The Problem with Reviewing Anime


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    Today I talk about the lost art of Anime reviews and why they are a none-factor in our community.

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    1. Izkata

      I'm not sure you're right about review sites for movies/tv - a year or two before this video was posted it was becoming more and more apparent that the "approved" reviewers had wildly different views of what made something good compared to the average viewer, and review sites have steadily become less and less worthwhile compared to just watching the trailers and word-of-mouth.

    2. koustab Borah

      3 million🎉🎉🎊🎊


      TBH, dragon all super was overall a mediocre to trash anime, it’s just seen as good because people are faithful to the franchise and the hype around it.

    4. code0o2

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    8. Bob Smivkt

      Rezero got down really bad at the end of season 2

    9. jonas

      Honesty I never really looked too much at reviews cuz I have a sweet spot for trash lol. Like I just watch what sounds weird/fun/dumb. And even if its bad I am almost always able to enjoy it. Like hell yeah I wanna see a girl get turned into a spider and no I dont need to watch a review cuz I am monke brain and I like most stuff that is in a genre I like

    10. CivilPulse

      The biggest problem is the anime creators can take down your channel for copyright in a heartbeat if they want to

    11. Raphael Posen

      notice the pizza mozzarella song in the later half of the video, real jojo fan here

    12. El Cid Gaming

      I didn't even know anime ratings exist 😂😂😂

    13. Amin Deilami

      Gigguk you make realize thing's

    14. ESpyro XL

      I think reviewing and analyzing anime is still an important part of the community despite anime usually being an unfinished product in comparison to the source material. It's just important to differentiate between reviewing the anime and reviewing the story. Attack on titan season one for example. Despite the Manga bring further into the story than the anime, you can still review attack on titan as an anime. The animation is pleasing to watch, the music is excellent, the voice acting is done well, and most of the characters are very entertaining to watch interact with each other. There's good action, tension, mystery, etc etc. Personally I think eren is annoying in season one the way he is blind to the realities he faces like Annie being the female titan and his idea of slaying all the titans. I also find Mikasa's constant worry and overprotection of eren annoying. Both of those issues for me are solved later on in the series, but that doesn't necessarily make them any less of an issue when reviewing season one in a vacuum and it also doesn't always solve those problems when I go back to rewatch. The problem in reviewing comes when the first season is assumed to be all that a story could ever be. I would rank the first season of jujutsu kaisen as a 9 or 10/10, but it can only keep that rating assuming more seasons are released and are of similar quality. If all we were ti get is one season I'd likely rate it as a 7/10 in perspective of the rest of the story because season one just feels like a glimpse of the whole tale. It's not wrong to critique things as we are shown them just because they get solved later

    15. The Major

      I think I heard some og Hellsing music. One of the best anime ost.

    16. Goddeperson No3

      coming back after covid has been around for a while, and everyone is starting to settle into and come to terms with the new reality of media, I personally don't think this will ever change. If anything, movies and live action are going to become more like anime, rather than anime become more like live action. More and more shows are going to premiere on streaming, where the question is no longer "should I blow money on this" but instead "is this worth giving a chance to kill a few hours of spare time" We're about to enter a tipping point where traditional reviews are going to hold less and less meaning across the entire media industry

    17. Міша Каліка

      Your first video was a present for my 7th birthday?))

    18. SouLAnnie

      I would say you should state your opinion clearly in your review.

    19. Makimota1

      Уга уга бугага - да были люди в наше время

    20. ninjaoffcialyt

      Hey guys who cares about reviewing. Why chicks in anime are more hot than Japanese girls it's quite offending

    21. clasy

      I heard re-viewing anime.

    22. MisterYodaSmith

      There isn't enough good anime for the reviews to matter anyway. People can just tune in and quickly make up their own minds. But, way more importantly, people can enjoy "bad anime". Bad video games are a nightmare to play and usually have god awful storytelling and voice acting. "Bad anime" tends to be leagues better in terms of story and voice acting while not forcing the viewer to endure horrendous game mechanics.

      1. QWE RTY

        wdym by endure horrendous game mechanics in bad anime?

    23. 420 69

      The only thing i care about are the waifus dont give a shit abt plot

    24. Gunsmith Cat

      I'm always happy when I see a review of an anime I've never heard about and the review makes it seem interesting so I check it out. People who do anime reviews should not care about doing reviews for currently ongoing shows. They should review all the animes that they thing nobody has ever heard about.

