Winter Anime 2021 in a Nutshell


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    Wow I'm actually watching Anime again.

    Edited by: Bakashift
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    1. jpPID

      I'm a simple man, I see people bashing on Cyberwreck 2077 and I hit like.

    2. Darryl Ross Gungob

      What was the tittle of the music giggul used on 1:43 ?

    3. xDiaTia

      I got goosebumbs in the end

    4. TRXlord 09

      Redo of healer was overshadowed by the attack on titan drama, so it's safe for now

    5. fzpro 123

      attack on titan be like: season 1: human vs titan season 2:titan vs titan season 3: human vs human season 4: free for all

    6. ClassyBagel

      I love anime in a nutshell

    7. Random bs

      14:01 what's the background music called?

    8. A PokeFish

      I am deeply offended as I am from Canada. I'm sorry.

    9. Jons E

      what is the name of the song that is played at the beginning?

    10. Reyaz Haider

      Watched wonder egg and damn i was blown away🔥

    11. Nic8Rox

      4:05 Coraline anime of the season

    12. SRM

      at 1:40 what is the song he used?

    13. Za Za

      That Baqua bgm tho

    14. Dipolar Arc484

      Bro I loved redo of healer, I have the balls to say I hope to see a season 2

    15. irisn roses

      Legitimately no joke cells at work black made me start eating better cuz I really don't want to f****** die that way

    16. KID_6

      0:47 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I laughed sooooo damn hard

    17. Gigguk notice me


    18. im2shady4u13

      Horimiya was so good. literally opened my eyes to romance anime entirely. Which is to say it also led to me watching Your Lie In April last weekend, and now I kinda want to die

    19. Cho Revuja

      imagine no uma musume

    20. Kweli Mills

      Seven deadly si... 🤣

    21. Captain Sum tingwong

      EX-ARM looks like dog shit

    22. Random Internet Guy

      12:30 mushoku is getting s2 in October. I hope we don't have another promised neverland situation.

    23. Braeden Stewart

      nice sins of the father there

    24. Asriel The Space Shiba

      I wonder what Gigguk reaction to Hori being a masochist because Miyamura real nature.

    25. Kenneth Givons

      Can someone tell me what website he is using and how to view the trending anime of the season? Im new to anime

      1. D Mandata Naidu


    26. InsertNameHere

      Now: berserk's author died on may 6th!

    27. Aether

      Great use of Aqua's bgm. It's not like I needed those brain cells.

    28. unevenbonsai 1

      the white cell from cells at work black has esdeath body who's from akame ga kill

    29. KeeL DeL

      Ex arm animation is BS.

    30. Stratic

      what site did u use at the beginning?

    31. kyoriszu

      what's the anime at 0:51

      1. SRM

        5-toubun no Hanayome

    32. HYPERION

      4:20 Is the funniest shit i laughed for hours 😂

    33. Leoninihos

      Well, I like Redo of Healer. Come at me!

    34. ᘏpawsyPokiᘏ

      Ex arm has to be an April fools 💀

    35. Arav Shah

      Honestly didn't Ex Arm animations at all. Doesn't feel like anime anymore.

    36. NotFunny

      I actually don't mind redo of a healer and it's an excuse to watch "anime" and evil sides of the main character

    37. NotFunny

      I'm honestly creeped out by ex arms character's eyes

    38. AoliMC

      Seven de- lol I loved that

    39. Hero Brian

      What about kemono jihen?

    40. Jesus Moist


    41. Real Gamer

      Where to watch anime

    42. UsernameIsIdk

      Now when you dont have anime to watch... Just go to your other screen and watch a 2D shark girl sing a song.

    43. Xtra Jazz

      Song name?

    44. Ø

      I should give all of these series a chance. Only if it’s better than Ex Arm

    45. ꜱᴇɴᴘᴀɪ

      kadokawa: launching anime is the best kadokawa: realize that they made some wholesome anime other countries: BANNED kadokawa: oh shit our anime

    46. YourAllTrash

      Holy fuck I've been watching you for 5 years omg

    47. Loic Moteng

      Music at 13:15?????

    48. dD

      1:40 song ?????????

    49. Archit Dabral

      Am I the only one that liked redo of healer

      1. Vili


    50. Ash yurieka

      I can totally see that ex arm is going to be the anime of the year. HATS OFF to the animators

    51. Doved

      Canadians seas him

    52. sharief benjamin

      dude you already gave her best girl in the manga, i hate the other stories though from the other incarnets. because the main manga is only about the herion.

    53. Mk Unknown

      Ey does Anyone know what is the last Sony I think it is from LoL?

