When You're Glad Everyone Around You is Dead.


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    1. Dragon Emperor

      Cough “The last human” cough best zombie manhua

    2. ImemobutitsokayIswear

      "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism"

    3. Ken Amada from Persona 3

      1:01 that looks almost identical to adachi i swear i’m not crazy

    4. TRXlord 09

      This video was sponsored by BBC today's sponsor

    5. Jhin Khada

      This manga is so good

    6. Suanterpuneet Kaur

      That is literally me

    7. albert mooney

      there was time now. there was all the time i needed.

    8. courageous cxliber

      Sounds about right I'd be happy if everyone around me was dead too!

    9. Anime moment clips

      That title had me confused

    10. JessenLH


    11. Cringer

      well, being a necrophiliac has its own advantages

    12. Phaser X UltraViolet


    13. Neltins

      lol we got that from the pandemic already, lets just hope remote work from home is still an option

    14. Sad life Is bad

      Big black cocoNUT

      1. Sad life Is bad

        Or bbc for short

    15. Γιώργος Οικονομίδης

      Hey, just posting this because I want to support one of my favourite creators, Sufferents. It's an amazing manga analysis -and sometimes anime review- channel which deserves all the attention it can get. The guy running it is creative, has a great asmr voice and puts huge amounts of effort into making his videos unique and aesthetic. The dude has about 98.4k subs at the moment and is hoping to hit 100k by the time of his birthday (early July). I love his work so I'm begging you to go and check him out. Pls pls pls weeb power

    16. goldenmxnae

      Me - hmm new manga. But I shouldn't always spend money on mangas Also me - *buys the manga cause I don't have any self control when it comes to manga*

    17. RafayKindaDepressed

      Day 2 of asking gigguk to bring anime in minutes (2)

    18. David

      I quit my job right before the pandemic hit, and this is exactly what it felt like. All of a sudden that weight was off my shoulders and I had all the time in the world as the world ground to a halt. It was incredible.

    19. И Варка

      Please, reed manhva Dead days by Dey

    20. Ender

      Thank you Gigguk, now we only need to wait for the anime adaptation.

    21. Gigguk notice me


    22. ennuit

      I resonate with this man on such a deep level

    23. Mclekfkeiw Disidido

      He realized he no longer lives in a society

    24. NeverGonna

      Didn't know Gigguk worked for a Big Black Cow

    25. Xamuel Xenpai

      its interesting but they should’ve had ZOM1313 as the title

    26. abrar mahin

      gigguk: real book still exist look at that joey with his 5K books of manga collection: really Garnt, really?

    27. Dark

      this is me but hating school work bcs it's too mucxhhh

    28. KORO PANDA

      Love the manga. Hope it gets an anime

    29. Kweli Mills

      Wait... You worked for BBC?

    30. conka096

      The manga guaranteed to make me seethe with envy

    31. M2tO

      Look at this guy. He already has one book more than Connor.

    32. kausly

      if it was hitler

    33. ThatBeing43


    34. The best

      hey, gigguk thanks for advising cool titles!)

    35. Paul Timothy Tasic

      Too bad they stopped releasing new chapters because translators gave up on it

      1. BigBoiMarkus

        what happen?

    36. Muhammad Hanif

      Where can i read manga for free?

    37. PenguinWaffle McHubbly

      Amazing manga until the mirror villains came. Like the author doesn't know how their mental illnesses work or how to approach it in a meaningful manner. I can't really blame them personally, most of my memories of depression totally faded after I made my bucket list.

    38. harry_2000pro Pickle

      Uh so whats the name of the manga or something?

      1. PenguinWaffle McHubbly

        Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

    39. Cray Clover

      Oh so younwatvhed that k zombie series ha

    40. FractalPrism

      never work unpaid, ESP not when you should be making overtime!

    41. Daiske

      Zom 100. Dr. Stone Zombie edition

    42. Hotsauce 1893

      Guys, I think Garnt works for the CBC...

    43. Chaitanya Vasamsetti

      where can we read 24 chapter

    44. TheCancerousDan

      So basically this is a slice of life story with an attitude

    45. Peter М

      Yes, I felt that because of the monotony and depression I want the world burn in аpocalypse - yes I'm psycho probably ..

    46. Cedrick Bunda

      Weebs and introverts be like!!!

    47. Txrminxted

      I would be happy too if everyone around me died. everyone around me: nobody.

    48. layerinfinity

      the thing with the office job and ramen got too real holy shit lmao

    49. GhostSamurai

      God damn sometimes Garnt I get reminder what a bloody fantastic FIblockr you are. S tier video, loved it, resonated. First video about manga that actually inspired me to read manga.

