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    People shinu if they are killed. (Translator note: shinu means plan)
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    Thanks to Eliphal for providing some fansub source files.
    Also Otakings OG fansub documentary series which you should check out:

    Edited by: Bakashift

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    1. Swole Dadguy

      i got into anime from Espanol sub aki sora and Eng dub highschool of the dead. nuff said

    2. Retro Idiot

      13:05 I haven't finished the video yet, but my FIblock experience is telling me that a VPN sponsor is coming along...

    3. Cameron Thomas

      Thank you for the senior discount card...

    4. Cyhne

      me coming back to this video now after downloading a bunch of fansubs

    5. Hezarth

      4:35 I know he explaining he watching research, but im overanalyzing bout how does bible and black related to it 13:31 then, he, a higher being, shone me the light, it title literally Bible Black XD Now it time for research shall we? Ngl the girl in its cover pretty cute, he really got good taste

    6. Yashraj Yadav

      man, should i read the subs of the short anime clips you put in(which are jokes btw) or am i supposed to focus on what you are saying

    7. galaxy man . jpg

      why is no one talking about that sagiri (a canonical 12-year-old) body pillow in the background?

    8. Luiz Felipe de Lima

      10:40 I got the Erase and Rewind reference from the Cardigans, Gigguk I love your music choices in your videos, that's amazing

    9. Marcus Ferro

      Honestly I don’t understand why people watch anime on FIblock, the anime is cut out into one space on the video, some parts are cut due to copyright, just why?

    10. SENYOR35

      In Turkey, we are still using fansubs because 1 Dollar equals fuckin' 8 Turkish liras and there is no local pricing at Crunchyroll, Funimation is unavailable and Netflix archive is so small(and has shitty translation).

    11. D soh

      spotted lilypichu in the vid.

    12. darren zou

      12:00 I remember hearing that in literally every anime i watched like 7 or 8 years ago

    13. Ace

      I watched the entirety of naruto in french dub

    14. Tech Freak

      ”I really shouldn't find this as funny as I do" I have never seen fan clubs the day in my life and I can confirm that you definitely found it the right amount of funny. Although after the 32nd time it's probably really annoying and not funny.

    15. jonas

      Only reason im gonna pirate some shows is because it isnt licensed on like things like crunchyrolls where I life. But when il eventually pirate something il make sure to get some weird fan sub (not too badly translated)

    16. The RPG Lover Reviews

      Fansubs are better than official subs afaik

    17. 火shade

      And that's why you watch it dubbed

    18. Dharc Daniel

      Although my first anime I watched was Naruto, I only really got into the culture after watching Kanokon. Of all the anime I could've chosen, why for the love of god was that the one I chose? 😂

    19. Someone-you-do-not-know

      I watched all of mermaid melody on FIblock when I was 11, it was a great time. I loved singing along to the songs, something I still miss in regular subs - just let me read romaji for openings and endings so I can sing along.

    20. Ploxyz

      Whoever fansub Sao is a legend

    21. Nucorn Y

      12:01 *vsauce theme intensifies*

    22. Aman

      Kono band gummy wa.... that was the real subtitle for that 😂😂

    23. DSZ119

      Sauce: Bible black


      I still watch anime mostly from fansubs. Netflix and crunchyroll subs are trash, prove me wrong

      1. Zalis116

        If you're watching modern anime, you're either getting straight rips of the official subs from CR/Funi, or maybe edited versions of them, not fan-translated subtitles.

    25. rednekdashie

      Sometimes a gem shows back up in my feed. I am bout to archive your whole channel, it's just all high quality. Hell I feel like finding the old podcasts from back when KLK dropped and preserving that too. That's like a time capsule

    26. Berry

      Still use fansubs. Crunchyroll can push their weird politics into translations onto someone else.

      1. Zalis116

        @WhyTheHeckNot Sky Girls episode 12, fansubbed by Ayako.

      2. WhyTheHeckNot

        Holy shit what

      3. Zalis116

        I still remember when CR changed an episode title from "Sayonara Oppama" to "Sayonara Obama." Oh wait no, that was a fansub.

    27. Blank

      Damn i can relate so much, ever since then i can understand anime even without some subtitles lol

    28. waxdood

      5:40 dont lie. It was more fun and you know it

    29. T E D

      commie subs was an artistic era gone too soon

    30. El Chupahueso

      It's funny, but my first experience with fansubs were VHS copies of Initial D that someone did the subs off the laserdiscs. Shortly thereafter I discovered the infant bittorrent and the fansubbing community. ANBU for Naruto, Kaizoku for One Piece etc. Honestly, i LOVED the specialized subs for the special moves. It was fun. I forget what year it was, but I was at an Anime Expo where Samurai 7 had just started airing, and Gonzo had set up a summer festival outside. We ran into the head of Gonzo as well as one of heads of the Samurai 7 series and I started talking about how I was really liking their take on the classic film and was looking forward to buying the series when it became available for purchase. But we talked about the fansubbing community and they admitted that on the surface, how dare people steal their work!!!! But everyone in the industry was happy about it because it promoted their work to a much larger audience than it would have reached normally. Double edged sword and all. Still have the Samurai 7 fan i got from that little festival.


