Mushoku Tensei Is An Isekai Masterclass


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    Isekai Trash? Nah, how about Isekai treasure.

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. Landen Moudy

      Part 2 of season one releases in October. Part 1 was absolutely amazing. The Perversion was a little bit much, but it didn’t take away from the amazing storyline and character development.

    2. Anime Waifu


    3. Tristan Ananoria

      "music makes the nice noise" damn, connor must've felt that

    4. Derek

      This is one of the super rare animes that got me so addicted to the point where I'm reading the novel

    5. Mlglionknight Productions

      I just released that at 6:02 the song Tainted Love started to play in the background. I’m impressed that I recognised a song older than me but disappointed in myself for not noticing that detail sooner.

    6. JackTheYeager

      Gig guy United bill and anime! A GLORIOUS DAY

    7. Was geht sie Das an

      Whats the background music between 6:00 and 6:38?

    8. goku-san green

      Its goes to trash in the manga tho

    9. F.B.I. Administrator

      The MC's op powers is his own hardwork not like any other isekais that makes a goddess give it to them

      1. Hirami Kuharu

        Too bad rudeus's power from someone else.... but yeah its become bigger cause of his hardworks

    10. Levi oh Sah _

      Just wait till y’all see Daddy God Orsted 🤤

    11. Psychronia

      Master class? It taught the class.

    12. Ben Dietrich

      "It's never too late for a coming of age story." As someone who is currently struggling, this hit hard. Thank you, Gigguk.

    13. otakuop

      1:56 there is a religion in the Ln

    14. DecisiveZoom

      So what you're saying is they are like humans with flaws?

    15. Trap Enthusiast

      No he actually made a religion out of roxy's panties the religion of 3 goddess , roxy only found out after rudy died (old age) also eris had the lamest death ever like legit she trained after turning 74 get tired and just went guess i die without anyone noticing she died like bruh. Also it gets confusing for like 2 volumes with this throwaway universe that happened because rudy forgot about his family time travel bullshit gravity magic thinggy yada yada yada and the web nover just proceeds to forget about it and if you want to know who rudy ends up with its.... YES HIS CHILDHOOD GREEN HAIRED FRIEND! And his demon race teacher, and his cousin actually the series ended at least the series jobless reincarnation ended because mushoku tense hasnt ended but jobless reincarnation ended with a timeskip BUT RIGHT BEFORE that time skip rudy has a foursome taht didnt get explained. Also he is not your anos voldigoad or any op main character yes he is in deed op but he got his ass cheeks clapped 3 times in a single battle but still get the major world power title because of getting the last hit on north god kalman 3rd you stole the kill (but north god didnt actually die so ghat is more bullcrap) from eris north god kalman the 2nd and ruijerd this is at the end of the web novel so very far of also did i mention eris pulled the buying milk trick on rudeus after having a premarital quicky? But she became a sword king they get back together also she defeated the ex sword god because he has hesitation issues after losing to a mere sword king amd not sword emperor also rudy became ironman .. Yes he is a water emperor (without relising it he became a water emperor before becoming a water king but he chose to make his own earth magic like bruh also his title is rudeus of the quagmire you could have been magic king or magic emperor but you chose to be "quagmire" also he made an unofficial god class magic by making a fuckin nuke but his enemy be like no no god class magic here take this dragon gate technique and go cry in the fuckin corner over there

    16. Pandaman 10

      The first episode was so good I cracked down and read all the light novels that were available. And they were fantastic

    17. Felix

      Does everyone want gigguk made shin megami tensei video

    18. Crispy Chan

      anos volde something(im shit at spellinh) make me laugh

    19. Hot Pancake

      you forgot another line "It's never too late to get isekaid and experience the same thing."

    20. Bruno Martins de França

      wait,is Digimon a isekai? I thought it was some kind of Pokemon

      1. Bruno Martins de França


    21. MultiGoban

      10:05 your comedy style is my favorite in the whooole world uwu~

    22. Álvaro Thomaz

      Can someone please tell me the name of the song that starts at 10:16 ? Can't seem to find it

    23. Γιώργος Οικονομίδης

      Hey, just posting this because I want to support one of my favourite creators, Sufferents. It's an amazing manga analysis -and sometimes anime review- channel which deserves all the attention it can get. The guy running it is creative, has a great asmr voice and puts huge amounts of effort into making his videos unique and aesthetic. The dude has about 98.4k subs at the moment and is hoping to hit 100k by the time of his birthday (early July). I love his work so I'm begging you to go and check him out. Pls pls pls weeb power

      1. Arsh Grewal

        Same dude is lit.

