You may not be out of the Skynet woods just yet.

    45. Yowa Ch. よわもリ

      baqua bgm with this is an added cherry on top

    46. Do you recognise the bodies in the lake ?

      How about "Let's aim for the deepest Part of the Otherworldly Labyrinth but not many people know about it because of the wall called "Trasekai"". I fucking love that novel tho.

    47. Suman Roy

      "Kingdom Hearts III: SSB Reflekki: The Novel" So that's where they've been getting their game titles.

    48. El Cid Gaming

      WAIT??? SO Overlord is from a LN? Hiw come its doesnt have a stupid title

    49. Cuotsuyoi - くお強い

      "The Secret of Six Trillion Years in a Fantasy World" If you're an IA fan, you should know about this

    50. C and C

      13:36 can someone pls tell me the name of this bgm, I know I heard it somewhere but idk where.

    51. Vexsly

      Grant: A Star Wars Story: The Galactic War

    52. Carroll T

      I want you to make a series out of these lol

    53. Kai MM

      yes they are dumb, I admit. Do i still love them regardless because my sense of humor is shit? yes, i do.

    54. Just a good cook

      I couldn’t focus on him because of that chicken thigh behind him

    55. Anonymous Phantom

      10:36 The Book of Death in Another World War II sounds funny and interesting.

    56. LOVEMAC OM


    57. LOVEMAC OM


    58. Clueless

      How dare you flame tensei shitara slime datta ken

    59. Sheep Commander

      Aqua theme

    60. lu zhou

      General rule of thumb, The longer the title, the worse the material

    61. leifboi

      he obviously hasn't read or watched kuma kuma kuma bear

    62. Xtreme1218

      also "I Used A Million Dollar AI To Prove Light Novel Titles Are Dumb." should be a light novel title

    63. makevoid

      yo Garnt, try to put "Garnt " (with a space at the end) in the text field and I bet it will work ;) - great content btw!

    64. Nibir Barman

      Boomers: AI will destroy the world. AI: Sister wolf in the closet: How to become a molester: I'm so cool!

    65. HitodamaKyrie

      Its okay Garnt. There's no way this AI would recognize my name either so I feel your pain.

    66. PooDiePie

      New Light Novel Title: The Melancholy of Saint Gigguk - He had some doubt so he SIMPED his way out!

    67. Modie

      Yeah, after coming back to this, I still have to say that this is not really a "learning AI". All the program seems to do is to use the existing light novel titles, use words that are commonly present and then fit them back together in a way that "makes sense" according to a prelearned structure (like not having too many subjects or something like that). The reason you can see this is that there is no actual learning step. This step would include a rating system. After the first batch of titles, you would rate the titles, so that the AI can actually learn what is a "good" and what is a "bad" title. Normally you would automate this, but this is not really possible, which is why it also took so long to just get to the AI that Gigguk is using as a basis, because you have to basically rate everything by hand and can't just automate it. Again, it is an interesting idea, but the way it's set up there is no actual AI involved, because you just select what title is good in the end and which isn't and call it a day. A learning AI would have to be one that has a very high chance that it can give you an acceptable LN title after you actually completed the learning steps. In the end, it's the same as you just thinking up of LN titles and are finished. Or you can just take a cat which runs over your keyboard and you select a title from that. Again, the idea is good, but the way you implemented it, makes it a bit pointless, because all the time you took didn't really result in titles created by a learning AI. You could have done the same thing faster by just programming a short python code that takes a list of titles, uses one as the baseline and then just switches words. You get a lot more bullshit in the end, because the code would not differentiate between subject, object etc. but it has the same type of "learning expierence" as your AI. Or even faster and easier: Just use the existing generator already. Again, there is no difference to your AI.

    68. Dealer of Dank memes

      I need a summary of the story and we need a title. We don’t have enough time to think of a title Just use the summary as the title

    69. Alex Panoni Furtado

      18:05 "Connor does not want to eat the sweet prince" - I want to watch this to discover why

    70. yolanda morokolo


    71. Balabaw Man

      "That time I got reincarnated as a slime" if you have read the novel you'll know why it's not a dumb title

    72. Stijn Janssens

      10:40 poor kuma kuma kuma bear xD BTW IT GOD DAMB EXISTS, altho i'm not sure if it's 2 kuma's or 3

    73. Cameron Coleman

      A certain magical index part 2: the unwanted virgin 😂😂😂

    74. Nicholas Fogarty

      “Giggukmonogatari” killed me😂

    75. Raymundo Serna

      Yo I just realized but is giguk getting enough sleep the homie eyes are like dark I hope his getting good sleep now

    76. Anmol76

      POV : you just watched log horizon and u wanna download the game and hope u get teleported

    77. Deathscyther

      You're pronouncing "Herrscher" completely wrong. It's german.

    78. LaNoir

      14:20 love how Gigguk doesn't notice that the AI is secretly insulting him to blow off some steam

    79. LaNoir

      Your thought process is flawed, who says those orignal light novel titles weren't also created by an AI? I mean, just look at them, you'd have to have a stroke while typing to come up with this shit.

    80. Lemon Samurai

      4:43 Thought hell say "I have no friends"

    81. Maitreyi Bhatt

      Look at the title of this video . . . . . Irony .🤣😶

    82. PoorGrammar313

      2:05 and then truck-kun changed that

    83. justanother monkey

      "a- ranked hero vs the hero who doesnt want to be king" and "the alchemists daugher: an explosion with magic" actually sounds pretty interessting

    84. YaBoiBeJoshin

      Isn't this an old video from last year?

    85. qwillerr

      not gonna lie.... if there was a light novel called "kuma kuma kuma bear kuma kuma bear bear 2: the lost world"... id read it

    86. HoodieSticks

      "The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius" ... isn't that just The Big Bang Theory?

    87. ShipchasePlays

      Light novel titles could easily pass for Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco song title

    88. SynTaco

      The video title itself already sounds like a light novel title

    89. SarutoKun

      “You’re trying to be intelligent? That’s cringe bro”.

      1. SarutoKun

        Garnt just spits out quotes nonstop it’s not even funny anymore.

    90. Ryan Cheah

      Innovation at it’s finest

    91. Ahmadsilly

      "Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai"

    92. Violet Dragnfly

      I made an ai to make fake light novel titles to see if my friends can tell the difference. The light novel

    93. Emi Naquou

      "That time I've got teleported in space and (not) survive"

    94. pseudonyム


    95. Nicolas Giaconia

      Domestic Gigguk: Starting life in another dumpster fire

    96. -A-

      You might already be aware of this, but "Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear" (くま クマ 熊 ベアー or 熊熊勇闖異世界) is a web novel.

    97. Robert Baker

      my friend has access to gpt3 through work and it's... pretty crazy good. Although some of the stuff it's good at is obvious once you think about it since a lot of it's training comes from I guess reading stuff on the internet including like fan fiction and shit so....

    98. Kyle Bolander

      I don’t comment as a policy unless it’s important. But please, please, PLEASE... make Trashbot an open source program that anyone can use! The artist challenges and cringe just write themselves!

    99. IDontKnow FC

      Ok this is killing me

    100. Fernando Cabanillas

      "The AI won't recognize my name: The story of how I dove into another rabbit hole" btw, I am a mechanical engineer, if that helps for something.