Spring Anime 2021 in a Nutshell


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    So Anime is pretty damn good who could've guessed.

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. billy leh

      Thnx gigguk you have made me become addicted to zombie idols

    2. Donni

      For this year has benn trash in anime. There almost nothing that a like a lot.

    3. Rorschach guy

      13:30 Bruh you got us real good 😂😂😂

    4. Marek Siciński

      15:13things aren't 'discovered'

    5. Marek Siciński

      that's not the point 7:07 how is this related 8:19 again how is that related?

    6. Marek Siciński


    7. Marek Siciński

      3:18 I mean it is the og

    8. Marek Siciński

      2:42 tan rather than tanned, Okinawan

    9. Marek Siciński

      Combatants wasn't very good

    10. Abudora Chan

      Vivy is easily anime of the season imo

    11. DeLucios

      7:42 There is no Timeskip in Usagi Drop. That was just a dream, a weird dream with many many chapters and please, make me forget that ending!!!!

    12. Alvin

      Vivy's Bizarre Adventure

    13. Edward Hahm

      Vivy was freaking beautiful. Amazing show. I know I'm a bit late, but I started watching the show after reading the description and thinking that it was an interesting premise, what's basically Detroit: Become Waifu.

    14. Tan K. W. Clarence

      Picked up Vivy after this video. Am so happy to do so. Thank you gigguk!

    15. Xuân Thảo Nguyễn Thị

      i don't think is a freakin' laser beam attached to their head, it's a canon attached to the head. 11:07

    16. Waza's MainQuest 🕹️

      Please don't compare anything to Code Geass again. Ever. Never. thanks.

    17. MehrabMKG

      Thx Sydney

    18. CAT SLAYER

      "code geass,austrialla" Hahahah😂😂😂

    19. Jared

      aight other than To Your Eternity hit me with them anime that just go ahead and decide to batista bomb your feels and leave you even more empty than when you started

    20. John Smith

      13:44 Is that Through The fire and flames ?

    21. goku-san green

      Why did they realise combatants will be dispatched it doesn't even have 50 chapters ALSO WHERE KONASUBA SEASON 3 AT

    22. Logic Generation

      „Guys, I don't think this is Love Live" Idk, it may be

    23. kissing88

      Ahh this is where I come to cherry pick the ones worth watching each season

    24. Trent

      Yo so when you flashed your age I felt that in my bones... yah know cause I'm old

    25. radical games

      Damn i wouldnt have googled your age if i knew you were gonna do it lmao

    26. wisp

      “300 demon lord Loli waterboards a cancer patient” holy fuck that would be a great show ngl

    27. KunaiYT

      can someone pls tell me which website he uses for seeing what top current amines are pls pls pls...

      1. Royami

        Is my anime list ( MAL for short)

    28. ReaperBTW

      What site does he find the anime on?

      1. Royami

        It's my anime list ( MAL for short)

    29. 22 _Rohan

      86 was the best show

    30. Mox Korna

      I did not expect to hear through the fire and the flames here

    31. senju mix

      Yall sleep HEAVY on Megalobox

    32. Jayden Terrell

      tokyo revengers has been my fav anime as of recent, but its not my all time favorite

    33. Nguyên Khôi Trần Tiễn

      I've just caught up with 86 and gotta say, like Vivy, this anime is underrated...while its message about inequality, politics is still relevant and clear

    34. Der Bruvva

      white notes is just hillbilly music

    35. Frederick Grandison

      Best Spring of the year

    36. senogi5❤

      I started watching it ...it's a nice anime but it's really for +18 I'm just 13 I regret that I am watching it☺☺

    37. Moe

      Why rent, when you can buy ?

    38. tutor shin

      “alright now play wonderwall” 💀💀💀

    39. muhammad haiqal

      4:57 Don't mind me just stamping my fav anime this season

    40. Drakey Is cool

      shinji can you just drive the fucking eva end: OH SHIT ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AND I FOUND A GIRL LET ME CHOKE HER

    41. Auto Boy

      I’m not sure if I want to watch to your eternity as I’m scared of the scar it might leave me

    42. DarkClarity

      Just taking a moment to say I appreciate these videos every season very much.