    24. Jayden Terrell

      i might watch it

    25. hibuya ashrizal

      Waiting patiently for *Studio Nut* debut

    26. Maki

      What's the outro music

    27. Jonas Stavaris

      9:28 that is literaly conor(cdawgva)

    28. Unrelated Coma

      if isekai and my girl drownin, and i can only save one, catch me at my girl funeral, watching How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

    29. Trooper Fishing

      Thanks for the recommendation. I really enjoyed this show.

    30. Gigguk notice me


    31. Connor Kent!

      So far, it's among the best Isekai I've watched.

    32. Chicken Nuggie

      This is the most scuffed good anime

    33. Feanx

      Gigguk: "We could make a religion out of this" Me: "Yeahhhhhh, maybe idk man"

    34. Robby2time

      This whole video was so wholesome and then it cuts to the outro and we see the poster... :|

    35. Win Sandar Kyaw

      5:04 pretty sus

    36. Zero Two

      Nice touch adding the LOTR music in there.

      1. Zero Two

        @Mirefong Balkan it stands for lord of the rings. If you listened closely during the video at one point you could hear the main theme playing in the background.

      2. Mirefong Balkan


    37. Scott Nimura

      I know this is late, and no ones asking but I just want to say I do not fully agree with this video (this is a long comment, just saying) . I LOVE Mushoku Tensei, it was literally, one of the first kind of “Isekai” that I and many others read many years ago, and one of my favorite anime. However, I will say that objectively, it is not an amazing Isekai. After the initial first two arks, it gets a little boring (a lot of people agree with this too) when Rudy tries to find all his family and friends, and even after there are times when it is frustrating and a little stale (Also not to deter you, but if you read the LN or Manga, there are times when it gets f-ing annoying, especially with Sylph doing something later on). When doing an Isekai, you can go for a couple routs. You can go for something unique like ReZero or No game no life, which usually turn out not so good, if done wrong, which those two do not, you can go for the reincarnation method with a baby like this one, or summoned to another world like Reincarnated into a slime, or Overlord, where they are usually some hero/op character. In its own category, yea it is amazing, but when you compare it to some of the titans of Isekai like Konosuba, The familiar of Zero, or some of the others I mentioned before, it falls short. I am sorry, I just cannot compare Mishoku Tensei from an objective POV to some of these, let alone call it something that has nothing wrong with it. It’s cool if that’s what you think, but I’m just putting this out there.

    38. Daksh Mandavkar

      I was not expecting to hear Anos Voldigod. 1.09

    39. Leo Okie

      Mushoko tensei has someone who is also isekai’d and does want to go back, because she has things left in the other world.

    40. Ramon alfredo novas

      Moshuco tensei el mejor del mundo 🌍🇩🇴👍🏻❤️🇯🇵

    41. Gukutto *

      For me Mushoku is definition of what I always expected from Isekai

    42. Reaper295


    43. Flynn Dragonfire

      I like this series because they actually explained why he got isekaid

    44. Spaaccee -

      i wouldn't be shocked to see death i would be like: ew gross

    45. Mr.TacoLlama

      did anyone actually try to call 1-800-kill-me-now

    46. Kyzerx

      Gigguks videos are honestly art.

    47. Larrytheblobfish .p

      i would call 1800-kill-me-now

    48. Felipe Luna

      I feel like us webnovel/lightnovel readers are hyping it up too much for the anime onlys

    49. Jayu

      Been reading a lot of trash isekai lately looking for a similar gem but no luck so far

    50. Anime world

      I think Gigguk is secretly sponsoring all issekai in this world

    51. Slyswiper

      I loooove the guilty gear reference 😆

    52. Anime moment clips

      if you like mushiko tensei you should read the beginning after the end

    53. NoobGuyHere

      My religion is roxy's pantsu

    54. Skullzer96

      They just finished the dub and man I want more !

    55. Bruno

      6:45 why did you need to put the made in abyss music??? that really reminds me of some stuff man, cmon

    56. Misha Kamui

      as someone who read the manga, light novel and seen the anime, I have one thing to say... this Isekai is going to be the future equivalent of AOT, I can confidently say this is gonna make history in the history of anime once it all airs out (if it was carried out perfectly unlike the promised neverland)

    57. First Last

      Is it me, or does the adult eng dub voice of Rudi sound exactly like the adult narrator (Ralphie) in the movie "A Christmas Story"?

    58. bash will

      Dope vid

    59. Dida a

      1:44 Never before has a plot twist of such magnitude unfolded right in front of my very eyes

    60. mrgw982

      3:40 if you call, it'll way "You have reached a non-working number at '1-800-Car-Accident'"

    61. mrgw982

      What's the anime at 0:36 that Garnt refers to as one of the bad ones?

