We Don't Understand Anime Light Novels (ft. TheAnimeMan & CDawgVA)


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    1. Kazzy Shawny

      So cool

    2. Car'a'Carn

      I love their Collabs because there like bonus trash taste eps

    3. B06 Gonzales John B.

      umm mispelled real or fake with real of fake

    4. Master Keg

      This again please!

    5. Miexan

      the first one is real . and im enjoying reading it .😂

    6. Rokudo Damaza

      This is such a banger video, and it is also getting recommended to me over and over. So it's a little eye grabby to see the video not get even 1mil views even after 3 months, I feel like the thumbnail isn't clickbaity enough, and maybe also the title a little

    7. GlcChampion

      Pls pls pls do anime in minutes again

    8. SnowBoy1

      The funny thing is that I've fucking read the first volume Behemoth Cat LN

    9. SnowBoy1

      "I read a light novel title that was too long and died so I got reincarnated as a Demon-Witch-Wizard Guy who has a Harem! " Is a LN title I can still believe exists

    10. SnowBoy1

      Author's who used AI to make their titles: **Sweat**

    11. lasarith2

      Are we ever going to get a part two of this , part two AI strikes back .

    12. Philip Paul

      "Joey Biz: How I got Naked In Another World" Anime man: "YASS"

    13. Ginger Psycho

      The unwanted virginity of a genius Imagining a Yuri series because there is never enough good Yuri in the world. I’m imagining a popular smart girl who is admired by her peers and everyone assumes she has a boyfriend. Plot twist she’s actually really awkward and anxious around girls because she’s so socially awkward. She’s an awkward lesbian who gets flustered around girls. Ends up falling for a clutzy student who’s failing classes Then she asks the classmate to help her lose her virginity as means of asking her out

    14. To Those Who May Be Concerned

      can we talk about the horrific injustice that is this video having roughly half the amount of views as part 1?

    15. Will B

      The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius. AKA What happens when booksmart idiots think life is a harem anime.

    16. Matthew Vest

      Is it sad that I can see the fake titles and I could identify where the parts came from(Yes a good portion of it was like frankenstein's monster)

    17. Dilettante

      Trash Taste OVA 1

    18. Gigguk notice me


    19. El Ryano

      Whoooooo hitchhikers guide to the galaxy reference! Lol My favorite book

    20. 「Funny Rock」

      24:15 WAIT that's just puck re:zero

    21. DarkCanister

      Boku wa Anime Ranobe ga Wakaranai.

    22. chiheisen

      my next life as a villainess anime was aiready released last year...

    23. jonas

      I need to see the hitchhikers guide to the isekai

    24. Chris Sathish gonzaga

      gigguk explain me tf is u real name g r a n t o r g a r n t

    25. OnlyMeST

      This is actually the type of AI people fear to conquer the world

    26. Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

      Garnt was stone faced AF whenever they were answer 😂

    27. D soh

      This vid made me laugh out loud in public like a crazy person.

    28. akame kill

      5:59 I read it it’s pretty good but the logic of deducing this was flawed if ai has scrolled through millions of pages you would think it would know how to make a structured sentence flow

    29. RiceIsBliss

      Actually, an even score here means the AI won, since randomly guessing would have gotten the same score. Being able to fool a human into might-as-well-guessing is an AI pass.

    30. Mizuhime07

      Just realized after rewatching this video is; since the AI also used refs from Twitter and Reddit I’m sure it picked up on both Joey and Connors tastes easily..i will admit it was scary how spot on it is

    31. Muhamad Rizky Mahdavikia

      I think "Our crappy Social Game Club is Gonna make the most Epic Game" is the story how they make Fortnite

    32. cy- taku

      The f ck the first one u read that but i got it wrong its the englis hwhat!!

    33. Daniel Xia

      connor and the killing of the clumsy kid

    34. Fernando Cabanillas

      My answers: X Fake... Wait I know that light novel... that is a horrible translation of the title =S O Fake X Real O Real O Real O Fake O Fake 5/7 O Right. I knew it X Right. I want to read it now, also my understanding of what a zashiki warashi is, is a bit differente from what joey described. X Right. Translations are killing me X Right O Right 2/5 Total: 7/12 Apparently my brain goes too much into logic in the long ones, but I crushed the short ones... just to get the same total points as joey and connor XD

    35. Mendoi

      The first one was easy cause I have already read it

    36. tgb

      I recently searched for new LNs to read and found this title: Though Young People Recoil From Entering the Black Magic Industry, I Found Its Treatment of Employees Quite Good When I Entered It, and the President and Familiar Are Cute Too So Everything Is Awesome!