    43. Aether

      Nomad is so slept on its super good

    44. SolitudeDragon

      Greetings. I know this is an older video but I tend to watch things late on your channel so that I can binge watch the anime you review. Anyway, the reason I've posted after watching your stuff on and off for almost a year is because of your thoughts on the shamisen. I know this is an anime channel but I'd like to recommend a band...Wagakki Band. They've been around since 2013 and houses (in my opinion) one of the best modern shamisen players I've ever listened to: Ninagawa Beni.

    45. AlexYeets


    46. blossomic

      I like the use of Japan Sinks Soundtrack :)

    47. cookiethe lord

      Vivy: Fluorites Eye Song is super underrated! Great fight scenes, music, plot. Gonna be honest from what I've seen, the marketing for this wasn't very good, the first minute of the advertisement had no explanation of the plot and it legitimately looked like an idol anime.

    48. Keith Charland

      Through the fire and the flames jesus

    49. Γιώργος Οικονομίδης

      Hey, just posting this because I want to support one of my favourite creators, Sufferents. It's an amazing manga analysis -and sometimes anime review- channel which deserves all the attention it can get. The guy running it is creative, has a great asmr voice and puts huge amounts of effort into making his videos unique and aesthetic. The dude has about 98.4k subs at the moment and is hoping to hit 100k by the time of his birthday (early July). I love his work so I'm begging you to go and check him out. Pls pls pls weeb power

    50. karsow 2054

      7:15 and 8:18 Best moments

    51. Clauds Fake

      Really wish you covered Shadows House, really love it, its kinda a slightly magic Holms era Noir seres. really worth reviewing

    52. Александр Рэйн

      Rather than dropping the ball Usagi Drop just took it and place it to... a slightly unusual place.

    53. Naruen

      12:20 oh god no please no

    54. Voltage

      What about how not to summon a demon lord season 2?

    55. KiraAsakura14

      You know people haven't heard Wagakki when they don't respect the Shamisen

    56. Gamerdept

      You really used a bit of Kainé's song in the To Your Eternity bit, didn't you?

    57. Unrelated Coma

      Sydney needs to work on those ninja skills

    58. Gigguk notice me


    59. Gigguk notice me


    60. Fish

      Why no actual Thunderbolt Fantasy review though?

      1. Knoloaify

        I hope someone will get around to that. I've caught up to the latest episode in the last few days and this show is so underrated it hurts.

    61. Mr Cookie

      What is this website that shows the new animes

      1. Bariq99


    62. Eli Rhoad

      An interesting one I've found is shadow House. Loli doll is face of faceless person tries not to be a loli

    63. Justin Brooks

      What is the music @ 3:51?

    64. Rodrigo Boghossian

      Cheap blow on the dog scene

    65. Thunder Likes Manga

      I think the Shamisen is now my favorite instrument.

    66. al

      to your eternity is so freaking good.

    67. Juan Miguel Sanchez


    68. rinm07

      kiras theme was perfect there

    69. Saher campong

      Did u guys saw redo of healer?

    70. carissa ap

      Gigguk pls check out Shadows House. Its an interesting series both manga and anime. It's a mystery, supernatural, seinen and slice of life. It's slowburn but it's its intriguing and as the plot goes on it gets kore and more interesting

    71. Gojou Satoru-cock

      Gigguk just lost his chance to talk about "Osamake: Where the Childhood Friend Won't Lose" and he'll be like: "Finally, an anime that THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND will win-oh wait. They are all childhood friends... ... F*CK."

    72. Yui desu

      12:21 fuck off Grant, I know it has been like 10 years but still too soon.

    73. Knuklz

      intro song plz

    74. JacobG

      Your deception in February 😭😭😭

    75. maru

      Bro the k-on soundtracks

    76. Elusive8k

      Where’s the guy at 1:15 from?

