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Interspecies Reviewers: The Peak of Culture


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    1. simple samp

      man you re awsome! straight up nuts!

    2. metametang

      What the fuck

    3. FreshBakedClips

      This is basically the stepping stone of Redo of Healer

    4. Shivraj Naorem

      The madlad that suggested to put hentai in this anime knew exactly what he was doing

    5. Some Dood

      "Airing anime on hentai streaming services" Man predicted Redo of Healer

    6. JTAC Bluemansonic

      I think I need to watch Interspecies reviewers again... RELEASE SEASON 2 DAMNIT!!!!!

    7. MrAnon00


    8. Bard

      "This pushes the limits between ecchi and hentai" 1 year later, Redo of an Healer.

    9. Neels Brand

      Thank you, I loved this anime and I loved this video, and I laughed my ass off during both! Way to go Gigguk :)

    10. Shrinjoy Thakur

      Can anyone name the 2 songs near the end

    11. ItsSpeltTohru

      13:05 you can’t just play metal gear solid music to try and make airing a hentai on TV sound rightful and just

    12. Xacto

      10/10 show, we need more of this genre

    13. UnnamedHero0922

      And yet there are plans to dub Redo of Healer!!!

    14. KingCasual -Casual-Gaming-

      Wow, good thing there was never an anime released, that was so sex driven that rape was the main focus of it. Right? RIGHT?!?!

    15. Vivien Gbandi

      Everybody how watched the uncensored version of this you my friend are very very very sick. But however, you are men of culture.

    16. Michael Gbandi

      They still have the balls to make the Dub version

    17. Tassos369

      How did you not mention how the op and ed are absolute bangers?

    18. Guyslyuu

      14:12 they actually did!!!

    19. myat htet

      you predict it Lord, now we got Redo of Healer -_- I'm not complaining tho

    20. Owen Purkis

      Where can I watch this?

    21. Aaron Thompson

      You're honesty is amazing and your jokes may be honestly laugh so you have just gained yourself a subscriber

    22. Red

      You can watch it in htv , and it's uncesored I also watch the uncesored redo of healer🤣

    23. SUNiMOD

      The mad lad predicted it. Redo of healer is on that site. If you know you know.

    24. Saki Yoshida

      A year later: rEdO oF hEaLeR

    25. Cyetron

      Dude you're freaking funny lol

    26. Saucy Boi

      How the fuck does taiga compare to Kirito

    27. Silas

      I will never, ever, ever.... ever... watch this show. But, as per usual, your content has found my funny-bone.

    28. dm dm

      12:43 redo of healer : this has not age well

    29. FerretsForever94

      Also, honestly, if I had like, ONE complaint about this anime is that female reviewers (either WLW or WLM) should've also been more included. You're telling me there aren't women out there absolutely curious what getting fucked by a demon guy or girl and what the difference is? Pfft. Weaklings.

    30. cy- taku

      That salamander look soo hot

    31. OG KURPPA

      is it bad that i actually liked this anime and had some genuine laughs while watching this show?

    32. Boneless maggot

      7:50 It do really be like that

    33. Raymon Yue

      Binged the whole season after Redo of a Healer. This is god tier compared to that crap

    34. Cris Michel

      You know, it's a shame they pulled this but just… let Redo of a Healer go on going on (and also I'm pretty sure Redo will get a second season but I've heard nothing of Shield Hero after the-non-existent "problem" that wasn't even in the anime-fuss was made over it.)

    35. D C

      I know what's gonna be bought with my stimulus $, if I can find a copy

    36. Scorpionstrike7

      I can smell the culture.

    37. Hackrscrackr

      Will watch this prob

    38. xISparkzy

      Me wondering why this video is age restricted :🤔 Me after verifying my age: 😳

    39. Snopple Wopple

      69k likes Reddit moment

    40. Ren Mechs

      Meanwhile Gigguk in the future after watching Redo of a healer

    41. Levi Gaming

      there should be less hanime / antai and more anime's like the promised neverlands

    42. Products that may be dumb but I featured

      Yeah It’s pretty much only available on eBay so pog

    43. SPtripleTWO2

      How is this sponsored.

    44. space metro

      The fact that the theme song is a lewd, Japanese version of the YMCA song is just amazing.

    45. Jonathan Mendez

      Where can one see this now asking for a friend

      1. Waan (Waanlox)


    46. ダメ神

      I can’t wait for the KaiYari video

    47. Kritikal_Tots

      I literally panicked when FIblock said: ArE YOu SuRe yoU waNNA Do THis? Just accept it guys, we are men of culture. There’s no denying it...