    37. Chipper 886

      bruh, I want that thing xD

    38. MultiGoban

      I don't know if you will read this, but I love you Gigguk. Genuinely. You make my life better.

    39. TheAngryDanishViking

      Thanks Grant for the wonderful video.

    40. Keqing刻晴

      5:08 is that light novel book 13 of SAO

    41. Knightofdeathes

      Bruh the first light novel they get and it’s the only light novel I’ve ever bought.

    42. LesEnfants1972

      23:00 you got that wrong there, Joey. The title of the LN is “My big sister lives in a Fantasy World”. 5 is the indication that this is part 5 of the series. The rest is just subtitle. Just think of games. Take Metal Gear Solid for example: Metal Gear Solid (1) (which has no subtitle) Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots Metal Gear Solid V the Phantom Pain And yes, these LN are just making the subtitle a thousand time more complicated.

    43. Socially Based.

      Gigguk just sitting there thinking: “These idiotic weebs, I’m gonna take over the world.”

    44. babassoonist

      Hitchhikers guide to the isekai straight up has a don’t panic thing on it, the cover looks like a parody

    45. Ey Boss

      19:13, IT HAS A MANGA!

    46. Raenir Salazar

      I'm unsure if its been pointed out but Dopious is actually listed in Urban Dictionary with an entry from 2011 saying "When someone has large amounts of coolness" which tracks.

    47. Jose Lopez

      You should change your name to something more Thai Gigguk, like Buakaw. 🤯

      1. Jose Lopez

        This is obviously a joke, don't loose your mantis over a comment guys, big respect to Garnt.

    48. Krish B

      Ive fuckin read that first one and i thought it was fake lmao

      1. Krish B

        I swear to god the second one is a real manga maybe not light novel

    49. Marco&Luke Y

      bro i just some sao merch on left no way they got more 13:43

    50. FerretsForever94

      First one comes up "Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skill" and I was like I actually recognise that! One of the very few isekai and light novels I actually read.

    51. Trevor Hazlewood

      I’m a data science and machine learning student in my last year of university. I really appreciated how you went so in depth with the topic educating people on such a difficult idea on top of making such an entertaining video!

    52. Faqih Abdurrahman

      just counting how many light novel i know 1. tondemo 2. villainess 3. s-ranked behemoth only 3???? i'm ashamed of myself :D

    53. chicken24 _

      the title literally sounds like a light novel

    54. Grotus

      I guess Sydney vetoed sharing "Gigguk! I Want to be Your Mistress!"

    55. Wins Lycan

      Jesus, I only guessed wrong once about the Magical Index title. I guess I am too weeb.

    56. Punished pine cone

      >not crediting the guy who actually made the program not cool

    57. FractalPrism

      When a genie appears from a lamp; GO AHEAD! Wish for all the money in the world but i cant make your name real, Garnt.

    58. QuinzeyFTW

      More trash taste content is always appreciated

    59. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here..

    60. Basil

      9:31 the font is Montserrat Alternates Bold :)

    61. Jack Prosper

      My name's Grant, but it's not my real name?! I'm still salty that I'm not the most epic gamer in a tournament arc! 4

    62. Jakerr11

      Take a shot every time Connor says " this doesn't make any sense."

    63. Kit Kat

      Where are my sexist teachers? 🤣🤣🤣

    64. XxX FlamingAirplane XxX

      I was reading the the first pick and thought it was fake.

    65. Su Yati

      I got confused by watching for 10 minutes

    66. Daniel Hanclis

      8 points and I don't read light novels 😂😁

    67. Mana Hime

      NOw I kind of want to see a video about said AI writing a light novel. ^ ^

    68. Babiker the Traveler

      Alternate title: Who has worse English, some random AI or the entire professional Light Novel translation industry?