    54. Rynoroc

      My brother literally came into my room and yelled at me to tell me about the April animes and how stacked it was

    55. Van Whiskers

      it wont be konosbua

    56. Trying to reach you about your car's warranty

      Ex-arm is CG without it's vaccinations.

    57. Doge Dark the third

      A newborn could animate x arm better than they did lmao

    58. Btuka andaa garaad iree pcdy

      i hope they remake ex-arm in next few years...and i wont have to use my panzerfaust on the Visual flight studio

    59. Jarrod

      So we're just gonna ignore the fact that the mc of mushoku tensei is an actual pedophile Should at least mention that for fans that have been traumatized in the past so they aren't completely blind sided by it after your glowing review of it which doesn't even hint at that flaw

    60. Mei Mew

      Wonder egg priority

    61. Zak Raz

      Pls someone, what was that song he played in that into thing after the anime is doomed thing

    62. Rodrigo León González

      Redo of a Healer: (is more popular in women than men) The entire community: (Confused unga bunga) (Confused screaming) (Confused confusing confusion) (Visible confusion) (These are confusing times) (confused stonks?)

      1. Rodrigo León González

        @Filip Wolffs AYYYYYY!

      2. Filip Wolffs

        I guess women just like watching OTHER women get tormented.

    63. Swag Ballington

      whats the anime at 1:20

      1. BlurplePan

        I think Cells at Work

    64. hebrux

      Ex-ARM LMFAO!!!

    65. max

      Wth is happening. The audio ain't in sync with the video. From that Redo of a Healer part all the way until the end. It wasn't like this when I first watched it the day this video got uploaded.

    66. FR8G

      when you said watching jobless reincarnation was like watching the godfather after years of gangster squad i discovered a new type of laughter i didn't know i was capable of.

    67. Another Crusader

      2021 indeed has been ight for anime this year but my god what the fuck did redo of healer come out of

    68. Henry Chen

      The isekai of winter 2021 actually looks pretty good, but the titling of them makes me feel like they're just the same as the rest of the trash isekai that's been mass-produced in the last few years. Jobless reincarnation looks like the production value is incredible.

    69. Laza Beam

      Rance really do be the best anime That's a lie it's sk8

    70. YEETUS6942O1

      3D animation is not anime

    71. Akatsuki Obito

      What is the name of the anime on the thumbnail

    72. Blue Dragon Poland

      am i the only one that watched this just because i saw redo of healer?

    73. Sheep Commander


    74. TheLostOne145

      idk if he is sarcastic or he is actually saying the animation is good

    75. Caleb TC

      3:00 holy shit i lost it when i saw this meme in the vid

    76. J1-1M

      The donkey reference got me badly

    77. Ok Butwhy

      Jobless reincarnation is my fav

    78. jaysol191


    79. Daxoman

      10:40 knew exactly where this was going😭😭

    80. Matheus Arouca

      Ex-Arm is just beyond our time

    81. pink beard shrine

      ex-arm 3d animated is worse than my sfm animation in 2015,hell I was making a pose heavy sticking his gun up his ear and dies,yeah im embarrassed

    82. Connor Malette

      8:44 I was laughing so hard when he called Canada USA 2, goddamit I love being Canadian

    83. Anbinh Tran

      Getting back into anime and watching this video. That bgm at the start is killing my iq

    84. Levythan

      Was the x arm thing a joke? I’m so confused. I’m just a stray Abroad in Japan fan looking for more content

    85. BlacKBoiEvsen

      0:14 whats that game it probably something lewd but i wanna know

      1. Dead-well

        it's a Vtuber

    86. Micromatical

      Ah yes jobless reincarnation, known for having one of the top contenders for worst fathers of anime award

    87. some weeb

      I love the fact that people still remember Gmod. GOD I love that game.

    88. some weeb

      I love the fact that people still remember Gmod. GOD I love that game.

    89. Alex Alderete

      Where do I watch all this stuff?

    90. Ember Hydra

      I found it interesting no reaction from Redo of healer, but when you add goblins everyone flips

    91. Aakshat Gurung

      Can anyone help me with the song at the end(14:10)

    92. Samis the Greatest

      1:11 what is this show?

    93. Sunburnt

      Intro Song: ナニダトnanidato - SUPER RISER!

      1. Dead-well

        thank you

    94. Jeffrey Smith

      So is seven deadly- We don’t talk about that Gigguk.

    95. hat stan mchat

      Me, a canadian: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

    96. Emanuele Emancipato

      Wonder Egg Priority is hands down the best anime ever

    97. KRTxSky

      what website do you use to watch anime that is actually a genuine question...

    98. Domas Pilinkus

      Does anyone know his intro song

    99. Lokmen ben Hmida

      7:51 is that comedy russel OMEGALUL

    100. Jonathan Tran

      Garnt please link your music