    62. Pokemon Master

      You should have said "people died when they are kill"

    63. Hunter Nichols

      For using a lot of references you have my sub and like

    64. Kenshi

      amazing video

    65. waiba Hanzo


    66. Corrupted Dodo

      ima be honest the intro of this anime fucking rocks

    67. Corrupted Dodo

      there is no such thing as bad isekai

    68. itzTaws

      lotr background music

    69. Soldier Stride

      I am so glad you didn't straight up utterly hate on the father like some other people. You said everything I thought of when watching the anime and everything I wanted to hear from others after watching it. The story, characters, theming, history, everything. Thank you.

    70. Simon Roy

      Ah yes! The famous studio nut !!

    71. Varun Tyagi


    72. WkiD

      Gigguk always does that montage thing in the end of every anime breakdown and it always got me.

    73. MattGarZero

      Please never stop talking about isekai. I can't get enough of this hot garbage or people talking about it.

    74. Quingy Studios

      🤣🤣😂😂😂 call 1-800 kill me now 🤣😂😂😂😂

    75. Andy Kong

      I don't like most of the isekai (except those really good like Konosuba, Zero no tsukaima,etc). But I heard Butterfly, so I gave like. 4:42 Wait is that Guilty Gear?! I think I recognize that 8 year-old mother. 10:31 Dare you show that car scene again. That teared my heart apart when I first saw it.

    76. me me

      9:28 lol.

    77. 5thGen

      Masterpiece !

    78. Thanos The Mad Titan

      what's the song at 1:49

    79. ExertionEdits

      When the Made in Abyss soundtrack "the first layer" started playing at 06:43 I completely lost my shit. Gigguk always has the best music choices for his videos.

      1. iamSparJo

        thank you! was looking for this!

    80. A M

      What's the music played at 11:15? Been scouring but can seem to find where I've heard this before.

    81. Melissa Wunderlich

      All I need to say is “Agreed”

    82. LazyLiam

      Sorry if this already exists but I would love breakdowns and videos like this about the manga too. I am all up to date on Mushoku Tensei and would love to hear your take on where it's at.

    83. Jansenn Arnold Verallo

      This video is a recommendation to people who has a problem like the protagonist.... And to encourage us to be hit by Truck-kun 😂👍

    84. Randy Abreu

      You like good anime 🤣😂

    85. News to You

      Hero is an anime I actually wacht for both the hentai and plot

    86. Jordan A

      "So jump in front of a truck today, and get transported to the world of your dreams!" "Call 1-800-Kill-Me-Now to schedule your next truck driver!" Me: *Feverish Dialing Intensifies*

    87. Luke Leon

      number 1 best selling light novel on amazon.... enough said

    88. Luke Leon

      the best anime RN

    89. Amos Teo

      I'm nearing the end n it's not halfway as good as the hype u nerds and dweebs make it out to be. Its quite a subpar anime honestly. I never felt the desire to savour it and not wanting it to end. Its at best a good binge worthy isekai anime.

    90. Hamza Saeed

      Upvoted for the Hoovies garage theme.

    91. Radioactive Guy

      I’ve read the source material and I can confidently say that this anime is better than the manga

      1. yuki.

        i can also confidently say that every other adaptation of mushoku tensei is better than the manga. the manga adaptation is good, don't get me wrong. however, the novels and the anime are WAYYYY better than it.

    92. Akshay Suggula

      Something about this show screams “insane quality” like Spice & Wolf. I think it might be the music, characters and dialogue. Easily the best Isekai for sure.

      1. TheBraveGallade

        the studio itself was made with the thought of adapting the LN.

      2. SpartanChief17

        I’d love Spice & Wolf to get more love sometime in the future, but for the time being, this is nice

    93. Lunipu

      Beautiful video Gigguk ❤️

      1. Anonymous

        Banana fish very underated

    94. Lunipu

      I hope we'll get many many seasons ❤️

    95. michael taufik

      bro gigguk you have same eas as me dude

    96. Crafter

      gigguk that dearly beloved song is so good i love the fact that u made the best choice

    97. Norwin Kyle Mamolo

      Quality Content is OVER 9000!!!!!

    98. ThatNerd WhoLikesStarWars

      I just want an isekai ( I hope I spelled that right ) that has a more balanced cast and realistic characters.

    99. John Wiese

      Sylphie best girl

      1. John Wiese

        @Miteigi i have now read the manga and am reading the web novel and changed my mind eris is easily best girl and i love her shes my prof pic now

      2. Miteigi


    100. John Wiese

      Is it reeeeally that good, i just finished season 1 today and its like, good, but not great