The Best Waifu of 2020


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    1. Moonglow creations and gaming

      Honestly chizuru compared to the other girls is just on another level Ruka becomes a clingy b*tch Mami is... well, mami And the red haired girl is too quiet(also I forgot her name)

    2. RrQz_YT

      help me.

      1. RrQz_YT

        help me 4

      2. RrQz_YT

        help me 3

      3. RrQz_YT

        help me 2

    3. BeanyBoi972

      I just caught up with the manga, and oh my God, I just want Kazuya to use his fucking brain

    4. RhinoPlug

      Mami is only reason the story moves forward. We wouldn’t be here without her. Def best girl

      1. Fernando Azúa Rivera

        I believe in Mami supremacy


      Thee best of the best 😍 my fav waifu ❤️

    6. Carl Rabanillo

      What website you use to watch anime gigguk?

    7. Sergej Volkov

      Came here for waifu talks. Why is like half of the video an essay about Kazuya? Is it him being a top waifu of 2020 or what?

    8. NEnemyOfAll

      You put Gouda on your Pizza?

    9. Beanie

      chizuru fan vs Ruka enjoyer

    10. TheKiller 0522


    11. Juan Lopez

      The best waifu of 2020 is ayesha

    12. Dean Ji

      Sumi gang wya

    13. NextGenMystix

      All facts in this vid bro I watched this in 1 day it’s sooooo gooooood

    14. Yato_ Kaze

      W I D E N I K O Y A Z A W A

    15. Glotikkx


    16. Monky.D Luffy

      The manga of rent a girlfriend is amazing.... and trust me this anime is gonna be one of the best romance anime out their

    17. the random one YT

      13 minute of chizuru supremacy

    18. Dark Storm

      The girl from nisekoi :'(

    19. Khak Thui

      I wouldn't recommend reading the manga with a bad mood, cause you're gonna hate Kazuya so much your head would likely explode, the bruh moments in the anime were just a teaser.

      1. 𝑴𝒊𝒌𝒂

        I already did, I hate him sm well I kinda understand him but still.

    20. NoThatsIllegal


    21. Jimmy (Klycix)

      1:44 Gigguk league gamer confirmed

    22. James Harding

      6:26 Can confirm. Dated a crazy chick in high school, and it was a weird fucking couple months. The egg incident was surprisingly traumatic.

    23. ゼロツーマイワイフ

      6:54 yeahhh...

    24. Weekend Fisherman

      garnt’s a simp for cheeseuru

    25. Shivansh Pachauri

      just say domestic girlfriend

    26. Chonky Boi

      But seriously, anime only fans is still only fans.

    27. Chonky Boi

      Completely agree, no arguments allowed because that's the truth.

    28. Matheus de Sousa Romero


    29. Kirbo Popstar

      I feel like this video is him just saying “your waifu is trash” for 14 minutes

    30. ItzCrazy_otaku :D

      Mami chan is the best waifu .🙂

      1. 𝑴𝒊𝒌𝒂


    31. Johnathan Cano

      Love how there is persona 4 music playing in the background every now and then, for me it just makes it better.

    32. ZERO

      I watch Rental Girlfriend more cuz of the reason I'm a super simp for Mizuhara

    33. jose Sanchez

      I just finished it and yeah I do want the next season to show kazyua developing but I will say it is unfair that he has to deal with an actor who insists on and is great at hiding her own feelings, hope the next season helps to understand her pov

    34. sixstringalchemist

      She's a re-skinned Asuna.

    35. Honest Aditya

      Now there should be a video from Gigguk titled, The chadest MC obviously feat Kazuya.

    36. Ethan

      Toga is best

    37. Chimdiie

      Garnt: "there can can only be one ending, one girl, one winner." Me: *laughs in We never learn (manga)

    38. RazorTooths

      Yeah so...the manga is just trash now sadly.

      1. 𝑴𝒊𝒌𝒂

        @Khak Thui fr

      2. Khak Thui

        The amount of times I had to relax myself after a barrage of fucking stupid decisions made by the MC, I can't even count anymore

    39. Twisted Ragnarok

      Chizuru maybe the best waifu of 2020 but Speedwagon is the best waifu for enternity

    40. Daniel Li

      hum is it bad that I'm watching this and already have a lovely girlfriend, and now I kinda like chizuru. now hear me out k? my gf has an anime boyfriend, so it's technically ok for me to have an anime crush right?

    41. ricky


    42. Blue Love

      You forgot to mention how hard working and goal oriented she is which further humanizes her as a character. She's without doubt, a top tier waifu

    43. Chloe

      I don't hate rent-a-girlfriend *But i sure do hate the MC*

    44. Myst BS

      bitch ruka is goated tf

    45. Matthew Song

      2:46 can someone tell me why this app is for 4+

    46. snowy_ cookiesea

      i see mizuhara, i click

    47. Finn

      No she’s second, first is miku from the quintuplets

    48. Zakaria Millie

      u see, Mai Sakurajima is the best girl of best girls

    49. HeroesDie12

      Community..... who was Tenchi's best girl?