    50. SimplyBmcHD

      Does anyone know what software he uses to compile and screen record the footage he uses for his videos?

    51. Praneet-P

      0:18 This made me realise that dead island 2 is never gonna release..

    52. Ider Boucetta

      BBC has left the chat

    53. wazif

      gigguk works in bbc?!?!?

    54. Jacob H

      2:10 Franz Kafka writing The Metamorphosis like

    55. Paulerd

      I'd like to know if I would ever return to reality if such a thing as sao type nerve gear that stop's time irl while in-game existed.

    56. Michelle Yin

      TBH when covid just started, I felt the same way when school timed out.

    57. Wither

      life would at least be way more simple in the zombie apocalypse......

    58. bingus bongos

      I think I subscribed to gigguk in my sleep .-.

    59. Epic Coolopig

      How tf did you make me read the manga from 2 minutes of barely describing it wth.

    60. ammonha

      A 7 minute ad. Nice.

    61. Snopple Wopple


    62. Alepfi5599

      Anarchy means "Order without hierarchy".

    63. hitempguy

      Anyone else think the facial designs and expressions look drawn by Shindol? Not saying, just saying

    64. Fimy32


    65. Martha Gonzalez

      slice of life With zombies

    66. ca-ke

      I binged this one so quick, thank you for the recommendation!

    67. Cai Chi

      Ooooh this one!

    68. Salty Boi

      this is literally garnt if he worked and stayed at the bcc and a zombie outbreak began

    69. Cenas Awesome

      I fantasized with this scenario so many times at work. I should ve made a manga about it.

    70. IGI 0110

      Gigguk hit the nail on the head when you a kid, very scary since i didn't realize it until he mentioned it

    71. texas summer

      definitely buy the manga. most AOT readers are illegal and violet the author's copy right. I appreciate your introduction.

    72. ILikeGuns1992

      All you need to do to make zombie something interesting is make it about ZOMBIES.

    73. Victor J Diaz

      He made an SAO reference and didn't roast it that's crazy🤣

    74. lyping

      Let us all remember, dude hasnt read fullmetal alchemist, probably

    75. bandana singh

      watch army of the dead

    76. Aki Maru Ch.

      I really like zombie genre and then I found this mangga [100 list before I become a zombie?] I'm still waiting on the next chapter 🙂

    77. Alex Lopez

      Oh shit I started reading this 2 years ago, I'm glad its getting a little bit of name

    78. Mercenary7

      4:37 okay you cant just show that and have no source.

    79. LaserGuided Burrito

      If they animate this....I’d watch it

    80. Алпамыс Рустембек

      Level of people exploit is so high all over the world, that we love this manga It has a pretty much similar situation to film "Joker"

    81. Jesse Jacobs

      Hell yes! This manga is great :D

    82. Raphtalia Oyl

      what u work on BBC?

    83. NerB studios

      Is this greenlit for an anime yet?

    84. Noisy Raptors

      The jabs at the BBC make me laugh my ass off

    85. John Lenin

      You’re going to get your chance. The Climate Change Apocalypse will be here in 3 years.

    86. Юля Малий

      Thanks for the interesting tip)

    87. Simon Broome

      Zombie Apocalypses hit different Post-COVID. But hey, Grats to this guy for finding the power to live his dreams.

    88. Professional Dumbass

      I wanna know who fucking saw Shaun of the dead in the beggining

    89. Funny Bunny

      Dam it took a whole zombie apocalypse for this dude to take a break

    90. M A

      He looks like Luffy tbh.

    91. Вадим Жарков

      Спасибо что посоветовал эту манга. Вчера вечером начал и сегодня утром закончил. Прекрасная манга

    92. A Mets

      zombie isakai...

    93. Андрей Манжосов

      7 and a half minutes of Garant's confession of his hatred of working for the BBC

    94. Globert Seigle

      So is this slice of death

    95. Jeremie Talbot

      I never resonated with a manga so much in my life.

    96. ThisOneDude

      Damnit gigguk, your sponsorship worked this time. Now why doesn’t a zombie apocalypse happen so I can get this manga for free-

    97. KidMangaX

      Wow, this video title did NOT age well.

    98. Правдиил Шпак

      3:05 -- Gakkougurashi! -- Yes, Gigguk, very "funny" anime. I "laughed" until the last episode. It is not for nothing that his opening is in the top of the anime betrayals.

    99. Easter blaze

      A zombie apocalypse would not surprise me

    100. Правдиил Шпак

      Ну не знаю, не моё это