The Worst Ending in the History of Best Girl


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    Grown man has a mental breakdown over trashy romance manga.
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    1. Hebercorona

      i mean i feel we can all agree how Rui would’ve been the best choice to win, I also think that Hina’s character was waaaaay better just as the Big Sister she tried to play, she was funny and cheeful and always there for Natsuo, but let’s just agree that the best girl that possibly could have oppened a better route for the plot is Serizawa, if the author could’ve used her smartly, she would’ve made Natsuo and Serizawa date, helping Natsuo find a new way to express himself through acting with her help, after that using these new ways, he finds the answer on how to fix his writing problem and there you go he writes books that get adapted to movies that are acted by Serizawa and everyone lives happily ever after, there is no coma and Rui becomes a great chef and marries Kajita or idk

    2. Muza

      I like this type of ending but it Just not right doing rui like that

    3. Lahiru Prabashwara

      I watched this video when it came out. And i finished the manga just 10mins ago. Thank god i knew the endig. Otherwise I'd be crying and shit lel

    4. Just some guy on the internet.

      Ahh, a dumpster fire till the very end.

    5. Sam Cook

      that is the best thing ive ever seen

    6. Manas Manoj

      Just finished the manga.I'm Team Rui tho 🥲

    7. Yohan oh

      still sad for rui :/

    8. Nickil Vishwaa

      normal anime ending:- bro wtf is this ending holy shit cultured anime ending aka hentai :- couldn't ask for more

    9. Tiana

      The ending was total shit like WTF WAS THAT

    10. Moh Maya

      Just came here after completing manga, yup twists galore.

    11. Justin Tagufa

      Happy Birthday to the best video ever!

    12. Năng Kỳ lạ


    13. me

      This never gets old

    14. Sxnopsis

      The anime ending aren't better than my brain

    15. István Kovács

      A VEGETABLE!!!!!!!!!

    16. Real Talk


    17. koustab Borah

      I like Rui , but this anime is just trash

    18. Saif Quraishi

      I can’t possibly be the only one who liked the ending. I can agree with the legitimate reasons people dislike the ending such as it being very sudden and rushed, although I think it kind of made natsuo realize the obvious. Rui stans tho are out here crying over the fact that she lost and trashing over the ending instead of talking about what’s actually wrong with it

    19. Josh Say

      isn't this technically a harem end?

    20. Sel Pyar

      Gonna make a manga where there’s a short blue haired girl and protagonist falling in love with her and end with her. I’ll have my revenge for Rui. Short blue hair supremacy!

    21. The Evil

      its a mster peice nd i love it i dont hate the ending i was incredibly happy with the ending even if the author had to reincarnat the mc in order to make these 3 ppl togather i would accept tht ending period

    22. Fredorando

      i have not laugh this hard in a long time, how did i never see this!!!

    23. Aram

      Natsuo should have just moved to saudi arabia, converted to islam and married them both... In theory he could also marry the club degenerates at the same time too.

    24. Aric Lemont

      I love that Dune reference!!!

    25. Phoenixx

      Damn I did not see that coming /=. Also 5:19 is pretty screwed up actually when you.... you know explain it.

    26. Soulofisac

      It’s no longer a dumpster fire it’s the heat death of the universe

    27. cedric jocelyn

      4:00 I can remember myself screaming this exact line when I read this chapter too.

    28. Aa Be

      Thankyou. Now I am happy I didn't finnish reading the manga. jesus f christ. what a mess.

    29. Zakaria Millie

      its so dumb that Kei Sasuga feels abligated 'to make everyone happy'. Hina should have died from the car accident, rui and natsuo should have married and cared for the baby. There is no way Natsuo can harbour feelings for a vegetable for 5 years while taking care of the baby. Like wtf is this bullshit

    30. SuperSox97

      The manga as a whole was gripping and kept me reading, but that ending was the worst ending I've ever seen to any piece of fiction I've ever seen. I don't think bad endings necessarily ruin their series, but this one really makes the rest of the series feel completely meaningless with how it throws away basically all of the development and growth any of the characters do. A terrible ending for not only for Rui but also for Hina.