    50. Thraim

      Holy fuck man you have shit taste. But it's the same kind of shit I like. Have a sub. Also Rent-a-Girlfriend is peak support harem. The other girls are literally only there to make potato-kun realise how perfect Chizuru is.

    51. Punyno

      No I’m sorry

    52. Punyno


    53. o k

      I honestly like Sumi the most after reading the spin-off manga

    54. harouin

      Man it's crazy how great the character design for mizuhara is on every aspect like her appearance and personality (Manga reader here) The way you described her is also the way I see her. She's balanced. She's grounded. She feels real like a complex human being. Unfortunately tho, the series she's in has lots of dragging done/to do for whatever reasons which affects her as a character

    55. kazehana877

      The best waifu of 2020 is real actually Rie Takahashi aka Rieri!!!

    56. Puneet Maheshwari

      rent a gf was the 3rd anime that i watched and goddamn i was soo awakward while watching it and is the 1st anime that i completed in 1night

    57. justin liew

      The Mai girl part really do be hitting hard

    58. jo e

      Wait. Who am I again?

    59. Erwin0859

      Well, that kind of could have been true, until Tonikaku Kawaii came out just at the end of the year :D

    60. prod. heezy

      Ichika Nakano was underrated in 2019

    61. Chandrayan Choudhuri

      At this point .. i just want the manga to end..

    62. Parks Crayk

      sorry but sumi and ruka are better cant change my mind

    63. Bent :3

      I'm sorry did you just insult my sumi!!?!?

    64. perqqs

      The rent a gf anime ends on manga page 76. There’s now 185 chapters and Kazuya has gotten nowhere

    65. Scum03

      >*enters room* >”Ruka is best girl” >*doesn’t elaborate* >*leaves room* 😎

      1. Kevin

        We all love Ruka

    66. Harry Corden

      Man I fucking hate it when youtubers put persona music in the background because it immediately makes me just zone out jam

    67. Leonardo Garcia

      That Umi moment was so cringe I skipped it

    68. anim

      I see chizoru I click

    69. Мейнер Джарвана

      What is that serial? 00:35

      1. supreme godfather

        It's a movie I think

    70. Angel Angelov

      Does Mikasa count as a Waifu

    71. Flyin Blaze

      facttttttttttt sumi has 3rd best written all over her face

    72. KNO4

      We don't need to agree on best girl as long as we can agree on the worst girl. *cough cough* mami

    73. Memeries

      but imagine the app being real hmmmmmmmm

    74. C-60 Raj Amberkar

      If you like Harem Then You are my besto friendo!!!😂

    75. _therealedy_

      F*ck this sh*t.....i had to choose betwen 02 and here she comes...another one.....oh my gooddddd

    76. leoHajrr Pedica

      search on Internet Francesco di Cicco,account Simply layton

    77. Aguyplaysgames

      Kazuya's character development is so good, its slow but it gets way better.

    78. Gary Zhu

      Mizuhara kinda awesome + amazing OP Rip my boy Kazuya

    79. Nafhario Mckenzie

      Bro has got generations of children in them tissues. XD

    80. Golden Wind

      I’m glad Grant and the Trash Taste gang agrees with me in terms of Best Girl. Thank you, Trash Taste gang.

    81. Tbk_instintz

      Also why is rem in the trash blue hair

    82. swamp fox

      bruh.... took the words right out of my mouth

    83. Snopple Wopple

      Rent a gf is trash

    84. Snopple Wopple

      This bookwalker is video by sponsored

    85. Benacing

      Persona 4 music be hitting different

    86. AmvForLife

      This video is to funny

    87. Boi

      Fuck it, Sumi is better

    88. Keizer ZX

      Him saying ruka’s head is stamped with 2nd place hurts

    89. anantha Krishnan S

      Where is the legend Elijah???

    90. Pràjwal pàtil

      For me RUKA is the cutest

    91. lii lulll


    92. duggy fresh

      Bro the rent a girl mc just pisses me off I honestly thought you guys were maybe being alittle hard on him on trash taste by the way you described it but I watched it after seeing that and yeah.. goddamn.

    93. Speed gamer_one

      kazuya is what u call the "bruh" part of every guy gone brrrrrrr

    94. Tim Kochany


    95. Gregor Meisen

      Top tier music choices Gigguk! Persona 4's excellent daytime theme for the set-up; and was that "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" for the Book*Walker shout-out at the beginning? Fabulous!

    96. Kyle Leo

      im pretty sure you havent seem pieck finger yet

    97. David Gonzalez

      i think you forgot someone in the blue-haired loser pile...

    98. woof

      You're supposed to hate the MC, the whole premise of the show is him being pathetic. But the real question is are we any better than him? Yeah, that's right, contemplate over that while watching your cartoons.

    99. greenbone

      Gigguk your a fucking god 🤣🤣🤣

    100. ShadowBlade

      I’m sorry but ruka is best girl not the other one. Fight me