      1. Medley Notations

        I recommend watching a video about every anime reviewed in 1989. It's very good and covers anime that I've never heard about. There's also other videos where Kor and other people cover anime in different years, so if you want, check it out.

    25. A S

      this whole thing/point is the same for any TV show. It's just exacerbated by the anime community. However, I think with anime source material has a lot to do with it. Studios are scared to adapt anime in certain ways for fear of not being "true" to source material. The thing that drives such conflicting opinions between people in the same community is due to differing opinions on the "adaptations" which can be valid... but is way more pronounced than other media

      1. A S

        i know this is touched on but when source material is used in other media loosely to create a new thing it is lauded as an great accomplishment by most if done well. In the anime community there would be a ton of people very angry if it used the same name or was even similar to something they had read/seen.

    26. Jonathan Zator (JZ)

      Gigguk should react to IGN's video review of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

    27. Haze

      Fr tho IMDb is hella reliable for anime

      1. Z

        Not really.

    28. Alex McLaughlin

      i swear i hear the background music from darling in the franxx in every one of gigguk's vids

    29. CAR MAN

      8:45 tf2 in a nutshell

    30. Peyt0n


    31. Eagle_13

      Nope. Akame ga kill is vomit

    32. Andrew Tompkins

      I would disagree on the animanga fans generally not having a good idea of the quality of the show or manga. Anyone whos active in the animanga community has a good idea of a show quality before they actually experience it. For example, I haven't read pluto or akame ga kill but off the bat I assume pluto is leagues better not only because Pluto comes from an amazing author but because I have a good idea of the genral opinion on each show. I think community opinions are a much more trustworthy source than any corporate reviewer as its a collection of many different peoples opinions

    33. Tuguldur Munkhbaatar

      there is genshin background

    34. W0lF

      What's the song starting @9:08?

    35. Sasha Liebert

      Re:Zero to me is just average. It has a good premise but too many dialogues. It tried to force me to feel something from dialogues but it just bored me. I think this problem is not unique to Re:Zero though. Show don't tell please.

      1. Sasha Liebert

        @Z To each his own. I don't even care about the action. What I want for a show is that it makes me think. So use of subtleties and visual queues and not just spoon feeding me the info through dialogue. Even indirect dialogue often works but it's not what Re:Zero does with their long drawn conversations. Haven't you heard of "show don't tell" in scriptwriting? Often (but not always) if everything is exposed simply through direct dialogue, it is considered lazy writing and underestimating the audience's intelligence.

      2. Z

        @Sasha Liebert Too many dialogues what makes series good, you didn't understand it or it isn't for you. You can always watch trash battle shounen with no dialogues with just braindead action like Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer etc.

      3. Sasha Liebert

        ​@Kevin Nguyen Ok that explains it. Though I don't think it's impossible to make a better adaptation, that would most likely require more creative effort on the studio.

      4. Kevin Nguyen

        Its because its an adaptation of a light novel. Light novels like Mushoko tensei, rezero, etc source materials have an insane amount of dialogue and monologue that have to be cut out when adapting into an anime hence why anime series like Classroom of the Elite fall flat. Adapting light novels into animes compared to manga is just difficult to do correctly and even if done correctly, people aren't going to be super interested because its a light novel adaptation instead of a manga one which is easier to animate properly and has a wider appeal.

    36. FaidaTV

      Bruh your first bleach review is one of the funniest reviews don't know why you think it's atrocious.

    37. Shayne Rawls

      I still can't edit my own videos.

    38. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here...

    39. Multiplayer Master

      it would be nice if cgi got to the point when it looks like its made buy people

    40. Michael M

      Ok I'm 2:30 into the video and have to say this. Last night I watched demon slayers the movie theaters for the first time in America and I truly thought it was awesome and amazing I love it 10/10, but the second the credits rolled I overheard the people next to me giving the film a 8/10 and that is pretty darn good but I've learned to disregard any reviews especially for anime. When I watched Darling in the Franxx I really loved it to, I'm not someone who needs a masterpiece to make me happy but I really in my head loved it and didn't know that when I would end up telling people to watch it they had already seen it and thought it was trash and a evon rip off. I respect others opinions but I like to stay loyal to myself and not be spayed by others opinions too much. As Gikuk as has said in another video, paraphrasing here, the anime may be trash but it's my trash.

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        @Michael M what is KMS, now??

      2. Michael M

        @Just some guy on the internet. KMS 😂

      3. Just some guy on the internet.

        Ehh, your point was tooo long and slow paced. I would give this a 7/10.

