Summer Anime 2020 in a Nutshell


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    Who needs Anime when you have VTubers

    Intro song: Super Riser by Nanidato

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. Kendrick Raphael Ticoalu

      Pizza mozzarella

    2. Vylad Nelson

      what’s the anime at the before the intro that talks about covid???

    3. Rage 2000

      1:20 Imagine being an all powerful being capable of reasoning and speaking from the moment you were born, but not knowing your own name _This X comment X was X made X by X the X Hunter X Association_

    4. project WEEB

      Is that season 2 or season 1 or are you saying there's going to be a season 2 to umez chan?

    5. The Yangem

      2:25 meanwhile Nasa is like "ha, cute"

    6. Justanormalviewer

      Ah yes the male version of Mary Sue

    7. ExMacc

      had ijiranaide even been announced yet back then ????

    8. ōak plays games

      Ok now time for question time WHAT TF DOES GIGGUK USE FOR HIS GODAMN WATCHER i mean like eg animelab? Crunchyroll WHAT TF DOES HE USE SOMEONE FUCKING TELL ME

    9. Chr1stian

      5:12 Post nut clarity: The Anime

    10. Jed Gesulga

      oregairu 3 is underrated af. season 2 was released 6 years ago, i think. die hard fans must've been wanting people to build a hype for it.

    11. Potato Guy

      I swear any references to chobits sill always hurt

    12. Pratik

      Great pretender is dope👌

    13. YourTsar

      8:00 dunno why I laughed so hard at that

    14. aight n

      No more komi fans on suicide watch

    15. LazyLiam

      Thanks to this I watched Deca-dence The Great Pretender and Japan Sinks and they were completely amazing. Thankyou!

    16. Joe Byethen

      Sumi is best girl


      Boku no pico is way to dangerous to be alive

    18. BaronVonAnime

      5:24 We've seen enough Anime to know where this is going *literally the next scene* Oh... Called it :D

    19. Justin Johm Palabricka

      whar is the name of the first anime about the vaccine thing?

    20. Logan Moon

      Me hearing pizza mozarella on the background. *salute*

    21. Art1ce

      gotta appreciate the use of darling ost

    22. Mysterio

      What website do u use mannnnn?

    23. Joseph Virostek

      could someone tell me the song starting at 0:22 thanks:D

    24. benjack

      1:26 did not expect that 😅

    25. Noah Hevey

      Men of culture, help me. What is the doujinshi 9:14

    26. Just some guy on the internet.

      I just completed 'Demon king academy' and wanted to give my take on it It's STUPID and I LOVE IT

    27. Daniel Lopez

      Never realized how dry an anime season could be until 2021

    28. James Endicott

      Anos Voldigoad is so powerful that he isn't embarrassed by his parents showing baby pictures to a girl he brought home. I'm not even kidding. That's literally a thing that happens. They are going completely over the top, gushing, showing off baby pictures from last month, and so on. He just sits there with a calm, slightly smug smile because he's a good son who his parents are proud of. That's right. He's so powerful that he is a teenage rebel despite maintaining a healthy relationship with his parents. It's not even a one off joke, he legitimately does care about what his parents think about him and themselves, risking his life (I mean, not really because he's OP but it's the thought that counts) to help build his father's confidence.

      1. Lucas Dias Vilaça

        OP and wholesome, the perfect chad. I legitimately liked that show

    29. Bob Jhon

      You forgot Japan dinks 2020 has 2020 fucking 20 in the name

    30. Minnesota Fatts

      Demon King Academy is Ultra Instinct Shaggy at 50% power.

    31. Doctor Ouroboros

      Japan sinks 2020 literally made me fucking cry dude

    32. Zack Viegut

      04:05 When did my screen become a mirror?

    33. a man of history

      Anos voldigoad *We can make a religon out of this*

    34. MegaHunter29

      that scene of the rock falling on the kids head gets me every time.

    35. Nekksplitta

      rent a girlfriend was so good, I love that we got a great series with adult characters

    36. fishe cllub

      He made a tsundere be true to their feelings? Impossible.

    37. The Truth

      Can't believe he didn't even watch Oregairu.. It's literally the BEST anime of that season. Heck, I'd call it my best anime of 2020.

    38. Frank. Giogas.


    39. Dark Past

      The reason i only lasted about 8 episodes on RE:ZERO is my mental health cant take it

    40. EpicGamerDoge

      "WhaT ThE HeLl ThIs GamE Is RerI ZeCk"

    41. Lesio

      I want season 2 of Rent-a-Girlfriend but with less tissues

    42. dream waifu

      Rent a girlfriend more like bend a girlfriend hahaha it is funny..... wait that's not funny.

    43. ArPax

      Task failed succesfully

    44. Maple

      8:00 Not gonna lie, I didn't expect that lmao

    45. kausly

      we literally are doomed, this virusis gonna kill everyone

    46. waiba Hanzo


    47. d1na

      Pizza Mozzarella Pizza Mozzarella

    48. Harry Wardle

      there was a JoJo's reference in the intro. comment if you've figured it out

    49. Sanal Cayenne


    50. animation channel

      2:27 i better call my girl right quick

    51. Yin Maung Thant

      No one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: 4:06 Me: Ah,I see you play Arknights.