    31. Apostle of Ninomae Ina'is ✅

      I can actually accept this ending than Attack on Titan's

    32. Andrew Young

      tbh they both kinda seem like they suck

    33. p m

      I dont think it really ends here. Rui will eventually realize that she cant live without natsuo and hina will accept this and allow rui to share the bedroom with them.

    34. VIVK

      not the fucking "coma strats" 😭😭😭😭😭 shit had me in tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    35. WeebWithNoName /後輩

      sometimes im glad im a Introvert

    36. Power

      Domestic Girlfriend is a dumpster fire for sure but damn, I enjoyed reading it until the end.

    37. Shrimp

      this dude just really summarized the entire domestic girlfriend in 2 mins

    38. helix

      I just finished a doujinshi ending to this where rui ended happy and keep the Natsuo with her to grow up with the child

    39. Vicho Kreis

      Fucking hated the ending, I'm so mad, no amount of foreshadowing could make me accept it

    40. XboxLikesMe

      God damnit I was team Rui x Hina but that fucking ending man, jesus fucking christtttttttttttttt.

    41. Adam Toms

      And I thought the End of Eva made me go WTF...................

    42. vergil the demon

      at least I can sleep in peace now cuz Hena is married him 😂

    43. kaye

      i stopped reading the manga around when the school found out about them lmao

    44. Its016

      3:00 * Me not reading the manga * **YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!**

    45. Robby2time

      What the actual frick did I just witness.................

    46. Macho Manic

      I'm all about dat HINAAA!!!!

    47. Tacoroni

      Rui only lost cuz she had short hair. 😭

    48. This is a call for help

      I wish the Veggietales theme played over the outro

    49. beabookworm

      this was literally the Maury show of anime :/

    50. R77Prodigy

      Hina over rui any day of the week. I like that hina got natsuo, the execution just dosent feel right a babie coma like wtf.hina deseved to win after all the sacrifices she made not only for natsuo but for rui aswell. I would have ended the manga alot sooner though no need for pointless suffering on hina part.

    51. Coffee Nerd

      I finally binged both this anime and manga and even though the path taken to reach the end was poorly written and didn't make much sense, the end itself was the right one. Anybody that has been in healthy relationships would see that. The relationship with Rui was toxic and would've kept hurting both of them forever meanwhile Hina was wholesome, selfless, sweet, caring, completely infatuated and devoted to Natsuo. I expected this to be a meme story but turns out that the premise is only the root cause of the initial problems but not the deep and underlying issues like their feelings and interactions with each other. So the incest part isn't that degenerated and well, as Rui said, they're not even blood related and they all met before their parents told them anything lmao. I understand them keeping up with the relationships they had already established despite their parents trying to ruin it all.

    52. hoobadooba master

      I believe erased had the worst anime ending to exist

    53. Yero19

      The probem is that the author always uses the same "twist", get to a point in wich the main characters are seemingly happy only to later make them realize that their true love is someone else

    54. - Julius Caesar Zeppeli - -Yūriusu Kaizā Tseperi-

      The true ending is when rui and natsuo have a baby and are marrying. After that, it is just an alternative ending for those who want hina to win too... What a bullshit really, natsuo × rui is a better love relationship (more than 150 chapter of relationship building), than natsuo x hina

    55. Kirito_ Kun

      It's a never before seen technique.

    56. Mizuhime07

      I think this is probably my 4th or 5th time watching this video mainly because Garnt’s breakdown over a vegetable still makes me laugh to this day.. I also just came from watching the Nagatoro vid and well I saw that DG ref! Had to return to this vid to pay respects.