    41. Aagnik Raj

      The main problem is people writing a whole essay with rarely used english words instead of actually mentioning what they liked and/or disliked directly.

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        Bruhh, explain in detail, this was pretty mid, 6/10.

    42. GoMhaaad

      I used to watch Naruto on CDs, each CD had 3 episodes, I get these CDs from my sister's friend, she gets them from her relative who lives in the city and visits home once a year. Now I find this anime season (Spring2021) boring and nothing worth the watch , ... I would have never said an anime was boring back in the day because I got no choice, I remember loving [ Black Cat ] yet I can't remember the plot or the names of the characters, I just remember I had a good time watching it because it was anime.

    43. fam fam

      0:48 Matt Lees

    44. Mack Menezes

      Anime and Manga can't come together AOT final season It's manga spoiler and anime only avoiding spoiler A declaration of WAR

    45. Sempem

      How dare you showing off your oldass face haha. I was watching you for years now and I am not used to see your face aging so hard. Still love your videos though :)

    46. memicoot

      I'm an anime-only watcher. I think for me, not having endings to so many animes doesn't really matter to me because I've learned it's the journey, not the destination. I've loved so many animes but have hardly ever considered taking up manga (although I do read some graphic novels now and then). The stories are so rich that usually the built-in arcs alone or enough, or exploring a character's psyche. I don't really need a traditional end to the series because it was just so juicy all the way through, every moment.

    47. Esoteric Indeed

      Wow the anime zone is back now all we need is podtaku

    48. DonatedPizza

      I heard behelt. I like.

    49. DonatedPizza

      I heard behelt. I like.

    50. Φιλιππος Πολυζος

      Awesome video!! Awesome delivery overall!!Must watch and nice jokes!!!! 5/10

    51. Thomas Cherubini

      Too much water 8/10

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        I don't like water so, it is TRASH, GARBAGE, (INSERT MORE STUPID WORDS) I hated it. 1/10 just eat food, water is overrated.

    52. Max Dunn

      Gigguk: Are you some one who skips anime openings Me: I don’t watch anime

      1. Ismael


    53. Lolimator darpebit

      We do have a rotten tomatoes: My Anime List. And over my ~ 1 year on the site I think its scores are pretty reliable.

      1. Just some guy on the internet.

        Tbh, mal reviews suck

    54. Victor .M

      Pros: Valid views on the anime review industry. Cons: He called me out on sweet validations on his other anime videos (would not recommend)

    55. Zaid Hussain

      I stopped caring about review sites because they're always skewed between die-hard fans who score their favourite anime 10/10, and haters who score their least fave anime 1/10. Fucking irritating.

      1. Mack Menezes

        But then it all banaces out and you get an accurate answers

    56. Lurking Shadow

      I hate anime critics. Not because they are critics but rather because they don't let others,especially new fans enjoy anime. They just try very hard to instill their opinion on others,almost as if they are projecting their insecurity. Like,cmon u can let others enjoy what they want instead of shitting on a fan page literally dedicated to the said anime

    57. Lixrel

      I mean ign sucks ngl

    58. Jason x1012

      This video has a little something for everyone, 8/10.

    59. Hamed Pakatchi

      I'm just looking for good shows to watch. It's always a joy finding a good show you never heard of before yesterday. So, all I need from a review is someone with similar taste introducing me to a show that they enjoyed. That's all.

    60. Nguyen Duy Minh

      TLDR: Read the fk manga

    61. infin8Comet


    62. Juan Ramirez

      So about that AOT ending...

    63. TTV Cosmokz

      10:55 Im dying

    64. BlackMan

      Lol i like how when hes showing search result for 'anime review' All the links are purple or blue means he has seen all of them

    65. Noobmaster Ruben

      I love ReZero season 2, the only major problem I have is that the 2nd cour felt like the Emilia show rather than Subaru and Emilia show(like 80% is either Subaru supporting Emilia or Emilia's backstory), still worth the hype tho

      1. Z

        Well Emilia is main character? Another criticism they make is emilia didn't get enough screen time you can't make everyone happy.

      2. Hall of Memories

        Well that is her goal she wants to be someone that people admire not someone that is being protected all the time

    66. Dragonborn


    67. Joseph Douek

      Thank god Trigun finished its story in the Anime by going in a similar but slightly different direction in order to finish on its own, because it is great

    68. Alexander Tyson

      10:13 this is oddly topical since season 2 was cancelled.