      When she turns out to be 17 0:34

    32. Evangeliman

      What ever happend to the sponsor splash in anime?

      1. Zalis116

        Most piracy shifted to watching straight rips of legal streams (or lower-quality re-encodes of them on bootleg streaming sites) instead of videos ripped from Japanese TV broadcasts. And many TV-fansubs (and edited versions of official subs on TV-rips) over the years cut the sponsor screens out to conserve space.

    33. Evangeliman

      All of this did and does still feel normal to me.

    34. Evangeliman

      I did not like Bible black and I'm baffled that anyone did...

    35. Evangeliman

      I still don't pay for them because no streaming site has 100% or even close to 100% of all anime for me to scroll through and watch in my own timescap where I might decide to watch something 15 years after it came out or right away.

    36. Cutoff Central


    37. みつきねかま

      I remember in my 4th grade that I always used to search anime bobas and there I also know henti b4 anime. I even teached my friends about it and they were so happy when i introduced it to em. Now were all weebs

    38. ihate mylife

      wait hold up the "People die if they are killed" did that come from a fansub? i guess i was giving credit to stay night for no reason

    39. Agares-kun

      I'm only 20 so I definitely was not able to use tapes, but when I was starting to immerse to anime, I had no phone or internet but I had a almost broken laptop that has a CD player in it. The laptop was on the verge of dying where parts of it are actually broken but it did it job to allow me to watch anime with the pirate CDs that I bought for fucking years. Damn I even ripped off the keyboard because it was making the system crash and I was still able to use it for around 2 years.

    40. kyuuta Kitsune

      Catalan one piece, the one licensed for TV, actually had the crazy fonts for attacks even though it was dubbed and counted as an official translation. Catalan is a language spoken by a bunch of people in spain and some french towns.

    41. Eko

      Do you think breathe of the wild is called like that because how much we blowded on those fucking game cartouches ?

    42. Jix

      pfft amateurs! You are seriously using Crunchyroll and other legal sides to watch Anime? Pothetic!!!!!

      1. Zalis116

        Pretty much everyone effectively uses legal sites, if indirectly, since illegal streams = re-encodes of videos ripped from legal streams.

    43. [GD] Shuriken


    44. rumplefourskin

      I remember searching for the best youtube subs for naruto back in the day hahaha

    45. rumplefourskin

      lmao that was bible black wasnt it

      1. rumplefourskin

        it was

    46. Filip Burić

      The girl on the thumbnail is from Dusk maiden of amnesia forgot her name but its pretty good.

      1. MD Mehat

        Thx for the info

    47. Zuhair Al-Masri

      7:20 I never felt more proud...

    48. Retarded Asian Programer

      I am here to claim my 10000th comment ticket

    49. deigima

      Fansubs and fandubs were a huge part of introducing myself to anime... the hard part was when the dub actors changes between seasons... incredibly jarring

    50. 慧眼秋

      We didn’t have fansubs, because we don’t need subtitles

    51. Hentaiowner o.o

      I asked my brother to order me inuyasha from Ebay for my birthday present and it was also burned DVDs

    52. Rysea

      That sao opening literally made me cry

    53. einstein germano

      10:57 Are you sure about that

    54. TorchBreak

      I was introduced in anime when dad accidentally downloaded a Hentai, and watched it all by myself... then my life goes downhill

    55. Lou Zer


    56. NorthlakeEddy

      Where can I get that shirt?

    57. Mossellia Delt

      Oh god, i remember the Bill Clinton files

    58. AchmodinIV SWE

      The only anime series I have downloaded are the gegege no kitaro Series from the first to the 2007 series

    59. Anti-Spiral

      I really appreciate this video. Not enough people know how much love Kaizoku Fansubs went into making One Piece even more engaging. Their in-scene cultural footnotes for anecdotes and Japanese references were instrumental in understanding the context of some scenes. One gag in particular that stands out to me is when Oars Luffy is wandering around Thriller Bark looking for a cannon with child-like glee. He repeats "Taiho" (cannon) over and over until it sounds like "Hotai" (bandage), he stops and confusedly asks "Why am I looking for bandages again?".

    60. alen


    61. Khairul Ikhwan

      Gigguk: "why are you still watching anime at FIblock?" Muse Asia and Ani-One Asia: bruh... iQiyi: pfft

    62. Anthot

      1:44 I like the idea of the re4 merchant selling random people black market anime when he’s not helping Leon save Ashley

    63. Potato FTW

      13:41 ok I have an answer to this. I know a few kids whose parents dont let them watch anything or visit any site other than FIblock. 2 out of 5 kids I know have parents like this. These are the kids that are forced to watch anime on FIblock.