    57. Peter Picasso

      Thisn is one of the most hilarious videos ive ever seen

    58. Jared Cedeno

      Actually this ending left me more then broken and empty and lost .This was too much to handle in the end :(

    59. bagi G

      I have lost 20 straight in the waifu wars, it all started with this dumpster fire

    60. lyping

      If it was a light novel the title wouldve been 0:29

    61. Firoz Zaman

      Bruh this was the same thing I was thinking while I was reading manga🙂💢

    62. nakamori

      Love the Demolition D tribute

    63. Mrigesh Pathak

      I was team rui Hina gets into accident Rui - let's not get married Rui - you should get married to hina

    64. Cryze Hunter

      ngl i just pretend the last 10 chapters of domestic na kanojo didnt happen, it just felt so forced .. i hated it as much as i loved everything before

    65. Sømo AZI

      Having finished the manga a few minutes ago, I had a huge laugh. Shit just went chaotic than any fuckin war

    66. Giorno Giorvanna

      It's not dumpster fire manga, it's a FULL-ON NUCLEAR FALLOUT

    67. esananda vinay

      Atleast doujinshi has happy ending with Rui and natsuo together 😌😤and Hina is also happy

    68. Connor Powers

      Yeah just finished it I’m so mad I’ll never get my time back iv never seen someone ruin their manga in 3 chapters literally just through over half the story away

    69. Navanza Delon

      Looking back maybe I should've stopped reading at around 265

    70. JustEye 18

      Vegetable Hina >>>>>>> Pregnant Rui

    71. Kopaa joki

      Marrying with a coma girl what romantic that hurt my shit off

    72. Boy ken

      I swear it's like me and you had the same thoughts on this manga

    73. Zit Lmao

      The ending is good

    74. Sean Nicholas

      Best ending ever 😂😂

    75. Pranto Khan

      Fuck this end

    76. Prakash Kumar

      I just completed the manga! And am pretty sure that the ending was a satisfying one. I mean the story is actually a messed up one from the beginning, its a fiction after all. Hina deserves happiness...She is the best girl imo.

    77. Revy two.hands


    78. Connor Middleton


    79. Peter Hire

      I went and listened to the How I Met Your Mother Theme after this because I had to.

    80. nickwoo2

      Im still team rui but I liked the ending.

    81. Chris John Dagongdong


    82. liran edri

      Idk about yall i loved the ending🤷‍♂️

    83. The Being

      The ending was GENIUS! the Manga is amazing! Amazing!!! GEENIUSSS!!

    84. Nothing Ez

      I just lost the will to read it now. Thank you for not wasting my time on that dumpster fire of an ending. I'll just imagine Natsuo and Rui end up together living happily, and hina supporting them. Ps. - I still read it anyways

    85. Nina a

      Rui: gets with Natsuo Hina: "I'm about to do what is called a *pro gamer move* "

    86. DR. Coomer

      This show fucked me up

    87. Drazox

      fk bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. Artic1234

      Lets go

    89. Mooinator 3000

      I was team Hina... But this isn't the way I wanted to win, it doesn't feel earned, it feels like a dirty, shallow victory

    90. MGC 996

      What the actual fuck?

    91. HINA Tachibana

      The worst ending for you because you are team rui but you cab respect the work of the authors ?

    92. HINA Tachibana

      Hina best girl ❤❤

    93. WOrlD TOUr GuIDE

      In whole series threre is so many big plot holes

    94. Poindexter

      my mind has simply deleted itself

    95. Saad Omar

      You can find out a lot about a person just by the colour of their hair Black- prob is the heroine of a cliche romcom Pink- why the fuck are you watching redo of healer Blue - you already know

    96. X25

      Sorry UTube, but what the fuck!? 🤯😵☠️

    97. James T Kirk

      Domestic Girlfriend had a lot of ups and downs. I ended up purposefully stopping around episode 9 or 10, I forget. I felt it had hit a good and realistic stopping point, and if it ended there it would be impactful.

    98. Black Comet Original

      I have no words . . . Ok maybe (6). I was on the mom's side >..< .

    99. Michael Popup

      INcest is WINcest