    69. Duyuco

      Since Garnt chose the specific titles generated by Trash bot, he’s on the team of the AI. He was on their side all along!

    70. Masmelo

      Every sentence is a Light Novel title

    71. Ram Gupta

      you thought that time i got reincarnated as a slime was along get a load of Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!

    72. Gryle Gamer

      Is TRASH-bot available anywhere for us to play around with? Seems a good way to kill an afternoon.

    73. John Ronald Custodio

      Someone should definitely make atleast the unwanted virginity of a genius into a real light novel or manga

    74. Shayan

      15:50 fuck you, i thought i broke my screen

    75. Jonas Aguila

      Watching this vid makes me want to have a stroke.

    76. KNO3CS

      I'm upset that I've read half of these. Campfire cooking kinda slaps

    77. Party Animals

      the unwanted pregnancy sounds real but the unwanted virginity? what do u mean? u already got virginity in the first place. that's how i know or decided that it's fake

    78. Michael Cheng

      Campfire cooking in another world is pretty good, I’ve actually read the manga

    79. Kostianos

      10% of views from russia

    80. impostory

      I know everything in the second stage May be becouse some or nearly all of them on baka-tsuki?

    81. ChinnyGamingYT

      i wanted the ai to win

    82. Valllefor

      I love to look at gigguk trying to maintain the poker face xD. Great video!

    83. iamLI3

      this was amazing and hilarious lol

    84. Marc Cedre

      Can I just say I love gigguk so much hes like one of the only FIblock that gives Banger content

    85. Poetic Sadist

      I scroll jnovels every day, so I ended up getting most of these right lol

    86. Аллыч

      Интересная задумка, я просто в голос)

    87. Бэтти Омерштайн

      Весёлое видео вышло и при этом занимательное.

    88. MaidOfPasta

      23:31 isn’t that just the plot for Lilo and Stitch?

    89. MieuxQueVouse

      [Dagon is a deity who presides over the Deep Ones, an amphibious humanoid race that currently resides in Earths oceans.] As you searched on the Internet, if the first page is about Dagon.

    90. AstyuteChick

      Can we comprehend the fact that for about EVERY POINT for Humans, at least one of Joey or Connor were in disagreement? And we are talking about a freakin computer here! Imagine how far we've come to be able to make THINGS that can learn on their own!

    91. Олександр Сьобко

      where can I download the light novel generator from the last video?

    92. 黒蛇イラスト

      I feel like people are actually gonna start writing online stories with these titles as promts

    93. The Arckride

      Garnt, sorry for the English via translator, but nonetheless. I noticed a blunder in the video. Dagon was invented by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, not AI developed by you. Dagon is one of the lesser deities of the pantheon of Cthulhu myths. He is described in the novel Shadows over Innsmouth, and along with his consort Hydra is the direct patron of the Deep Ones, who respectfully refer to them as Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. in the same year, like in 2009, the film "Dagon" was shot based on this story.

      1. The Arckride

        P.p.s the film was filmed in 2001, and the first story where Dagon was present was written in 1917.

      2. The Arckride

        P.s. Google translator is also not familiar with your name, as it translates from Russian into English as a guarantee

    94. Элемир

      Дагон - одно из меньших божеств пантеона мифов Ктулху. Наряду с его супругой Гидрой, Дагон является непосредственным покровителем Глубоководных, которые почтительно именуют их Отец Дагон и Мать Гидра. Выглядит Дагон аналогично Глубоководным, но отличается гигантскими размерами.

    95. SheezyBites

      "The Unwanted Virginity of a Genius" would probably work better with a female Genius, constantly trying to get rid of her virginity and scaring guys off with her smarts/social ineptitude? You could do stuff with a male genius, but it's gonna be a real uphill battle not to make it entirely detestable.

      1. Ginger Psycho

        I would read that manga and watch the shit out of that anime 👏🏻

    96. nick cady

      I always thought his name was Grant and they were just saying it with an accent.

    97. Lirsan Play

      9:3 in my favor. Not too bad if you ask me)

    98. ᏝᎧᏒᕲ ᏕᏝᎧᎶ

      Я бы посмотрел аниме про Конора

    99. Id “IdDev” Dev

      How much money do you want for this AI????