      1. Strong


    77. pkツ

      so the dog/wolf dies in to your eternity?? time to take that anime off my plan to watch

      1. Nathan Ocampo

        watch it man, its a masterpiece, well the dog part is a little more complicated than that

      2. Bariq99

        Dude no.. Watch it I don't wanna spoil what happens to the dog but just watch it pls

    78. Sidney Omulo

      I know this is a weird comment, but does anybody know what song gigguk is playing at the 2min8sec mark? It sounds familiar, almost like 80s JP pop....

    79. Dylan Coles

      Every episode of vivy feels like a miniature high quality movie. It's hard to believe the episodes are 20 minutes long.

    80. Joshua Sulentic

      Dude, if you do a video on 86, you've gotta talk to someone who is military, specifically combat arms. It means a lot more to us whose job is to go and die.

    81. WiMDS

      while I love aot, jjk and wonder egg priority last season, this season is so much better imo.

    82. Lucky Abdurrahman

      when I read fumetsu no anata e, I didn't feel sadness, nor did I cry, all I felt was despair

    83. Kheli Dube

      I'm pretty new to anime. Where can I watch most of these? Not sure what sites to use.

      1. Bariq99

        @Kheli Dube np

      2. Kheli Dube

        @Bariq99 sweet! Ok thank you will try that.

      3. Bariq99

        CrunchyRoll is the best one

    84. Biggiecheese

      What song is on 2:06

    85. LettiLexi

      So glad you talked about 'Those Snow White Notes'. I watched it on a whim and when Setsu played on stage, I started crying out of nowhere. I am like you. I've never been interested in the Shamisen but the way it's played hits something. The show ended up being one of the best anime of the year for me. Also when Umeko sang, I had to re-watch it several times. It was phenomenal.

    86. Ezra Beatty

      The usage of Kaine's track from NieR gave me chills

    87. BenJamin Croft

      Zombieland Saga: Revenge, episodes 8 & 9.... where the fuck did this come from!

    88. cLoud unDerWeather

      "I didn't know if this came from the same writer as a silent voice and honestly I don't think that matters at all" Author: THE FUCK?? I better get my credit!!

    89. Ryouske Takahashi

      Cannot fathom how he never mentioned wonder egg priority

      1. And I oop-

        it was winter season lol

    90. Chiraag Keisham

      6:35 that's exactly what I did

    91. Boat Man

      3:18 thats best waifu uzaki is also cool i guess

    92. Asriel The Space Shiba

      Gigguk: "Alright, now play Wonderwall" Player: *build up tense music* *2 drum beats* Random dude: YHOOOOOOOOOOU! Samurai: "You call?"

    93. sabe gp

      Man, 86 is so good tho, dunno why people are going around in the Crunchyroll comments saying it's bad.

    94. Vano Sanchez

      Odd taxi is an underrated gem...

    95. SB 555

      07:43 Yeah i hope it not will be Usagi Drop 2.0

    96. Trí Nguyên Trương

      Vivy is behind masochistic simulator, 3 isekais, a harem show and a pedophile show. I've lost faith in humanity

    97. Carl Benedict Garces

      Hey Gigguk. Just curious... Why didn't you talk about Fruits Basket? What are your thoughts on the anime? You have talk about many of the returning anime except for that.. Love your Anime in a Nutshell Series

    98. Supermonkeybros13

      Ima do a all nighter to watch most of the anime on this video

    99. Numstar

      Yooooo bro, vivy is a banger, i dont know why i skipped over it somehow, but i found one clip from it on coub an oh maaan i got excited, got to watch all 10 episodes available now AND OH MAN THERE IS A TWIST!! surely this is the most underwatched anime of the season.. of a several years even.. oh god i love it Everything you've said is totally spot on, i was so surprised when i watched first episode(Did i miss somewhere? is this the correct anime? IT IS? WTF!?)

    100. Vanglhun

      that Prison School OST at 3:52 was🔥🔥 Prison School season 2 WHEN!!!😭