    52. naemwear

      sydneys voice scared me I thought mom came home jesus christ\ edit: (it happened again)

    53. Neo Numinous

      So there were not dance fighting?

    54. Empower TechClass1

      Did he just quote SAO Abridged???!!!! This man a legend!!!

    55. Multiplayer Master

      yeap i love it too 2:00

    56. Sonali

      0:31 which Anime?

    57. Sonali

      0:31 which Anime?

    58. Sonali

      0:31 which Anime?

    59. Robert Valko

      Loved demon king academy... His parents were great!

      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    60. Hecantonchire s

      is this a jojo reference

      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    61. YaBoiLem

      10:20 i actually loved that reference to the sao in 5 mins, you should do an updated version for the while thing now its all released

      1. Sonali

        @YaBoiLem I'm asking which anime is that In 0:31 or 0;33

      2. YaBoiLem

        @Sonali u mean sword art online?

      3. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    62. Al Gon


      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    63. Osteelgen

      Help I got an ad from a university in my country with half a second of an anime girl

      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    64. Shokuhou Misaki

      6:14 6:37 ah yes P E A K W A I F U

      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    65. Dude Stop

      "If it actually lives up to the hype I'll shout it again" *sob*

      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    66. Potion Trader

      "Don't you fucking use crystal meth" himemori luna

    67. Creamy

      i love bobs

    68. Ordyxal

      *Pizza Mozarella*

    69. :0

      4:53 isn't that penny and Lesley ...

      1. Sonali

        0:31 which Anime?

    70. Tohru

      god of high school just took the tournament arc from yuyu hakusho and turned it into a whole anime.

    71. Vladimir Efest

      What happened there at the end?

    72. Nate Vu

      10:35 "I got this" "All new Honda"

    73. pawan 13

      Lucky bastard 🤣🤣

    74. Taein Kang

      Just wanna say that Gigguk with sunglasses and a body pillow looks really sexy

      1. Pakistani Weeb


    75. R33L Sniper

      I really enjoyed god of Highschool

    76. HN


    77. Dabyss

      god of highschool is from a webtoon

    78. Adiraj Singh

      The intro background music... It's Pizza Mozzarella...

    79. Jupiter

      Bruh I'm hella late to this but did anyone notice penny and leslie from amazing world of gumball? 4:53

    80. SALT

      Do you know why am I watching this video ? Cuz I wanna improve my listening skills That's it 🗿

    81. FTS Dalt

      0:26 song?

      1. baek cat

        let me be with you

    82. Fortnitemaster

      I don't like how they did that girl on the thumbnail on the video dirty. Well I don't know her, but still.

    83. RO DP

      I like how Rent a Girlfriend takes place in college

    84. RO DP

      I can’t wait for please don’t bully me Nagatoro

    85. Siddharth Ganesh

      spoiler alert, it didnt live up to the hype

    86. Romeo Köln

      I read Super Hxeros thinking it was h-Manga and was pleasently suprised

    87. Big yeet

      Deca dence = attack on franxx mad darling

    88. Naomii Chan.mp4


    89. Andre Pereira

      Record of Ragnarok will be the show that makes Gigguk shout the wise words again, you can quote me when it happens.

    90. JoeeeBoy Plays

      10:17 Klein: Look at me, I am the main character now.

    91. Jake John

      Peter grill is true culture

    92. Its Honk

      When I saw the title "The Great Pretender" I thought it was about the actual guy that seemingly gets no coverage who faked being so many high level jobs

    93. explosivo

      god of high school was trash

    94. Brekner Catalin

      I mean, there's been a few anime i watched, but the rest weren't even worth checking, lol (only talking non-sequels) The God of Highschool Rent-a-girlfiend The misfit of Demon King academy Great Pretender Japan Sinks Uzaki-chan wants to hang out

    95. Air Aired

      10:15 HE SAID THE LINE!

    96. Thatslmao 123

      You watching the Disney channel

    97. Farhan Zahoor

      am i the only one who didnt like re zero.... like at all?

      1. Hall of Memories

        @Farhan Zahoor so basically what you’re telling me is that you have low attention span ? Like how is the emotions exaggerated ? If I kill your parents in front of you then revive them again just to kill them again what would you feel ? Would you laugh ? Of course not as long you’re not a psychopath and what part of the dialogue is nonsense ? Every part of the dialogue in this show is important to the plot and world building so what you are telling me is that you have low attention span

      2. Farhan Zahoor

        @Hall of Memories like everything is exaggerated.. every emotion.. most of the times i was like.. stop getting nonsense therapy from the other characters and get to work already!!! Plus there is too much nonsense dialog.. so I don't pay attention to what they are saying n i miss the important bits and am left confused... was a pain watching this...

      3. Hall of Memories

        Why ?

    98. Kozuki Condoriano


    99. Nytt The Simp

      watching vtubers while grinding arknights.... yeah thats why I havent watch animes for months

    100. KingsArk

      00:19 dude's a millionaire and he uses a 15 dollar gaming mouse lmao legend