    64. Fatih901

      lol I've been using fansubs since the day I started watching anime , and I'm still using fansubs. I bet at least %90 of the people who watch anime here in Turkey are using the same pirate site I do lmao

    65. Torres Dyer

      first anime i watched that wasnt a 4 kids dub was girls bravo

    66. KevinSupreme_PH

      7:25 *translation:* Oh yeah I saw a *death god* with a *brother* & *senior* then they used *shadow clone jutsu* before becoming my *best friend.*

      1. Arav Gulati

        Wrong translation.Nakama=\=best friend

    67. Vuelle

      7:11 What about that one guy

    68. ZeroIsMany

      The One Piece fansub attacks are something I really miss, particularly Usopp's. I found it extremely disappointing when I caught up with the series, and watched my first raw episode.

    69. sengiko

      Is this a Nakey Jakey inspired video?

    70. Sukhsirjan

      Black bile was gigguk's first anime

    71. 5G Tower 1000%

      What is this thing at 12:00 called? I really miss it

    72. Konichiwa!

      (note: Shinigami means "death god") (note: Onii-chan means older brother) (note: Senpai means Senior) 7:24 and here's a fansub pf that: Oh yeah I saw a shinigaami with onii-chan and a senpai and used (Note: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu means Shadow clone technique) (note: Nakama means friend) Kage Bunshin no Jutsu before becoming my nakama

    73. Requiem for a Meme

      9:24 If DeviantArt were an animation studio.

    74. patricio torre

      I unironically miss the animated attack names in cheesy shonen shows

    75. Rose Vidler

      I know people who only use fansubs witch is wired when official subs have some along way and thinks there still crap and fan subs is the only true way to watch ??????

    76. Huy Dao

      Ahemm... definitely not the White Bible

    77. Puneet Maheshwari

      12:00 when gigguk becomes Vsauce

    78. Puneet Maheshwari

      7:73 plz some one help me falling that deep

    79. s g


    80. Ellen Salumintao

      Bible Black the greatest

    81. Cocogoat Archon

      Yo Gigguk where can I get a shirt like that?

    82. AHALambda101

      "if you recognise that soundbite, here's your senior discount card" Damn man, don't need to attack me bro

    83. Sikander Zafar

      Who is that character on his shirt? I'm curious about the anime

    84. Blind Artist

      "I like my coffee like I like my bibles...." 😂 Gigguk is full of Legendary quotes

    85. darkenblade986

      mad respect for the digimon vhs on the side

    86. Walunt

      I was watching Code Geass and at a moment it had one explanation saying “Shiseiken means Four Holy Swords. The name is being left in Japanese for weaboo flavor reasons”

    87. Abhi Grover

      thumbnail is from - dusk maiden of amnesia

    88. BlackWhiteShadow

      Huh, well russian translation is completely free(they are just using ads)

    89. aiapihud

      9:14 wtf is this.. still wonderin yr+ later

    90. Zaine Katsumi

      The thing is stuck in my head from childhood till this day. "BANDAI"

    91. LlamaLord

      The thumbnail is a certified hood classic

    92. hossel

      Fansubs still very much exist, just not in English speaking communities mostly. Other languages still preserve this culture, since official streaming services just don't exist.

    93. XanderZone

      I remember watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Fansubbed on veoh lmao

    94. T33K3SS3LCH3N

      3:00 I'm still not sure if "Even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly" is a fan translator suffering a stroke or just the start of a normal Ghost in the Shell sentence.

    95. Aidez Moi

      5:27 manga is still like this

      1. Aidez Moi

        translator notes are also still bad.....

    96. Ciao'

      "Simp with pimples"

    97. apricot

      "the streaming company accidently realizes that they've just licensed a hentai" *cough* licensed Redo of Healer.

      1. Tendominos

        That would never happen... twice

    98. Punished pine cone

      >when you got involved with the community no i was a member if my university's anime club but they kept conforming to the covid bullshit long after the government rolled it back. They seemed to actually enjoy making people sit 2 seats apart (by the way, that's a crock of shit, read the medical literature). Not once did we get sprung by the security guys, which was their excuse. They also made up this rule that only 1 person was allowed to use the keyboard, which was obviously just a way of vetoing songs they didn't like. tl;dr that time i got reincarnated as a normal person in a totalitarian hellscape

    99. Storyseeker

      My waifu in the thumbnail - CLICK

    100. francisco alvim

      brazilian fansubs usually were translations of english subs (many times people just took the english subs and just copy what appeared on google translator), so you can imagine the kind of thing that would apear to us. Times of Glory!