    69. Martin Andersson

      Watched the beginning until I understood this guy Gigguk is implementing race quotas in his material. Yuck. How anxious and subservient can you get?

    70. GM Simon

      5/7 will watch again

    71. Jenthefwen

      As someone who works a lot and has less time to watch show, I consider your opinion valuable 👍

    72. Kold Jrive

      Reported for misleading information. REM IS BEST GIRL!!!

    73. Cheeto

      This video is eerily similar to Dunkey’s “Critics” video

    74. takanara7

      Black Lagoon was actually really awesome.

    75. Chaoz Matt

      ow you didnt have to hit me with that symphogear stuff at the end man

    76. The Michael

      Yeah, I've got a light novel I can smack you with! - me when a light novel reader spoils the anime for me.

    77. Ra Do

      I like zeropunctuation and gigguk.

    78. Millard Baldwin

      It’s hard to take anything you say seriously if what you find as good anime is attack on flash back episode 203. Like AOT is good if your a teenager who things gore is edgy but story wise it’s kind of shit.

    79. Pandamonia

      “Hero defining” LOL!!!

    80. vizle


    81. h h

      we need a sauce list in the bottom left or right when he shows a clip

    82. Chris “deoterent” Ewing

      8:40 this hits different now that devil is a part timer second season was announced after 8 years

    83. ArlanKels

      Reviewing anime is like reviewing wine. We all have a different taste palate.

    84. MegaFat1

      Everything has been downhill since your Bleach review TBH.

    85. ShufferInPocket

      watched the latest rezero but still have zero clue wtf is goin on. Though the witches are hot!

    86. Sora 4 Smash

      Re:zero i just can’t understand why people like it so much. Got bored every time I tried to watch it.

      1. Z

        @Goof If you thhink it was random then you didn't understand series at all.

      2. Anju dayal

        Watch death note

      3. Goof

        I thought Season 1 was ok. Didn’t watch season 2 yet. It was just kinda boring at times and he’s right about how the plot literally has no direction. MC just goes around aimlessly most of the time.

    87. Kumari Manju

      9:24 My Anime List rating is useless.

    88. Jonathan Smith

      If I have to listen to another raycon advert Im going to rip my ears off

    89. Nicklas VEVA

      Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood best anime don't @ me.

    90. Sownheard

      Anime Reviewer's killed sword art online. The show was ok but reviewers made it look like it was the second devil Reborn. If you have trash taste and like a show just enjoy your time. Not everything has to be a master piece. As long as you enjoy the ride.

    91. Auari

      Demon Slayer is 10/10 don't forget it.

    92. irem

      what's the name of the anime at 3:47?

      1. Darkwizard

        Wise mans grandchild

    93. CheerUp2

      Just hate the character design for Re:Zero, mainly the girls so I will never think of it as good

      1. Joe arithmi

        @CheerUp2 cool, cool as a casual I find them pretty normal but fun to hear perspectives

      2. CheerUp2

        @Joe arithmi I work as an illustrator and also went to art school so im very critical of any anime and art I see. I was always the harsh one during critiques. But yeah I really really dont like the design and the clothes are also very blegh

      3. CheerUp2

        @Darkwizard Hmm not so much but rather the actual way they handled the face, the eyes and the hair. The hair is what really bugged me the most with the design. I do not really like moe girls but its the actual art style I didnt like

      4. Joe arithmi

        I've actually never heard anyone say anything bad about re:zero designs. Interesting.

      5. Darkwizard

        I'm guessing it's cause the girls are too "cutesy" which makes sense

    94. Mads Andersen

      I just finished watching black lagoon. I thought it was AWESOME!. Revy new best waifu! xD

    95. Race Frazier

      Was....was that the Flintstones into music

    96. Nazir

      I don't care any review. I want no game no life season 2

    97. Rezoan Mahmud

      ign is reviews are shit

    98. Mo Sed

      Anime its juste for kids

      1. VfrmtheO

        “Anime is suck” - Mo Sed 2021

      2. Darkwizard

        Says the guy who barely knows english

      3. Mo Sed

        Anime is suck

    99. Peter Romfeld

      i usually start with anime, when i like it i go to anime and if i crave even more i go to LN. when i cant find an interesting looking new anime a also start with manga/manhwa... i also dont care much about reviews because they most of the time are very opinionated, like when people complain about MC personality forgetting its entertainment and if you dont like then dont watch

    100. Joseph Fisher

      Check out Too Awesome Reviews