    48. Thediosh

      Just when iwe thought we reached the peak.. redo of healer came out

    49. Kristova Indrataruna

      Gigguk: i don't know if we'll ever see an anime like that again That statement aged poorly in 2021

      1. Duffelpuffel McDuff

        I've missed something here and must ask for ELABORATION

    50. Regulus Corneas

      In the show they literally talk about people getting isekaid there

    51. Elloli

      14:10 already happened... redo of a healer

    52. Discentered Animation

      69k likes Nice...

    53. Tinkerbell

      everyone on the anime site: i came here becuse of gigguk me: i came to gigguk from the anime comment section

    54. chop

      9:44 just made me think about totally accurate battle simulator.... but hentai

    55. ChromiumEX

      When a FIblock references a hentai and I know what they’re referencing, I don’t feel gleeful surprise, I feel degenerate shame.

    56. L1GHT D3M0N

      “We’ll never see a show like this again” Redo of Healer: Well yes but actually no

    57. Ocean -

      so um where can I find this anime...

    58. Don't call The FBI


    59. Mystery M

      The "hentier" Monter Musume

    60. Mr. JvGravy

      I am from the future, you have never watched Redo of Healer

    61. crazykayzee

      hmmmm i shall upvote on the condition the value of 69k remains

    62. Daydream Hiro

      I've been fucking WAITING for a show like this!!! So excited 😁. It seems to me the way sex is handled in anime and hentai fundamentally comes from a place of sexual repression. Why can't a well written story include sex?

    63. Turismo R Grotti

      Guy in the back: amateur Interspecies Reviewer: What was that punk? Redo of healer: amateur

    64. Bravoshky

      Boy, he was he not ready for redo of a healer

    65. Kaizze C

      Airing hentai on anime sites and anime on hentai sites. Seems legit

    66. Kaizze C

      Or in Chinese "smashing the plant

    67. al

      that's a rabbit you sick fuck lmao

    68. Cold Iron

      There is some nipple in the manga. It just comes from a rabbit girl that’s something like 90% rabbit.

      1. C Radica

        There are nipples in the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Manga

    69. Mandragora

      14:00 - 14:01 this should be a viral gif lol

    70. Void of Abiss


    71. Nitish Kapur

      Gigguk - I'm afraid more shows would not push those boundaries Redo of the Healer - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    72. Dansy

      You should review kaifuku jutsushi

    73. Ted Zhang

      season 2 when ;)

    74. vchg hgfxh

      this vid has almost 69k likes,leeettss gooo boiz

    75. Creamy

      i love bobs

    76. Kidoren

      ok but on god lovely heart 2 ed slapped

    77. Tú Phạm

      if Interspecies Reviewers is The Peak of Culture then what is Redo of the healer

    78. Cyber Alex

      5:20 i thought the first one is all i knew but wtf so many more lmfao

    79. Hotrob

      This show is literally a softcore porn parody of itself.

    80. Ultra ninja

      7:40 "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today"

    81. Geoker in da hood

      Where can i watch this

    82. Chubby Bunny 123

      Where can I watch this

    83. Nugget

      So there’s no full on showing scenes

    84. Grexy1x

      The more you think about it the more you realize crim could impregnate himself

    85. hades the banisher

      They wont stop until you die Me: worth it

    86. Wolfee21

      The peak of "Plot"

    87. Sanctuary Guardian

      heyy you use too?😃

    88. Véres_yeager

      Whats the name of this anime

    89. Brian Lin

      The game is now abandoned

    90. #ff0000Sasagawa Ryunosuke

      ishuzoku reviewers s2 plessss

    91. maartenboy37

      Can't wait for: "Part 2: Redo of Healer"

    92. Surya Raj

      Gigguk: Interspecies reviewers has pushed the boundaries! Redo of Healer: Hold my cup

    93. ThatIdiot LoL

      Where I can watch it it's categorized as a "nonesense comedy".

    94. Toofpasste

      And now we have shit like Redo of a Healer redefining those lines :/

    95. Johnel Ross Dapat

      The fucking rabbit at 4:39 always kills me xD

    96. LightTerror

      Its like a rom hentai but its not rom

    97. PLO O

      With the sucubi room I’m going in, I have nothing to lose

    98. Blackbananaman

      A colab with nux would be fire

    99. Anxiealt

      Someone give me the sauces please at 13:55 & 14:03

    100. Confusing Puppo

      So basically they call an hentai an anime. End of story.